1. JC4PM

    WiFi Kits for PJs?

    Can I get some suggestions for any kits for a PlayStation to PJ please. I’ve read - - and only see kits for a couple hundred quid. Is there anything much cheaper and as good for movies and gaming? Many thanks
  2. F

    Good RTF DIY STEM drone kit?

    Hey, looking for an entry-level build-yourself kit, available in the UK. Needs to include everything in the purchase, including remote. FPV/camera is not important, it's just to build with my 10-year old. I've googled around but this isn't something I normally search for, so my results...
  3. damo_in_sale

    I have two kits. Should I consolidate into one?

    Been a while. Hope everyone is doing well. Ok so I have two kits. Lumix G80 + 14-140 f3.5-5.6, 100-300 f4-5.6, Olympus 45 f1.8, Summilux 25 f1.4 Nikon D750, Tamron 24-70 f2.8 VC, Tamron 70-300 f4-5.6 VC The Nikon kit is actually the most recent, all second hand. I convinced myself that I was...
  4. M

    NHS Test and Trace Kits

    Nice to know we are in safe hands with the NHS kits available to all from your local chemist.
  5. Para Handy

    Seeking Pioneer cassette deck belt kit!

    I am looking for a replacement belt kit to revive a Pioneer CT-W310 cassette deck from the deepest 1980s. Lots of kits on the internet, just not the one I need - wouldn't you know it? I would be very grateful for any suggestions that would help cure the warble.
  6. J

    GR Research speaker kits.

    Hi, I have been watching some Youtube videos of GR Research (A small Company in Texas U.S.A.) that make upgrade kits that supposedly can improve existing Manufacturer's speakers. Are there any Forum Members that have had dealings with G.R. Research ? I would be interested to see a 'before and...
  7. D

    10 Raspberry Pi 8GB Starter Kits Giveaway!

  8. D

    10 Raspberry Pi 8GB Starter Kits Giveaway!

  9. D

    December Giveaway! Pi400 Kits, Raspberry Pi 4’s, Mini PC’s!

    Thought I would share this
  10. D

    FPV kits

    Hello I’m wanting to use a first person camera to monitor a remote controlled pump is there any kits that work well on long distances (a mile) Any recommendations suggestions much appreciated
  11. jonniewotsit

    Question Ubiquiti Bridge kits

    Need some tech advice please. I fitted a Unifi UAP-AC-M outdoor access point to the outside of my house, but it doesn’t quite have the range required. Needs to go about 900ft to a gate (has clear line of sight), where i have Nest IP Camera positioned there, which is wifi only (2.4Ghz), so need...
  12. Tlpmyd

    Evolution kits for UN65JU7500?

    I’ve called Samsung tech support and received different answers to my question which is “Can I connect an evolution kit to my UN65JU7500?” One tech rep said yes but only the 3500 another said 4500 and another said not at all. I probably should’ve asked here first. So does anyone know positively...
  13. B

    Best home made curry kits.

    Used a simply cook pack from Asda to make a gorgeous chicken curry, bit like a korma, so now after a kit thats a stronger curry, maybe masala etc. Anyone use owt? Maybe a nice lamb curry not too hot.
  14. Autopilot

    Raspberry Pi starter kits

    I’m considering getting my 9 year old boy a raspberry pi. He is pretty bright and showing an interest in coding. Seems like a good way to get him into it without breaking the bank. Can anyone recommend a good starter kit, plus anything worth getting (such as a good book)? I also notice that...
  15. Saul Goodman

    Soundproofing door kits

    soundproofing Door Seal Kit Has anybody bought anything similar? Couldn't justify spending a grand on a soundproof door for my room but was looking at doing something with the oak firedoor I've bought. I haven't gone to town with soundproofing my room, just used two layers of soundboard...
  16. B

    Question Wireless CCTV kits

    Hi I currently have a wired 4ch cctv system with a DVR but I'm moving so looking for something a bit more up to date and easier to install and will probably leave the current kit in place. I have the RING Wireless Doorbell (great for parcels etc) so was thinking about whether to buy their stick...
  17. BassFlo


    Hi everyone I am wondering if anyone could give me advise on what HDMI CAT6 extender kit I need to buy that is capable of transmitting IR and 4K UHD and 3D over 15 meters and is reasonably priced I am thinking of running 4x CAT6 cables from my under stars cupboard from my Yamaha RX-A850 AV...
  18. nsviper

    Samsung Evolution Kits (ES7000/8000)

    You may (or may not) be interested in some info I finally managed to get out of Samsung. The SEK1000 and SEK2000 are pretty much not available anywhere in the UK for purchase. The latest version that was meant to be out this year, the SEK3000, I've just found out that Samsung are no longer...
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