1. Dr. Robert

    Kodi XBox Series X

    Hi I'm using Kodi to stream movies from my NAS to the XBox. I used to do this on a PC and was able to create the advancedsettings.xml file for video cache. Is there way to do this on the Xbox? I've got developer mode installed.
  2. OscarZ

    I Can Use Roku for Radio But I Need More Music Options

    Apart from vinyl/CDs/YouTube I like radio sometimes, and FM Radio being so bad I'll have to buy and hook up a very long optical lead from Roku via telly to hifi, so there'll be plenty of music choices there for random listening in high enough quality. But for more choice on demand I found...
  3. E

    Kodi 19 - 3D H-SBS playback on active 3D TV shows doubled (quadruple sides)

    Hi. I am using Kodi Matrix build for QNAPClub HD Station. I updated it from KODI v19 Alpha few days ago. Until previous version, I could watch my 3D H-SBS correctly, but now the display keeps "doubling" the sides. Trying to explain better: My QNAP NAS is playing through last...
  4. C

    Trying to get Dolby Vision working on Kodi

    My setup is an Android box with Kodi installed (V19), in the Kodi Dolby Vision settings I have let it on auto switch to best dolby vision and it seems to have selected Dolby vision enable with low latency (YUV), which sounds correct! This box is connected to my Sony STR-DN1080 and in that I...
  5. dmpoole

    HISENSE 50A7300F > Firestick 4K > Kodi problem

    This problem doesn't happen all the time but it's frustrating when it does because I've got no explanation for it. I start to play a video from my Synology NAS but the video stops and sound carries on, nothing I do will get the video to play again until I remove the Firestick and power, I then...

    KODI 19.1 MATRIX

    Kodi 19 “Matrix” released with AV1, HDR, tvOS support Kodi is an open-source media center that was initially designed for the XBOX game console, but was quickly ported to other platforms such as Windows and Linux, and eventually to low-cost Android TV boxes and single board computers such as...
  7. elsmandino

    Question Best device for Kodi - Firestick 4k or Google TV Chromecast?

    Hi there. I currently have Raspberry Pi2 running Kodi (which I use with TVHeadend on a separate server, for Live TV and recordings) and a 1st generation Chromecast that I use for Netflix and catchup TV from channels such as iPlayer. I really want to swap them out for a single device and cannot...
  8. Dave Taylor

    Kodi on a RPi 4, Send 4K video to TV and Audio Pass through to Amp?

    The title say it all really. I now have a Panny 4K Oled, I have just bought a Raspberry Pi 4 which has dual HDMI outputs. Does anybody know if I can send 4K to TV from HDMI 0 and sound to my older AV amp (not 4K amp) via HDMI 1 My AV amp also feeds my projector so I still want to play 1080P...
  9. B

    Alternatives for Kodi (or Good player for media on NAS)

    Hi, I understand that Kodi is not available for Tizen Smart TV OS. Since I have a good amount of media content in my NAS meant for Kodi, what are the alternatives I could use here? Thanks, Vinay
  10. M

    Question Struggling to set Kodi working with external player = MPC

    I have followed a guide and created a text file with code for Kodi to open external player, but I've obviously done something wrong, any ideas what's wrong? Thanks 👍
  11. diddy47

    Question Kodi Video Playback Suddenly Freezes But Timer Continues

    I am running the latest version of kodi on the nvidia shield tv which is also on latest update. I have run kodi continously for years without issue only needing to reboot for updates. Few days ago I noticed the video wasn't playing and no sound as well, but the timer on the status bar was still...
  12. G

    How to setup SFTP server on a GL.iNet router

    I'm trying to set up a SFTP server on a cheap little N300 Mini Wireless Router (GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 "Mango"). It runs OpenWRT. Has anyone got anywhere with installing SFTP on an OpenWRT device? The aim is to serve some videos over the internet via the attached USB drive. Possibly culminating...
  13. D

    Kodi 19.0 matrix rc1 now available for download and install

  14. M

    Question Question about Netflix, Kodi etc

    I've built a HTPC to use madvr for tone mapping I like Nvidia shield TV pro as it has a nice home screen layout with tiles. Is there any way to have a similar layout on my HTPC? Rather than having webpages open with Netflix , Amazon prime etc I like Kodi, but not sure If I can add these to...
  15. canada16

    QNAP No longer supports Plex - Options without Kodi?

    Hey I have a quad core 32bit and Plex and Qnap no longer support Plex Server. I have a sheild downstairs and a firestick upstairs Are there apps I can use which are like Plex, which I can install on the Shield and Firestick I hate using VLC as its a pain to scroll through and you cannot...
  16. R

    Kodi set video resolution

    How do you set video resolution in Kodi, so it scales to native? Default shows 1080p. I can increase GUI to 4k and it then does play video at 4k but how do you just set video,not gui? Also what Res is 4k it has two 2160p options the second one doesn't work 3800 and 4100) or something like that
  17. A

    Question Can I use just one remote for Pioneer TV and AV receiver please?

    I tried the method described in the manual and it says that I need to connect the TV (plasma 609) to the AV receiver (SC-LX57) via the HDMI cable. It works with one exception (in my case at least) - when using the TV as monitor screen. And this is the only use of this panel, a monitor for my...
  18. XL5

    Question Attaching Exfat HDD to BT smart hub2 and using KODI?

    Has anyone succeeded and if so any tips or step by step tutorials for mapping to HDD etc.
  19. alan8477

    Kodi Settings

    I have Kodi running on a number of devices; Nvidia Shield TV, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 2, Amazon Firestick TV 4K, Firestick gen 1. I should also add that the majority of these are are hard wired. My Broadband speed is 75Mbs. The problem I have is that no matter how I have the settings, I...
  20. wormvortex

    Connect kodi box to tv or straight to sound bar?

    I have a raspberry pi running kodi, connected to a Samsung ue48ju7000 tv from the tv I have a Samsung Q60T sound bar via ARC. Is this the best way to get the best sound from films/tv on the pi or should I connect the pi directly to the sound-bar or should it make no difference?
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