1. C

    Bi-Amping Klipsch RP280F's

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. With that said, I did try to search for this and have for a while but I can seem to find the answer to this question; Will I fry my tweeters on my RP280f towers by bi amping then with an Outlaw 5000 amp? The speakers themselves have an advertised 150...
  2. L

    Just how bad are Klipsch subs?

    Hi guys, Apologies for any lack of etiquette (if any) I’m new here. I’m buying a new house soon and my new living room will finally be large enough to shoe horn atmos into it. I’m planning on a 7.2.4 setup. From what I’ve read, Klipsch subs are a bit on the dud side and SVS are where it’s at...
  3. Kopec

    Klipsch Rp8000 vs Focal 826D

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Which speaker would be recommended for better sound? I am aware that the 8000 has larger sound, but the focal also has upward firing speakers. I have a subwoofer so don't need lots of bass from floor standers. Anyone heard both for comparison?
  4. Kopec

    Wanted Focal 826D or Klipsch RP8000F

    Hi there As title says, looking at either speaker to upgrade my system slowly. Not in any rush. Based in Cornwall.
  5. F

    Tweeter Horn Klipsch RP-82 mkii - defect - Repair?

    Hi all. This is my first post here. Sorry if this topic has been posted before. I have a pair of Klipsch RP-82 mkii. Suddenly there is no sound from the tweeter. What could be wrong? Do I have to replace it, and is it easy to do yourself, or do I have to define the speaker for a service...
  6. C

    Klipsch cinema 600 sync

    I have a klipsch cinema 600 but it seems to be out of sync with my TV. It is connected to my TV by earc and the delay on my TV is set to 0. I have the klipsch connect app but there is nothing on there settings wise. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks
  7. B

    Klipsch 600m or 5000F?

    Hi, I already have a Klipsch 500c centre channel speaker and 400m’s which I would like to use as surrounds. I’m currently unsure which Klipsch speakers to use for the front left and right. Space is limited but I could just about fit the 600m or the 5000F. There are lots of reviews of the 600m...
  8. C

    Budget friendly 2.0 setup to replace a bose soundbar

    Just purchased my parents a new TV (Samsung Neo QLED 65", Absolutely fantastic TV by the way!) and now they would like to replace their small Bose soundbar for a few reasons; It is mounted to the chimney breast and if its too loud neighbours complain, I suspect this is mostly todo with it...
  9. A

    Cambridge Audio Azur351R which 5.1 best?

    Dear AV masters! I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 351R. It has 5x50W (8 ohm / 5 Channel) 2x70W (8 ohm /2 channel) I am looking for some 5.0 speakers and subwoofer. I'm just looking for the best set for this AV. I am playing on PS4Pro, watching movies on notebbok via HDMI to > AV > BenQ W1070...
  10. N

    Is Dolby Atmos great on Klipsch Cinema 800?

    I didn't see Rtings review this Soundbar on their website, so I'm curious about the performance of Dolby Atmos on Klipsch Cinema 800 especially Height channel. Anyone can share your thought or review for me? Thanks!
  11. r9800pro

    Bose vs Klipsch for a 7.1.2 Atmos setup.

    A friend of mine is building his first HT with 7.1.2 speaker setup and needs recommendation between these 2 systems: Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V + Bose 151 SE + Bose Virtually Invisible 791 vs Klipsch RP-600M 2 pairs of R-51M RP-600C or R-52C center SPL-120 Subwoofer Yamaha NSIC800WH...
  12. LJD123

    Help choosing an amplifier and speakers

    I am in the process of choosing a new amplifier and speakers and need some help making a final decision. I mainly play vinyl and some CDs so am not looking for DAC or streaming options. So far I have come down to three choices for an amplifier: 1. Rotel A11 Tribute 2. Rega Brio 3. Edwards...
  13. D

    KEF AV1 or Klipsch R-12SW

    I'm looking to get a sub. I'm not an audiophile but do like to have good clean sounds, mostly for watching movies. If I have a choice to buy one of these used, which one should I buy? The Klipsch is a little cheaper but I'm ok paying a little more if the KEF is better. I can't seem to find...
  14. V

    Klipsch Surround 3 Speaker Placement Help

    Hi All, I have the age old question...where should I place my Klipsch Surround 3 Speakers? I've been missing the movie theater experience, but due to Covid I have no real intention of returning to a movie theater anytime soon. So, I decided to upgrade my home viewing experience by purchasing...
  15. S

    Yamaha RX-A6A + Klipsch 5.2.4

    H I am interested in buying this setup in October once the new Yamaha RX-A6A is released: Subwoofer Rear and front Klipsch SPL-150SW Rear speakers Klipsch RP-8060FA Front speakers Klipsch RP-600M On top of the bookshelf speakers: Klipsch RP-500SA Center Klipsch RP-504C I don't have the...
  16. flax

    Apple AirPods Pro vs. Klipsch T5 II

    :) Flavio
  17. T

    Klipsch 600 5.1 Surround System

    I'm seriously considering the Klipsch 600 / 660 Watt 5.1 system with the two rear speakers. Has anyone had any experience with this system?
  18. Ash90

    How do i Fix My Klipsch front panel

    Hello guys , How do i fix My satelite speakers Front Panel , the corner holdings(plastic) are broken and they keep falling when watching movies .. plz let me know how to fix them .. also it would be glad if it can be opened again and to close them as it was before . (Pic attached of a broken...
  19. K

    ANTHEM MRX 1120 - Is it a good combination for KLIPSCH home cinema speakers

    I am new here and new in the world of high quality sound. But I am a huge fan of HBO, NETFLIX and Amazon prime movies as well as high quality music lover. I have finally got the chance and possibility to create a home cinema room of about 40 square meters, and I already purchased the main items...
  20. Kopec

    Klipsch 500m vs kef q100

    Hey everyone, I have a q about rear surround speakers. I have a Denon x2200 avr atm that I'll look to upgrade possibly in a year when the new models get announced, dropping current prices. I have klipsch rp8000s coming in 2 weeks, a klipsch rp504c, a bk elec sub, some atmos upward firing...
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