1. Lanius1984

    For Sale (SOLD)Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 Plasma TV in Excellent Condition

    After a few years of hesitation, I've finally made the jump to OLED, so I'm saying goodbye to my beloved Plasma. This is the PDP-LX5090, which does not have built-in speakers. The panel is working perfectly, with a beautiful picture. This TV still looks better than the cheap modern LCD TV's I...
  2. A

    Upgrade from 42" Kuro.

    Hi, Looking to upgrade my 42" Kuro.....was looking at OLED's up to 77" and a budget £2.5k - £3k but I am really nervous about possibilities of image retention as I do watch a lot of sport so would have a lot of static images. Is there anything else out there that would give me similar quality...
  3. silouette

    pioneer kuro clock update

    Have a 60" Kuro and clocks have gone back but tv displays old time. Anyone know how to update it ? Thanks in advance
  4. S

    What To Replace My 50" Pioneer PDP-LX508D KURO Plasma With?

    Hi, Since 2008 my Pioneer plasma has been faultless, and continues to provide stunning pictures. I am just starting to look at replacements and would appreciate your input as to what is on the market currently that would improve on the picture quality/resolution. I have a full 5.1 setup (the...
  5. malctAN

    For Sale Cyber Monday Give away , Pioneer Kuro 500a, offers above £110

    I am Selling my Pioneer Kuro 500a to make room for a new TV I have owned the TV from new Since been TV Licence free , I have only been using the TV for watching DVD's and i have been connecting a media box in to watch youtube and other smart features, So all TV channels have been deleted and...
  6. malctAN

    pioneer kuro 500a remote control issues

    Are there any quick fix ideas for a pioneer kuro 500a remote control I have been using a Logitech harmony remote for my TV and now thinking about selling the TV and discovered a fault on the remote and i guess you can't sell a TV without a remote Because the TV is just about worthless , its...
  7. tvdavid

    My Pioneer KURO PDP-508XD what kind of hours are these, please?

    Hi I have just picked up this great TV which has been in a storage unit. I got a remote for it today and are these hours on it good?
  8. silouette

    my 60' pioneer kuro keeps showing the update menu

    As above, it arrives once a day now at the same time and will not delete via remote, but goes of after about 30 seconds. Help
  9. blueray22

    KURO LX6090H

    Seen this for sale is that good price for kuro
  10. wbabbington

    Kuro needs replacing, £1,000 budget

    Sadly after 12 years my ISF calibrated Pioneer Kuro is on its last legs and is going to have to be replaced very shortly. It's been a while since I looked at TVs and boy do things look like they've moved on a little! I'm looking for a TV that is going to get a lot of use (approximately 12 hours...
  11. Kier

    Pioneer HDMI control spontaneously disabled?

    A couple of weeks ago I bought a new Apple TV and plugged it into my KRP600A / SC-LX87 system. Previously, I'd controlled everything through a Harmony remote, but the new capabilities of the Siri remote led me to enable the various HDMI control features on the TV and the receiver to enable...
  12. D

    Help with DVB-T2 decoder on Pioneer Kuro PDP-4280XD

    Hi, i've been using this tv for over 10 years and I just love it over a brand new lcd panel... :) Anyway, straight to the point, starting from 20 June 2022, (in Italy) the reception of TV programs will be possible only if new generation television sets or decoders are used, that is, which are...
  13. C

    What to replace Pioneer Kuro with?

    Hi all, I have a Pioneer PDP-LX5090 Kuro with the Pioneer soundbar which is now 11 years old and I fancy a change to a fancy new smart tv. I don't want to get any separate speakers so need a tv with comparable sound from the built in speakers. I have narrowed my search down to the Panasonic...
  14. A

    New Kuro owner

    Hi All, Recently bought a 508XD and moved my 2011 Samsung 46" LCD to the bedroom. Pretty impressed with the quality tbh, can understand why you have to spend a lot of money to improve on it and for £100 collected locally I think it was a bargain. It's got me into the bug (which was previously...
  15. ChrisOH1

    Question modifying a Kuro media box

    I'm wondering if anyone has modified their media box to improve the audio quality? Op amps or isolation perhaps
  16. malctAN

    Pioneer kuro 500A with Pioneer Multiregion BDP-LX08 DVD BluRay

    I am thinking about replacing my Kuro 500a with a Phillips 65 inch LED TV. , Any thoughts? The picture quality on the Kuro is fanstatic, But what i have found with a lot of TV's in showrooms is the brightness of the TV's enen when broadcasting normal TV and everything looks false. My preferance...
  17. G

    Question Pioneer Kuro and 24 fps?

    My Pioneer Kuro 8th generation has a 72 hz mode, called drive mode 3. However, I watch my movies via a PS3 with 24 fps mode on. Are these two modes supposed to be combined, or is the 72 hz mode also a pulldown?
  18. N

    From Pioneer Kuro to Oled (Sony a8 and maybe Pan hz2000) Oled Dimness?

    During black friday I decided it was time to try Oled, Been doing a lot of research for months. 2 tvs interested. The sony a8 and panasonic hz2000 65". The Sony because it supports DTS ( I have a lot of DTS movies on Harddrive) and maybe it would be enough for me. It is of course around 1600 $...
  19. M

    Pioneer Kuro replacement

    Hi folks My beloved 50' Pioneer Kuro that I bought in 2007 is on it's very last legs so starting to do some research on what to replace it with. Likely looking for 50' again - watch a lot of Sport and Movies. Budget wide, probably up to £1500 ideally but could go a little higher if it would make...
  20. F

    Question Pioneer Kuro to LG OLED

    Hi All, I'm having full on dilemmas and can't seem to make a decision. I'd value the option of you folk! I have a 50" Pioneer Kuro Plasma from 2008, it still works a dream, no issues or complaints. However I can't help but feel like its time for something new. I'm upgrading the sound system to...
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