1. PSM1

    Replacing KRP 500a

    I currently have a Pioneer KRP 500a which has given me many years of faithful service but is starting to play up so looking to replace it. Thinking of going something around 65 inches this time but was wondering what to replace it with. Been thinking about OLED due to the blacks etc. but have no...
  2. buzz_lightclick

    Question Wall-mounting a Pioneer KRP-600M

    Wondered if anyone has any advice or experience of wall mounting a Pioneer KRP-600M or 600A? I picked one up last month to replace my KRP-500A. My wall is quite thin - I think it's 1200mm plasterboard mounted on metal studs/framework. Got the 500A up on it now, but that's around 30Kg, the...
  3. C

    KRP 500

    I have just noticed a line in my KRP500 screen (gutted) a) can it be repaired b) what can I buy that comes close?? Thanks in advance ☹️
  4. Alex119

    Question Is this Pioneer 500a still worth anything?

    I would really appreciate some advice and opinions please... I was selling my Pioneer 500a with the eight flashing blue lights issue in the Media Box for £100. However, I tested the TV again last night after no use for a week or so, and am gutted to see what appears to be a failing pixel as...
  5. spyslikeus

    Question Pioneer KRP-600M red blue led fault

    I have acquired a KRP600M that had a fault (exact details unknown). The M01 was completely stripped down and was not supplied with a system cable. After rebuilding the M01 and connecting using a displayport cable from my laptop I get a red and blue square on the display alternating 10 times at...
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