1. K

    New 65OLED806 ambilight + hue and "home" brightness

    Hey guys! I just got my 65OLED806 a couple of days ago and so far I'm loving the screen. Took some time to setup, arc doesn't seem to work with my JBL Link bar (stutters and cuts out, but don't really mind that) but there are 2 things which I can't seem to figure out, and which are so ambiguous...
  2. M

    Can the latest apple 4k TV work with Kodi ?

    Can the latest apple 4k TV work with Kodi and playback 4k uhd files with HDR Dolby Atmos etc to my AV receiver?
  3. O

    Question What correct audio options do I set for KODI 19 for passthrough dolby

    Hi All I am really confused about the Kodi settings for passthrough I have the A95X F4 Android box and a demon receiver I am running Kodi 19.4 on Android 11 When I select 7.1 channels in Kodi The receiver shows the signal as Multi IN and PCM I have a 7.1 setup All the passthrough options are...
  4. RezaD

    the HDR and 5.1 channels sound problem on Beelink GT-King Pro

    Hi all I recently bought a Beelink GT-King Pro. I have two problems: 1. I have installed the latest version of KODI (Matrix 19.3), but I do not see the "HDR Setting" in the menu! 2. Since the GT-King Pro has no optical output (first series), I connected this device by the HDMI cable and...
  5. V

    Zidoo media players and Kodi Matrix

    Hi. I would like to express my concern here: I'm absolutely interested in the Kodi / Real Debrid streaming service. Today I play this streaming service from tv (KD 65 "AF 8 Oled), with the application I installed from the Google play store. It plays very well, but unfortunately it can not...
  6. V

    dune media player and Kodi

    Hello. I would like to buy the following multimedia device, but before I do, I would like to know if it supports kodi / Real Debrid. I absolutely need this application. Do you know if he can do it? Dune HD Max Vision 4K Thank you..
  7. V

    Sony KD 65" AF 8 and Kodi Matrix

    Hello from Greece. I am a user of Kodi 19.3 Matrix / Real Debrid, and I have installed it on various android / Win 10 / iOS devices, and it works without any problems! I have also installed it on the tv (Sony KD 65 AF 8 Oled tv), and while it works normally on 4k files of size 10 - 20 GB...
  8. T

    How to calibrate colors, contrast in the player ( kodi / PotPlayer 64 bit )

    How to calibrate colors, contrast in the player ( kodi / PotPlayer 64 bit ) I have a calibration disc I bought at Disney WOW Blue Ray. But your player does not play Blu-ray But can I play to calibrate the screen? Is there a way to turn Blu-ray into a file on the computer from which you can...
  9. W49n3r

    Ryzen 3550H box vs Zidoo Z9X

    I'm inclined to go Ryzen, but I'm not sure about it. I've been using a Minix box for 3 years now (with Amlogic S912 SOC) running CoreElec as media player and I'm thinking of alternatives for upgrade. I was seriously considering the Zidoo Z9X. The lack of h264 Hi10p software playback was a big...
  10. Billiam1391

    Sonos Arc and Kodi Settings

    I just got my Sonos Arc and 2 Sonos One surround speakers which is paired and LG CX and Nvidia Shield. I think I have all the settings correct on the LG CX and Nvidia Shield but im not 100% sure on what to set my Kodi audio settings to except for enabling passthrough. Does anyone have a similar...
  11. S

    Kodi 19 Matrix and TrueHD

    I‘ve just built a new PC which replaces my 2014 MacMini to run Kodi and VR. Ive never owed a PC before as I’ve always used Macs. I’ve got most things setup including Kodi but cannot figure out how to get HD audio formats to passthrough to my AVR. My setup set is PC (with RTX3070, Windows 10...
  12. N

    Kodi on Dune HD Real Vision

    I am experiencing strange behavior wrt kodi installation on this box that never happened on other devices I used (Zappiti, Nvidia Shield, GT King) 1. Under Audio settings, different kodi versions present incomplete/different options to select for what my AVR is capable of for passthrough, eg...
  13. D

    How to enable 4k on kodi running on fire tv gen 2?

    When viewing Netflix, YouTube etc on my amazon fire tv gen 2 it displays 4k content without any problems however for the life of me I can't get it to display 4k content through kodi. I've checked the "whitelist" section and there's only an option for 1080p. Has anyone encountered similar...
  14. Steve2021

    DTS with Firestick 4k on Netflix, Prime and Kodi

    Can the 4K Firestick output DTS sound when using Prime Video, Netflix or Kodi? Or would I need the firecube for this? Thanks
  15. Dr. Robert

    Kodi XBox Series X

    Hi I'm using Kodi to stream movies from my NAS to the XBox. I used to do this on a PC and was able to create the advancedsettings.xml file for video cache. Is there way to do this on the Xbox? I've got developer mode installed.
  16. OscarZ

    I Can Use Roku for Radio But I Need More Music Options

    Apart from vinyl/CDs/YouTube I like radio sometimes, and FM Radio being so bad I'll have to buy and hook up a very long optical lead from Roku via telly to hifi, so there'll be plenty of music choices there for random listening in high enough quality. But for more choice on demand I found...
  17. E

    Kodi 19 - 3D H-SBS playback on active 3D TV shows doubled (quadruple sides)

    Hi. I am using Kodi Matrix build for QNAPClub HD Station. I updated it from KODI v19 Alpha few days ago. Until previous version, I could watch my 3D H-SBS correctly, but now the display keeps "doubling" the sides. Trying to explain better: My QNAP NAS is playing through last...
  18. C

    Trying to get Dolby Vision working on Kodi

    My setup is an Android box with Kodi installed (V19), in the Kodi Dolby Vision settings I have let it on auto switch to best dolby vision and it seems to have selected Dolby vision enable with low latency (YUV), which sounds correct! This box is connected to my Sony STR-DN1080 and in that I...
  19. dmpoole

    HISENSE 50A7300F > Firestick 4K > Kodi problem

    This problem doesn't happen all the time but it's frustrating when it does because I've got no explanation for it. I start to play a video from my Synology NAS but the video stops and sound carries on, nothing I do will get the video to play again until I remove the Firestick and power, I then...

    KODI 19.4 MATRIX

    Kodi 19 “Matrix” released with AV1, HDR, tvOS support Kodi is an open-source media center that was initially designed for the XBOX game console, but was quickly ported to other platforms such as Windows and Linux, and eventually to low-cost Android TV boxes and single board computers such as...
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