1. welshbrad

    Ideas for 24" TV for kitchen

    Hi, I am after a small smart TV for in the kitchen and am not sure on what would be best, I do not have a connection to the aerial so it's apps are important. I've looked at JVC LT-24CA120 and Samsung's smart monitor but can decide. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  2. J

    Budget 43" for a bright kitchen

    Hi all, my somewhat ageing Samsung UE40MU6400 is starting to develop a few screen issues and I'm considering a replacement. It's wall mounted in the kitchen which is quite bright being SW facing, being wall mounted on a swivel arm viewing angles tend not to be a problem. Ideally it would...
  3. T

    Kitchen white goods

    Looking to get complete kitchen white goods. Not bought any for many years. Need washing machine and tumble dryer and fridge freezer. Cheap as possible and very efficient. Any recommendations? Not sure about heat pump dryer. It needs to be a condenser type. Thanks
  4. R

    Recommendations for flexible LED strips for under kitchen worktop

    Hi, can anyone recommend good quality, flexible RGBW light strips (dotless) for under kitchen worktops that can be used with Alexa/smartthings - they need to be dimmable and long lasting. thanks in advance. Daran
  5. Funkoid

    Kitchen Install?

    Wasn't sure where to put this one but feel free to move it if there is somewhere more suitable. I'm close to fitting out a new kitchen before the end of the year and am thinking a ceiling install would tidy up the couple of Sonos Ones kicking around the worktops. I use roon heavily so anything...
  6. M

    AV Design, Layout, Alexa, Multi-room & Amp for Kitchen Diner (!)

    Hi all Looking for advice on a design for our new kitchen diner. I've attached an example layout of the kitchen diner. I'm reasonably technical, but not 100% on the features of the amps, so wondered if anyone could help with the following: 1. The room is reasonably large (11m x 5m), and I am...
  7. N

    New Project - Kitchen and Lounge

    Hi Everyone, Inspired by some of the builds on here thought I'd join in and start a post about the beginning of my own project.... and take the opportunity to pick your brains at the same time. I have a small extension being built next week which then leads to walls coming down and eventually...
  8. P

    Which av receiver for 5.1 in main room and 4.0 in kitchen?

    Hi guys, first of all I’d like to say thanks in advance for any advice. I’ve had 4 ceiling speakers ( MA c165 6 ohms) wired in to my kitchen and I’d like to connect them to a zone 2 on a receiver. I’d like to be able to use Spotify to play music in the kitchen. At the moment I have a Sony...
  9. lynx

    Kitchen plinth heaters.

    I'm intending to fit a plinth heater in mums kitchen soon so looking for recommendations. Theres a requirement to keep things simple so no bluetooth control or anything like that. Nothing too heavy power wise, 2.0kW would be ample. If there's any killer deals I'd appreciate a heads up. I can...
  10. Garry123

    Book shelf speakers for kitchen

    Moving house soon, so looking to get a couple of book shelf speakers for the kitchen. They will be running off my Emotiva amp so 300W per channel. The speakers cable will be approximately a 10m run. I was thinking of some B&W 6 or 7 series. Any recommendations?
  11. L

    Light wave RF led d’immuable under kitchen cabinet strip lighting

    Does anyone know what under cabinet led strip light can be used with the light wave rf system so it’s dimmable?
  12. lynx

    Kitchen mixer...?

    So, I missed out on a recent Costco offer for a Kitchenaid stand mixer. In there today and I notice a Kenwood mixer Kenwood kMix All Black Stand Mixer KMX750AB | Kenwood UK for £203. Is this a worthy alternative to a KA, is it worth buying or wait for another deal on a KA? I'm not at all a...
  13. petrolhead

    32" TV for kitchen

    Just for watching TV. Most important has a decent smart performance. A lot of small TVs seem to be slow witted and anoying. Therefore somit with a decent processor Any suggestions please PS 32" is the MAX size
  14. W

    Kitchen / Living Area Mini Upgrade

    I currently have a Denon M 39 Dab and Monitor Audio Bronze BX1's but it's quite a largish area so ideally looking for something that has that bit more "authority" especially when you crank it up. In terms of where it's placed I'm "challenged" for landscape and it's in "The Boss's" room so want...
  15. W

    Kitchen Is Echo Studio an Upgrade?

    Currently running a Denon RCD - M39 and Monitor Audio Bronze Speakers (can't find the model online now as they're old but probaby equivalent to Bronze50) and as much as anything looking for something with a bit more Ummphhh. Thinking about going to 2 X's Amazon Echo Studio speakers paired...
  16. N

    Simple airplay 2 speakers for kitchen

    I'm a new user so hope I've put this in the right place! I have searched the forums but couldn't find a similar answer to this. For context - at the moment we listen to all our music on the small Amazon echo dots... so we are starting from a very low bar in terms of sound quality. We're moving...
  17. squanch

    Shelly RGBW2, Dimmers & 2.5s - Help please!

    I’m about to have my electrician install lighting in our kitchen (just refurbed) and we are going to have quite a mixture going in - including a few runs of LED strips (e.g. under worktops, around a recessed ceiling) and pendant lights (e.g. above island, above dining table). NB: The LED strips...
  18. thedude

    Family Room Kitchen Dining Area

    Hi guys, we are currently looking at changing the area of the house to something more cohesive. Option one is to knock down some walls make it look bigger and space it out better. We ideally would like a nice kitchen dining area and a seating area for the tv. (we have a separate living room for...
  19. rousetafarian

    GBK ‘Gourmet Burger Kitchen’ finding out a menu item was halal after eating it.

    So this isn’t a case of whether halal food is right or wrong, it’s a case of ordering an item which one would assume isn’t halal, as everything else on their menu isn’t. We overheard the waiter advising a Muslim guest that only the chicken option was halal as my fiancé was biting into it. Her...
  20. P

    Kitchen Corner Unit - retro fitting a pull out shelf

    Hi All, I have a corner unit in our kitchen that currently has just a shelf in it, which means of course the back of the corner is either unusable or stuff gets lost/forgotten. So looking to retrofit a Pull out corner unit: well that’s the latest DIY project…..:) We got our kitchen from...
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