1. ChrisOH1

    Wanted Pioneer Kuro KRP600 wall mount and KRP500 table stand / speakers

    Hi looking for the above please. Regards Chris
  2. P

    Pioneer Kuro Stand Pipe Question

    Just purchased a 6020 for $130 U.S. (tax included). It replaces the Panasonic TC-P60ST60 I purchased new in 2014. Though the Panasonic was great for its price point, the Kuro has a better picture. Have been enjoying the set immensely. Will keep an eye out for a 9th gen Elite model but, given...
  3. sea surfer

    Wanted Pioneer KRP-S03 speaker for Kuro 500A

    Looking for a pair of Pioneer KRP-S03 speaker for Kuro 500A.
  4. B

    Wanted Pioneer KRP-S03 Side Speakers for KRP-500A Plasma

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of KRP-S03 side speakers for my KRP-500A Plasma. Must be in good condition with mounting brackets and speaker wires. Thanks
  5. Killzone

    For Sale Pioneer kuro 600M for sale

    I am selling my Pioneer kuro 600m comes with original manuals and remote perfect working order . It will need collection or shipping at extra cost.
  6. B

    Wanted Pioneer PDP-S63 Under Mount Speaker for 9 Series Kuro Plasma

    Hi, I am looking for a PDP-S63 Under Mount Speaker for my KRP-500A. This is the same speaker that fits the PDP-LX5090 9 Series Kuro. Must be in good condition with mounting brackets and speaker wires. Thanks
  7. Nightfa11

    FREE Pioneer PDP - LX 5090 KURO

    This isn't my TV, I simply noticed it was being given away for FREE on Freecycle and thought someone here might be happy to have it even though it needs a repair. This TV was over £2000 new and received rave reviews. Be a shame to see it scrapped. I've no idea what that repair involves, but...
  8. mattg

    For Sale Pioneer Kuro KRP-500m + wall mount + remote for sale

    Hi all, My parents have recently upgraded to a 55" OLED so their trusty Kuro is now ready for its next home. They've owned it from new and was installed, wall-mounted and calibrated by Sevenoaks oxford (settings were tweaked using the remote during the install). 100% SKY / Bluray viewing. It's...
  9. giggsy1950

    Question Kuro 5090 Firmware?!

    Hi all, hope you have been enjoying the festive period! My Pioneer 5090 is a 2008 model I acquired last year. I would like to update the firmware (OCD!) but can't see it on the website. Does anyone know where I can get the latest firmware, or does anyone have it? I don't have an aerial (and...
  10. biccus1

    For Sale FREE Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 50in Plasma screen FREE

    I have finally decided to change my tv bought this for a lot of money 11 years ago and its been a great tv mainly used for dvd and odd gaming, it does have the issue where it doesn't store the freeview channels as all of them. Workaround here: Problem - pioneer plasma lose all digital channels...
  11. B

    For Sale Pioneer Kuro KRP600

    Hi, selling my KRP600. I thinking it’s an A? The one with the separate media box. All works fine last time it was used - has not been used for a few months now since we switched to something bigger. Since then it has been sitting in the corner of the lounge annoying the wife 😂. Am asking...
  12. bobbymax

    For Sale 50inch Pioneer Kuro with Speakers

    Well, after all this time with my superb Pio. I've invested in an OLED, so the Kuro is up for sale now. In brilliant condition and working a treat. Has two lower fitted Pioneer Speakers and remote Not entirely sure why I'm selling it, simply to say I love new Tech :D Am asking a measly £200 just...
  13. malctAN

    I am still using my Pioneer Kuro 500A

    I am no expect on TV picture/sound quality but i am still using my Pioneer Kuro 500A and i know that i have a great TV, The black is Black, But looking at all these new TV's, Can anyone tell me if their is a TV that can beat the Pioneer Kuro 500A or is it just all manufacturers hype, HD, 4K and...
  14. blade67

    For Sale Pioneer Kuro KRP-600A SOLD!

    Top of the range Pioneer Kuro KRP-600A plasma full HD TV (60”) including Pioneer stand and Pioneer Krp-m01 TV Media Receiver, remote control and manual. Very good condition and in full working order. Collection only in London W12.
  15. Cuthbert 80

    KURO 5090 Green Sparkles!!!

    Godammit! My Pioneer Kuro 5090 sparkles like a green glitterball in Studio 54 ever since I voltage tweaked it! Just some background.......I've not reset it, had the tv for almost 11 years from new and even if I restore the tv back to it's factory settings....I ALWAYS get green sparkles on near...
  16. T

    Plasma to OLED

    We're redecorating the lounge so I thought it would be a good time to upgrade the TV. Our current TV is a 60" Kuro and I'm looking for 65" OLED/QLED minimum. In the day the room is bright but no direct sun on the TV. At night the room can be pitch black. Viewing angles are pretty much straight...
  17. bookle

    Wanted 60" Pioneer Kuro in central Scotland

    Looking for LX6090 or KRP600 in good condition with no screen / image issues can pick up within 50 miles of west lothian, central scotland] PS : If you are looking to downsize, I have a very nice LX5090 with stand and under panel speaker for part ex
  18. tommtomm

    Question KURO 5090 switch between devices

    Hi, how can I switch between devices that are connected via hdmi? When I switch inputs on controler, I have the same image on every input.
  19. Y

    Wanted Table Top Stand for Kuro PDP-LX608D

    Hello Looking for tabletop stand for Kuro PDP-LX608. Kindly let me know if anyone has one available.
  20. nonsoloinglese

    For Sale Pioneer PDP-S59 speaker for KURO

    I have this speaker for sale. The sound is of a high quality and perfectly fits a Kuro. Includes original wires and brackets to fit the Kuro. I have had it on a 5090 which it was not originally designed for but worked well. Ideally collected/meetup as it is long and although well built I would...
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