1. RMCF

    For Sale Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation, 32gb, as new, hardly used

    For sale, an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 32gb, 10th generation. Item has been opened but I have never read a book on it, preferring to stick with real ones for now. I have had a good look around it and can't see any marks or scratches. As new. Comes packaged with instructions and charging...
  2. spikeyjac

    For Sale Kindle Oasis - 8GB - WiFi

    Hi all, Selling my Kindle Oasis - 8GB - WiFi. Purchased in Jan 2021. Has the usual signs of wear and tear, but still in perfect working condition. Looking for £150 delivered, given these are still £220+ brand new. No box but comes with the cable and will be packaged securely. Thanks! Jack
  3. D

    Wanted Kindle Paperwhite 2021 edition

    Anyone got a Kindle Paperwhite 2021 edition for sale? Ideally with the original packaging.
  4. dUnKle

    Kindle Fired for Kids

    Hope someone can help My partners two youngest got kindle fires for Xmas They been setup with my partner as the “top” user (guess linked to get Amazon account etc) How do we ensure one hundred percent that they can’t make any in app purchases etc They loving playing roblox but underage...
  5. largeruk

    Wanted Kindle Paperwhite

    Looking for a 300dpi version of the Paperwhite. Please let me know if you have one that's in decent nick. Thanks.
  6. sep8001

    Reading Kindle Books on Kobo

    Hi Sorry hope this is in the correct section. My daughter has a kobo e reader and I want to get a kindle unlimited account for her, but reading online you have to convert the books to be able to read on a kobo. Does anyone do this and is it simple and straightforward to do? Thank you
  7. Scott Wright

    Bargain Kindle Paperwhite reduced from £119.99 to £79.99. Expires 23/06/21

    Kindle Paperwhite | Waterproof, 6" High-Resolution Display, 8GB—with Ads—Black There's the 32GB Wi-Fi version that's reduced from £149.99 to £109.99 also. The "Without Ads" model has similar discounts but is an additional £10 Must have amazon prime to receive this deal. Sign up for 30 days...
  8. dUnKle

    Suggestions for a new Kindle

    Help / advice time I currently own a Kindle Voyage, which, I believe, was the top model back when I purchased it Back then it was my 2nd Kindle after my first, an original keyboard model, died Actually looking, I have had the Voyage close to 7 years But its now very very clunky It works...
  9. eob

    Question Custom bootloader for Kindle Fire HD7

    I have a Kindle Fire HD7 that I wanted to use as a display for my Solar Panel monitoring system. I have successfully managed to root it but I don't know whether to use a custom ROM or just a bootloader or indeed if I need to do any of that at all. @jouster I know you mentioned in your Home...
  10. Wotphone4music

    Using a Kindle as a camcorder Monitor.

    Does any one have any idea how to do this. ??
  11. C

    Kindle needs replacing. What one to get?

    Hi I have a kindle paperwhite and had it just over 2 years but it’s now suffering from E ink fading which is annoying. I was thinking of getting a new one but they are £120. Is there a huge difference between the paperwhite and the basic model as price difference is £50. I know that amazon...
  12. rustybin

    New Kindle Fire 8HDs The Plus looks to be very well priced and specced. I've always found my Fires sluggish and underpowered...maybe that's about to change.
  13. dUnKle

    Kindle Sync Issue

    I have kindle reader on my iPhone and my iPad and also my kindle voyage Everything been fine up until about a month ago when sync stopped working. No longer could I stop reading on another device and start on something else I tried loads. In the end I completely reset my kindle and deleted...
  14. LotusElan

    Kindle Unlimited

    Not quite sure this is the right part of the forums to ask, as it's about magazines not books, but I will do anyway. :D What does Kindle Unlimited include w.r.t. to the magazine subscriptions? We have Prime at the moment and have used that for the occasional magazine download. However the...
  15. ssbib

    Amazon Kindle Paper White Not Displaying Full Page

    I love a good read but lately my kindle paper white has been doing an annoying thing where it doesn’t always display text on the bottom few lines. You don’t miss any information as the lines that should be there are at the top of the next page when you continue reading but having big gaps at the...
  16. K

    Kindle Fire do Amazon own it or me?

    My wife has an Amazon echo in the kitchen she plays her music on it from her ipod. I have various playlists constructed on my pc which I have on usb sticks for the car and on a kindle fire. She wanted to play some so bluetoothed the fire to the echo and tried to play some tunes. No success. I...
  17. tpr007

    my book(s) - update

    It’s FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited There are some reviews up on GoodReads and I’ve been getting some good feedback from various people. (average of 4.59 from 39 ratings so far) It’s a dark, detective/mystery fiction novel. Links: US: Amazon US edition (including paperback) UK: Amazon UK...
  18. P

    Question Registering Kindle Fire

    We are having difficulty registering the Kindle Fire 10. I registered it initially but a factory reset was necessary which obviously deleted all apps etc. I changed the Amazon password which worked but when I tried to enter it in the login page it was rejected although it seems fine. I keep...
  19. P

    Answered Kindle Fire 10 unable to access a website

    We have a Kindle Fire 10 from which we have always been able to access a particular website. However, today we cannot get onto the site on both our Kindles (mine is an 8").
  20. catowen

    New iPad mini, cant get my Kindle app to log in

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, as im not sure if it is an iPad problem or an Amazon one, but the app has downloaded fine, but everytime i try to register/log in its saying Device Registration Failed. Ay help would be great.
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