1. W

    LG OLED55C14LB Need a little help with HDMI 2 label

    On Saturday I setup my OLED55C14LB and overall I'm happy with the results. I do have an issue with the input labelling though, which I seem to be unable to resolve. I have a Yamaha RX-V679 AV Receiver connected via HDMI OUT ARC to HDMI 2 ARC/eARC on the C1. During initial setup I had the...
  2. Kailash

    Label Printer

    hi looking a label printer want half decent labels that stick well and won't drop off DYMO seem to be the big player anyone have one that they are happy with? :smashin:
  3. IGC

    Spookies (101 Films Black Label, April 2021, Jason Impey's VIPCO: The Untold Story)

    UPC: 5037899074749 I already have the Vinegar Syndrome release (with my homemade front artwork from the Palace VHS) but I'l cough up £15 for this for sure. Special Features: New audio commentary with FrightFest’s Paul McEvoy and filmmaker Sean Hogan Limited edition booklet: Includes...
  4. Rolling Sly

    Loud vibration from PS5 (not the usual fan whirring or label)

    Hi all, my PS5 makes a loud vibrating sound when the fan is running at high speed. I can stop the sound by ‘squeezing’ the case from either side (at different points at different times). This would indicate to me that it’s not the usual fan label or whirring, but rather something loose, maybe...
  5. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: iFi launches iPhono3 Black Label phono stage

    Audio tech specialist iFi Audio has unveiled a new flagship phono stage, the iPhono3 Black Label, designed to help vinyl fans really get the best out of their turntables. Read the news.
  6. P

    Sainsbury's Own Label Releases

    Has anyone any update of these releases both on vinyl and cd? Curated by Bob Stanley of St Etienne fame. They seem to be hit and miss at the moment. I did contact Sainsbury's via twitter last Friday and they said they are no longer stocking them in store though I did spot a Hank Marvin release...
  7. H

    NEWS: iFi nano iDSD Black Label launched

    The iFi nano iDSD Black Label is a small, portable DAC/headphone amp, rich with hi-res tech and cutting-edge features but costing only £199. Read the news.
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