1. Shooter1

    Wanted Kindle Paperwhite

    Hi All, Looking for a Paperwhite in good condition. Thanks
  2. Speed

    Wanted Kindle Paperwhite (Current Generation)

    No longer required.
  3. E

    Wanted Kindle/Kobo/e-reader

    My old kindle keyboard appears to have died, after a cheap one and not fussed which company it comes from.
  4. A

    Wanted Kindle Oasis

    On the look out please..?
  5. S

    Wanted Wanted kindle

    Looking for a kindle in good condition. Doesn't have to be the latest version but needs to have the light to read in the dark. Let me know what you have.
  6. ShardsOfMe

    For Sale Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation 32GB Wi-Fi + Lifetime free LTE/3G

    Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation 32GB Wi-Fi + Lifetime free 3G. Immaculate condition, in hard shell case. No box. IPX8 waterproof, edge to edge glass, Bluetooth, etc. £149.99 at Amazon.
  7. L

    Kindle Unlimited

    Not quite sure this is the right part of the forums to ask, as it's about magazines not books, but I will do anyway. :D What does Kindle Unlimited include w.r.t. to the magazine subscriptions? We have Prime at the moment and have used that for the occasional magazine download. However the...
  8. T

    For Sale Amazon Kindle Keyboard and Amazon Kindle Fire HD6 (16GB)

    Selling my wifes spare e-readers. Both are in excellent condition having spent their entire lives inside the supplied cases Kindle Fire HD6 c/w Blue Moko case £35 (no micro USB cable or charger) Kindle Keyboard inc Black Lighted case £25 (no micro USB cable or charger). Some very minor marks...
  9. willow79

    Wanted Kindle paperwhite 2019 (10th gen!) 32gb

    Hey guys! :hiya: Giving it a long shot in here as I generally do when searching just in case someone can help! My kindle fire has given up the ghost and I've decided to replace it with a the kindle paperwhite. I wondered if anyone had a Kindle paperwhite 10th gen 32gb they're looking to...
  10. Sandman

    For Sale Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover - Black

    I bought my wife an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and the official leather cover/case for it but she would rather have A different colour case so i am selling the unused black one. The packet has been opened (carefully) but the case is absolutely brand new. It is the same as this one...
  11. T

    For Sale Amazon Kindle Voyage with case and separate PaperWhite case (and faulty Paperwhite)

    My trusty Kindle Paperwhite has stopped working, won't get past boot sequence. I purchased a spare Kindle Voyage and a brand new case to keep me going. Now my wife has bought me a brand new PaperWhite for christmas so my spare bits are up for sale Genuine black Kindle Paperwhite Case (pre...
  12. W

    Wanted Kindle Paperwhite

    Hi all, looking for a Kindle Paperwhite for a family member who's old one has broken. Ideally a Paperwhite 2 or 3 (6th/7th generation), but the cheaper the better. Potentially also one of the most recent ones if the price is decent.
  13. hughesjh

    Wanted Kindle Paperwhite (or similar) £40ish

    As the title says. Looking to replace my older, well loved kindle. Cash waiting
  14. ssbib

    Amazon Kindle Paper White Not Displaying Full Page

    I love a good read but lately my kindle paper white has been doing an annoying thing where it doesn’t always display text on the bottom few lines. You don’t miss any information as the lines that should be there are at the top of the next page when you continue reading but having big gaps at the...
  15. ChrisoRocks

    For Sale Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 2019 Tablet

    I bought this yesterday from Argos, used it for 24 hours but it’s not for me. Black 32GB latest model Boxed with receipt from Argos
  16. K

    Kindle Fire do Amazon own it or me?

    My wife has an Amazon echo in the kitchen she plays her music on it from her ipod. I have various playlists constructed on my pc which I have on usb sticks for the car and on a kindle fire. She wanted to play some so bluetoothed the fire to the echo and tried to play some tunes. No success. I...
  17. serpico77

    Wanted Kindle with front light or paperwhite

    As title must come boxed and in excellent condition please offer what you have Thanks
  18. tpr007

    my book(s) - update

    It’s FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited There are some reviews up on GoodReads and I’ve been getting some good feedback from various people. (average of 4.59 from 39 ratings so far) It’s a dark, detective/mystery fiction novel. Links: US: Amazon US edition (including paperback) UK: Amazon UK...
  19. R

    For Sale Amazon Kindle Paperwhite as new

    Selling my kindle paperwhite 2012 with the official leather case as I have just upgraded to the Oasis like new and has been in the amazon case from new.
  20. Raeven

    For Sale Kindle 2019 with front light

    Hi, I'm selling my Kindle. It's the 2019 model with the front light and special offers. It's basically brand new as I've just not had the time to use it since buying and I don't see myself having the time soon either. It will come with the USB cable.
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