1. SimTT

    For Sale Clarks Toddler Shoes 5 1/2 G

    Hi I am selling my sons Clark’s shoes Only worn a handful of times but is growing like a weed so now needs more new ones 😖. Size 5 1/2 G wide fit. They come with all original packaging. They are still current stock and excluded form Sales etc and still retail for £40. I’m looking for £20...
  2. 1

    Anyone here without any kids?

    What happens to your net if you didn't leave will? I'm not looking to settle down anytime soon tbh. I have things I need to do first. Just wondered what would happen to my account if my heart stopped without/before assigning a next of kin.
  3. T

    You need playstation plus to access this feature - kids getting this error even though parent has it - SOLVED

    Hi there recently got a Ps5 for my kids, created my own PS account and added the kids as family members. I paid for a Playstation Plus subscription yet when my son tries to play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War online with friends he gets a "you need playstation plus to access this feature". He...
  4. Mystery Man

    Holidays in the uk with the kids

    So moved our foreign holiday to next year but still fancy a few nights away somewhere this year but in the UKand nothing so far is filling me with much excitement. I stay near Edinburgh and have been looking all over for something which appeal to 2 adults and 2 young kids, where do you all...
  5. myss

    Issue with neighbour's kids, what would you do?

    Bear with me, it's a bit of a story. It's my parents' home whose neighbours have at least 6+ kids in a three bedroom house ranging from mid-teenage to baby. Mum is housewife and Dad's a tradesman. Both religious and nice enough to say morning to and get a response, have been helpful to my...
  6. S

    VR Headset for Kids Christmas present?

    Hi I am thinking of getting a VR headset for kids (11&13yrs) Christmas presents. I have looked at the Bnext but I am a total novice at this. Can anyone give any advice on VR? Is there good content out there? Are they worth it? Should I consider something other than Bnext? Many thanks
  7. fragdude

    Question Do your kids use your vr?

    My son wants to play on our VR as his friends at school all play on it. ive told him he’s not old enough as he’s only 9, looking at Sony they recommend 12+ wife agrees with me ( but is starting to crumble and thinks he should be allowed just for a short time ) sI just want to know what age...
  8. Mohammed Asiimwe

    Question I hav a Flatron M2394D-PX for kids and they locked

    I hav a Flatron M2394D-PX for kids and they locked the body keys. Currently the remote also has failed to work, though it works on other LGs. Can some tell me where to find an update. How do I update it without using the remote
  9. budedwards

    Optima HD142X 3D Glasses for kids

    Hi All, I recently purchased the Optima HD142X and firstly, Wow!! What a fantastic projector for a small budget. I have 2 sets of adult (Active) Glasses for use with the projector but was wondering if anyone had found suitable glasses for little ones (5-10 years old) ? Thanks in advance.
  10. phillyd1981

    Thoughts on sending kids back to school in June.

    If the schools do reopen in june would you be happy sending your children back (if they are in the qualifying year) For me i don't think i will be letting my year one lad back it's to soon in my opinion.
  11. NorvernRob

    Free Nest Mini when you buy a kids Fitbit Ace 2 @ £49.99 from Currys.

    Popped into Curry’s last night to buy a Google Mini for my son, and saw that they have an offer on which gives you a free Nest Mini (2nd gen one) with the purchase of a kids Fitbit Ace 2. The Mini is £34 minimum everywhere I’ve seen it. Not only that, but when I turned down the 3 years...
  12. Easybourne

    Question Kids Room 20” Smart TV

    Hi, I’m not sure if such a thing is available but I’m looking for a smart TV for a kid’s room. There is no aerial point (and it’s a terrible reception area anyway) Ideally, I’m looking for: * No more than 22” * Smart TV (Ideally WiFi-enabled) * iPlayer, ITV Player, All4, etc Any other bells...
  13. JimmyMac

    Family films with kids

    My daughter is 6 now and we’ve recently started watching more films together that are not the usual animations/bar or movies Of late we’ve done jumanji, ghostbusters and the Addams family Looking for recommendations along these lines, nothing too scary and little profanity Tried the goonies...
  14. Noahs Dad

    Hotel Translyvania 3

    There was almost nothing on Wii U that was a move tie in. So nice to see a rare kids movie tie in game coming out soon on Switch with Hotel Transylvania 3.... lets hope it's good and this is the first of many.
  15. 273K

    Iceland with kids, without car

    We're considering spending a week in in Iceland with the kids (7 & 3)in late spring/early summer. Not massively keen on renting a car, and understand public transport is infrequent/requires lots of planing(?). Can anyone recommend alternatives, e.g. bus tours type things? We'd like to see...
  16. D

    Bargain Expired NOW TV Box with 3 Month Sky Kids Pass £12.49

    Title says it all Buy NOW TV Box with 3 Month Sky Kids Pass at - Your Online Shop for Smart TV boxes, Set top boxes, recorders and satellite, Technology. Also ent pass 2 month Buy NOW TV Box with 2 Month Sky Entertainment Pass at - Your Online Shop for Smart TV boxes...
  17. Showoff

    How much pocket money do your kids get?

    My eldest is 8yrs old. We decided it was time he learnt the value of money, so I've set him up with a "goHenry" account, app and card. I need to decide how much to give him each week, plus the option of some chore based rewards? Searching the web, it seems like £4-5 per week is the average...
  18. BenRC

    Can I create a profile for my kids which has access to my games?

    Made a profile for my daughter but everything has a lock symbol and says I have to buy it. Is there a way around This?
  19. mikeclark007

    Question Can I run files from an SD card in Fire for Kids?

    Just got a Kindle Fire HD 8 (7th Gen) I've got a load of photo and video files on an SD card but I don't seem to be able to access these through my sons profile. It will let me add the apps i've purchased no problem but it seems that the only video content it will allow me to add is anything I...
  20. B

    Children's smart watch/tracker

    Hi guys I was wondering if anyone can help or has experience in the below? I am looking for a smart watch/tracking watch for my daughter, ideally with features that lets you call the watch/receive calls and track location etc. (Any additional features is a bonus) We live in the UK but need...
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