1. w4tchmaker

    Is edge light bleed fixable, even by a pro? (Samsung KS9000)

    I've got a 65" Samsung KS9000 that was purchased new in 2017, so it's been in use for 5 years. Old, but not that old. Over the last year, some small points of light bleed on the bottom edge have begun to spread. I'm also noticing uneven light all around the bottom, especially in dark movie...
  2. w4tchmaker

    How to access the service menu on Samsung KS9000 from 2016?

    Hi there! I can't figure out how to access the service menu on my Samsung UN65KS9000 TV, which is a model from 2016. I'd like to disable the awful Pulse Width Modulation / Global Dimming "feature" which reduces the luminance on dark scenes when the TV perceives a certain threshold of pixels...
  3. GreywolfinCZ

    Replacement for Samsung UE65KS8002 (KS9000): Q9FN, or cheaper Q6FN?

    Hello, my Samsung UE65KS8002 (in Europe; US ekvivalent is KS9000, flat flagship from 2016) developed fault panel and Samsung refunded it - full money return. Service was fair and quick, no problems with them. But I need quick replacement. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. I live in...
  4. A

    samsung KS9000 internal sat tunner not working on fixed dish single lnb

    Hello, Iam havng probkems getting my in built sat tuner to on my KS9000, it used t work before when used but not anynore as I was using a sperate dedocated sat tuner before. I have a single dish and LNB set at 28.2 e The dish works with seperate sat box but not with my TV. I connected a single...
  5. K

    Question One connect box 65ks9000

    I have bought a 65ks9000 tv on ebay- bit disappointingly, wasn't clearly stated that the one connect isn't included. In any case, if i were to get a one connect box for myself, what do i need to look out for? Is there a variation in compatibility between the various box models? There seems to...
  6. jason748

    Buying a used TV (KS9000) - Good or Bad idea?

    I saw an ad on Gumtree (similar to Craigslist) of someone selling a Samsung KS9000 for a pretty good price. They are happy for me to inspect it at their home address however they told me they lost the original receipt so I can't claim warranty at all on it in case something happens. Assuming I...
  7. S

    KS9000 Nightmare - 3 replacement screens! (pics)

    Hi guys, I purchased a KS9000 about 7 weeks ago, just before Christmas. I spent £1500 on it. I researched and could have gotten a 2017 TV but for all intense purposes the KS9000 come recommended; there was even a 200+ page post on these forums. Well, to be honest. It has been a nightmare and...
  8. Y

    Question Sony XE9300 or Samsung KS9000

    Hello, Decided to finally upgrade to UHD and think I've narrowed it down to the Samsung KS9000 or the Sony XE9300. Looking at the 65 inch models and will be watching a combination of standard, high, and ultra definition content. Any advice/thoughts would be much appreciated Thanks
  9. Dylanno1

    Samsung KS9000 HELP PLEASE

    Okay so i have contacted Samsung and the retailer from ebay about this issue and non have helped me my problem is that the tv sticker says it is a ks9000 BUT on contact Samsung says it is a ks8000 this is on display shows serial number etc, what I'm confused on is the fact that the ks8000 is a...
  10. J

    1 Year old KS9000 TV - Vertical Banding

    Hi. New to forum. Posting to see if anyone has had similar issues. TV went dark this afternoon, followed by vertical banding on TV. Just had TV 13 months. Tried everything but cannot even access the settings. So disappointed with Samsung and their response. We’re not interested. Luckily...
  11. S

    Question Samsung UEKS9000 / BBC HLG

    Hello everyone! I am a newbie here, I just wanted to know if my tv will be able to show the BBC UHD series of Blue planet II, the iplayer on my tv doesn’t show any options for UHD or 4K
  12. DB9506

    Question Firmware roll back possible? KS9000

    Updated to the 1201 firmware. Not keen. Instroduced flashlighting from the lower corners. Not there proir to update. Is it posisble to roll back to 1164? I am aware Samsung will not support the move back nor is there an eary way to do it. My question relates solely to whether it is...
  13. M

    Should i still buy a 65" KS9000

    Hi There I'm looking to buy a new 65" TV and can't make my mind up. The room the TV will be in is fairly bright and we will be sat approx 12ft away. I have been looking at the KS9000 65" and i can get one of these for £1399.00, slightly put off by this as it is nearly 2 years old, but most...
  14. gskhoro

    Samsung KS9000 and select chrome

    Good day! I need your help. Today I found on the Internet about the input lag of my TV one thing. If you play in the mode 1080p @ 60Hz - 20 milliseconds. if 1080p @ 60Hz @ 4: 4: 4 - then 37 milliseconds (this is bad for online games). In 4K resolution too. 4k @ 60Hz - 20 ms. 4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 -...
  15. DB9506

    Question 2016 65 KS9000 v. 2017 55 LG B7

    I am fortunate to own both. The larger in the front lounge, the smaller in the back lounge. The image to my eyes of the KS9000 is superior to that of the B7. Colours look more natural, the image is sharper, the movement better and the blacks 8/10 compared tothe LG's9 9/10. Watched Guardians...
  16. sanjit

    Samsung ks9000 series wall mount screws/bolt size?

    I sold my 49ks9000 and upgraded to the 55" version, the chap I sold my tv to wants to mount the tv on a alphason stand but he is finding it hard to source any mounting bolts, anyone have any clues as to what size is needed?
  17. Lunatis

    Answered Samsung KS9000

    Hi there, I hope im writing in the correct place with my question and ill try to explain my issue the best I can and maybe you guys can help me out. So, i bought a new TV at a good price the Samsung KS9000. Im very happy with it apart form one thing. It doesn't have a 3.5mm output for...
  18. JimmyMac

    KS9000, LG B7 or other

    Bit of context needed for this one. I've had a 40" samsung LCD for about 9 years now, bargain basement job when we bought it, think I paid about £600 so you can imagine that its not exactly the best of TV's but its done the job but its time to move on. A friend of ours has been having an...
  19. A

    Question Picture Size setting Problem with KS9000 TV

    Hello, I bought a 49" Samsung KS9000 TV last week to play video games on and I'm having a problem accessing the Picture Size setting. Is there something I need to do in order to access it? No matter what input I'm using, either HDMI or TV it's greyed out and when I try to open it up I just get...
  20. L

    Question Samsung KS9500/9000 defect or not?

    Hi all TV experts, bought a ks9500 (Canada) last week, and noticed a few issues. 1.The reflection from the screen does not stand symmetrically, the left side is lower than the right side. It's a curved screen I understand, but it should still be symmetrical on both side. Is it caused by a...
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