1. J

    Serious lag on Bluetooth Denon AVR-X1600H

    Hi all. I have a Denon AVR-X1600H and a Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II headphone. There is an annoying lag of almost a second (estimated) of audio between speakers and headphones. Especially for gaming this is unworkable. I tested the lag between my iPhone and the headphone and it seems to be...
  2. A

    Pioneer VSX-LX305 Input Lag

    I am experiencing approx 100ms of input lag when running video through the receiver. When running video directly to TV the input latency is about 10ms. I did not have this issue with my Denon AVR-S920W as it has a low latency mode. The only solution I have found is to run the Xbox X and PS5...
  3. L

    Q80A + Q800T - Audio lag on ps5

    Hi. I have q80a tv + q800t soundbar. I connected ps5 to tv and when I select Dolby or DTS in ps5 settings then I got massive audio-video lag like 1 second. How to fix this? On Linear PCM setting I do not have lag.
  4. I

    Input lag on component input

    Hi! On my Samsung TV (NU7192) the input lag on HDMI is very good when enabling Game Mode: <16ms. However, on Component Input the input lag can be as much as 67ms (Game Mode enabled). I tested this on my Wii U using the input lag tester on this site...
  5. Talkshowchris

    LG SN11RG Owners Thread

    Now that the LG SN11RG soundbar is now available in the UK, I thought it apt to create a thread for owners to post reviews and discussions.
  6. Chziime

    Input lag when connecting PS5 to V6A to LG CX

    I just got my first A/V receiver, the Yamaha RX-V6A. I connected the Yamaha video out to the TV (ARC input) and the PS5 to the Yamaha. When playing a game, there seems to be a bit of input lag that is noticeable. What could be the cause of this? I'm not too keen on going through so many...
  7. J

    Audio Lag - New to the Xbox Series X

    I'm really hoping someone can help me with an audio lag issue I'm having with me new Xbox One Series X when using Dolby Atmos. My set up: LG C1 with LG SN9YG sounder connected to eARC port, then I have the Xbox connected to HDMI directly into the TV so I can ensure im getting all of the...
  8. EnricoBrun

    Help! Damn lag !!

    Hi, can anyone help me with this damn virtual pointer delay via Lg Thinq App? Keep lag! I tried everything, turning off TV, turning off modem, canceling and reinstalling apps, changing devices but the lag doesn't stop. It had worked fine until 2 weeks ago. What can I do? Thank you
  9. E

    Help! LG CX input lag on Standard Mode

    Hello! Anyone know or able to test what the input lag on Standard picture more is ? I saw videos stating its around 84ms but im assuming that is with Motion smooth/ Cinema Clear/ added. Really just want standard mode with the above turned off ad well as smooth gradation, etc. All im interested...
  10. C

    Lag issue with my Philips 58PUS8505

    Hi, i purchased my TV around feb 2021, never had this issue but lately i get a small lag every now and then during a movie or Tv show, even a normal 4k show on Netflix, anyone else with the same issue or a solution?
  11. hArDsTyLe2259

    R-51PM USB Audio Delay/Lag

    So I recently got a pair of R-51PM's and when using the USB A to B cord with my desktop the audio has a 1-2 second delay with youtube, windows speaker test and volume ding when adjusting, movies and spotify etc. Is there a reason for this or am I doing something wrong?
  12. J

    How do I remove input lag on old Philips Ambilight?

    Hello. I have just bought a second hand 37PFL7603D simply to tide me over until I buy a new tv. The problem I have is that there is input lag when I am on the Nintendo Switch. Is there an AV sync setting I am missing somewhere please? I've turned Ambilight off and even updated to the latest...
  13. davemarsden132

    Lag!! Helpppp

    Hi All, So i recently upgraded to a LG 27GL850 gaming monitor, supposed to be ips 1ms absolute gaming beast at £440 I replaced my current monitor a £330 AOC 1ms 244hz monitor. So here is the issue, i am getting like weird ingamr stuttering and lag with the new monitor. It feels like...
  14. Buhaj47

    Question Does HDMI ARC add input lag?

    While I had my PS4 Pro connected to my TV (Sony XF90) directly, I noticed a lipsync issue in some games (use a Yamaha BAR 400). Now I connected my PS4 to the soundbar to utilize HDMI ARC. The lipsync issue is alleviated, but does the soundbar add input lag? I didn't notice it myself.
  15. J

    Should I be able to use bluetooth earphones without lag for TV watching?

    I know that BT is inherently more laggy than other options, but how good can it be? I am thinking about getting a BT adapter for the low-end TV in my home-gym so I can use wireless ear-buds but lip-sync really bugs me. I am currently using Roku and plug headphones into my phone in 'private...
  16. M

    Sony A8G Android 9 update increased gaming input lag to 120ms

    As stated in the title. At 4k 60hz, the newest update massively increased my input lag from its usual 30ms to easily over 100ms. I can hardly use my mouse! Does anyone else have this problem or know of it? Is there a fix? I assume all TVs with the X1 Extreme chipset would be affected, but maybe...
  17. M

    Question Denon RCD-M41 bluetooth major audio lag from ios phone

    Does anyone know a fix to this? When connecting via bluetooth from iphone 6S Plus (latest ios version) to my Denon RCD-M41 stereo to watch video on my iphone (Youtube or Vimeo), the audio out on the Denon stereo lags behind the iphone video by about 2 seconds. Tried moving close to stereo...
  18. jont

    Question Anyone else got massive video lag on Amazon Prime ?

    Got a couple of seconds worth of delay watching rugby and adverts via my Apple TV this afternoon ? ... anyone else got it as bad ?
  19. J

    PS5 Bitstream Dolby lag

    Hi all, got my new PS5 very impressed, replaced my old PS4 Pro which was that impressive i wasn't expecting much of an upgrade, but impressed! I have it connected to my LG C9 and I have a Denon optical 5.1 receiver connected to the TV just as I did with the PS4 pro (which worked perfectly)...
  20. skink

    Question Series X Atmos lag

    Hi all, My setup is a series X into HDMI 1 on a C9 Oled, then eArc to a Denon X2500 amp. All games that use atmos are out of sync and as the picture is ahead of the sound, I can’t use the audio sync options on the TV or amp to fix it. I’ve had to set output on the console to be 5.1 to get...
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