1. N

    When's a good time to replace my projector lamp? Benq W1070

    Greeting My projector (bought in 2013) is reporting an equivalent lamp hour value of almost 5600 and is displaying a message stating that I should order a replacement lamp. The lamp is rated "up to 6000 hours" I already have the new lamp. So it's a matter of deciding when to go trough with the...
  2. NewtScamander

    JVC X5000 (RS400) lamp not turning on

    Got a bizarre issue with my model. Lamp LED started lighting up solid after 3500 hours or something, though the image was still darn good, so bought a new genuine lamp. Followed all instructions in the manual, replaced the lamp, but any time I turn the projector on, no light, then the POWER and...
  3. Bill

    Pansonic ax100e replacement lamp

    Hi all. I've never bought a replacement lamp before. This projector is am old boy but still works flawlessly. I've seen replacements on Amazon from only 50 quid. Just wondering does anyone recommend or have advise of where to buy in the uk?
  4. H

    Optoma HD230x Lamp Fail LED

    Hi All, I’ve got an Optoma HD230X that’s a fair few years old now. Was working fine when it was put in storage when we had house work done and we’ve since moved. I unpacked it this morning half expecting it to not work but it fired up okay. Whilst it was on I noticed the lamp hours was around...
  5. As Lantern

    Replaced a fan in my VPL-HW40ES - now it won't turn on for more than 20 seconds

    See title. The bearing in the blower fan in my Sony VPL-HW40ES got completely shot, the fan in question was the fan blowing onto the lamp assembly - it's a nidec D07F-12B1S1 24B 12V 0.32A which I can't get a replacement for anywhere: I've emailed every Sony licensed repair shop in the UK and...
  6. S

    Service diagnostic software for Epson Cinema 3100 projector?

    My Epson Home Cinema 3100 projector recently started flashing the orange Lamp Light, along with a flashing blue status light, with the power light off. No picture comes on the screen. I ordered a new bulb, but that did not fix the issue. Upon further investigation online, the flashing lights...
  7. Desmo

    LED Lamp and Fibaro Dimmer?

    Hi all, I've recently got a couple of bedside lamps with dimmable LED bulbs. I'd like to add these in to our system but there's not much room for a plugin dimmer module so was wondering if I could use the Fibaro Dimmer modules? I have these in our ceiling lights but not sure if I could use...
  8. M

    Question Optoma UHZ65LV LASER PROJECTOR

    Well folks I am looking at the new Optoma UHZ65LV is rated at 5000 Lumens and with 30K eco operating hrs on medium settings it says it is laser but I know it uses a 4 slice wheel that spins to make up the full colour spectrum, how long will that puppy last before failure just hope it does nto...
  9. Bman

    Lamp replacement for Benq w1070

    Hi, Can someone recommend a good lamp replacement for the BenQ w1070? Is there a site that sells original Benq lamps or any other generic brand from Amazon will suffice?
  10. S

    Where to buy replacement lamp for Epson TW6700?

    I will need to replace the lamp in my TW6700 soon - a ELPLP85 which is £85 on the Epson website. I was going to buy one at the start of the year but thought it was a bit too soon. Epson have not had any available to buy for a few months now. I don't want to buy a 3rd party lamp (a lot of which...
  11. primozkl

    Benq W1070 problems

    Hello guys! Have some problems with my Benq w1070 projector. The problem started when the lamp light was lid right after starting...and no picture displayed at have bought 2 new lamps, changed them, but the problem is still the same. Any ideas? Can be something with the power...
  12. pixel8

    Question Optoma UHD300x Lamp advice

    Hi all. My lamp will be up soon so looking at getting a new one - Can you give any advice on where i can get a new one and if there is anything i should know before buying e.g. fitting issues, fakes, used lamp issues etc? Many thanks :)
  13. GraemeBaillie

    BENQ TH681+ Problem with lamp or color wheel?

    Looking for some help. When i power up my TH681+ the power led goes green, the fans power up etc but then the lamp led goes solid red. Looking at the manual (page 52) it says this means CW start fail...
  14. S

    Question Replacement lamp sellers

    Does anyone have any experience buying lamps from More specifically I am looking to get a replacement lamp for my JVC x5000 (links below). I believe they stock the Ushio NSHA250JK which is the OEM bulb. Their bare bulb is around 133 Euros...
  15. jason shep

    Question Optoma HD27e lamp failure (175 hours)

    Hi all, Could any HD27e owners, please tell me how long the fan on your machine runs for after powering down? My lamp has failed after only 175 hours in eco mode & I've noticed that the fan only runs for around 30 seconds after powering down, in my previous projectors, the fans ran for much...
  16. owen kric

    Question Strip light fail?

    Hi, Is this the light or the starter which is failing please? Unit flashes with a 'plink' sound every 30 seconds or so. Thanks.
  17. M

    Optoma bulb blew out, replaced bulb and now there are light shapes on the left side of image!

    Hi I have a optoma hd26 and the bulb blew out recently at about 2200 hrs. I researched and ordered the oem bulb and encasing and installed it. After turning it back on I noticed some faint light shapes on the far left side of the image. They only really show in dark scenes. I have tried...
  18. jluke1128

    Lamp question about a Panasonix PT-50LCX64 A

    It was manufactured October 2005. It's a projection display. I'm almost 30 and have never had a projection display TV before so I had questions in general but also questions specifically about this TV. Anyways one of my friend's parents' gave me this TV. They said that it needed a new lamp. They...
  19. Kingofmottinos

    HELP! Epson TW-5300 Purple spot on white screen, green spot on black one

    Hi! I'm pretty desperate, I fear for my beloved Epson TW-5300. Tonight I noticed a purple spot almost at the center of the screen, noticeable especially on a white background. The spots turns greenish on a black one. I hope only have to clean the dust filters or maybe replace the lamp (but I...
  20. S

    Optoma HD141X - Which bulb please?

    Hello, I am due for my first replacement lamp for my Optoma HD141X projector. I looked on ebay and there only seems to be just the bulb and not the complete unit. Can I just buy the bulb (cheaper) and fit it into the orginal lamp unit or do I need to buy the complete lamp unit? For either...
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