1. edent

    For Sale Ergodox EZ keyboard

    White keyboard with printed keycaps. Includes all cables, key removal tool, and wrist rests. Excellent condition, lightly used, thoroughly cleaned. £200 including postage in the UK. Will knock £15 off if you want to pick up in SE London. Happy to provide more photos and info.
  2. S

    For Sale iPad Pro 11 64Gb 2018 1st Gen + Keyboard and pencil

    Apple iPad Pro 1st Gen. + keyboard case 64GB, Wi-Fi, 11 in - Space Grey. This device was purchased in September 2019. It has been well looked after with no marks/scratches on the device. The item is in perfect working condition. I was very wary throughout owning the device to not allow the...
  3. rousetafarian

    Wanted iPad Air 4 and a Magic Keyboard, WHYG?

    Hi I’m going to sell on my OG iPad Pro 1st gen 128Gb Silver/White iPad Pro and would like an Air 4 or iPad Pro M1 to replace it. Thanks
  4. georgeambler

    For Sale iPad Pro Magic Keyboard for 12.9”

    Selling my iPad Pro Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd, 4th. These also apparently fit the 5th generation (M1) Had since 2020. I would say condition is 8/10. Can tell it’s used. Few light marks to the black plastic / rubber. Slight dent on back right hinge, see last photo. Still £329...
  5. GE90

    For Sale Apple Magic Keyboard ***NEW ***

    Hi I purchased a new iMac this week, and decided to keep my old keyboard. I therefore have for sale the magic keyboard, boxed and still with covering. Any questions please ask.
  6. A

    For Sale Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse 2 (Silver, BNIB)

    For sale are Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse 2. These are both BNIB as can be seen in pics. Price includes delivery. Prefer to sell both together but can look at separate as well. Apple Magic Keyboard: £110 (Retail around £129) Apple Magic Mouse 2: £45 (Retail around £59) Prices...
  7. J

    Wanted Space grey magic keyboard/mouse

    Anyone got one to sell? I have a white one which I could swap? Also happy to buy. Would also consider space grey mouse too.
  8. W

    For Sale Microsoft Surface Keyboard (QWERTY UK) - boxed

    Boxed in excellent condition - bought directly from MS - Surface Keyboard – Microsoft Store Price includes postage, selling as I have switched to Mac.
  9. B

    For Sale Surface Pro X 8gb Ram 128gb SSD With Type Cover Keyboard

    For Sale I no longer have a use for this having bought a MacBook Pro (the webcam on that is not a patch on this). It includes: Original packaging for surface pro x and surface keyboard Original charger Genuine type cover Looking for £500. Postage not included.
  10. shippers27

    Wanted Apple magic keyboard for iPad Pro. 11”

    My daughter is after a magic keyboard for her iPad Pro 11” gen2 for Christmas so preferably is decent condition with box.
  11. El1te

    For Sale iPad Pro 12.9” (4th Gen 2020) 256GB WiFi & Cellular - Space Grey & Apple Magic Keyboard 4th Gen

    Edit: magic keyboard sold, iPad still available Due to changes in my workflow I am now going to be transitioning over to a MBP so looking to find my beloved iPad Pro a new home. The iPad has been in a case and had a tempered glass installed since day one and I struggle to find any scratches...
  12. gurpswoo1

    Wanted Dex usb c dongle and foldable keyboard with touch pad.

    Hi All I am looking for a usb c dongle to use with my Samsung note 20. Must have PD to charge phone. Also looking for a foldable keyboard to go with it. Thanks
  13. M

    Dell 7450 keyboard issues

    Such an odd one. 3 of the laptops in our office have all developed keyboard issues randomly where nothing will input in to any applications. Some keys work, like windows button and E for example to open up file explorer, but none of the letters will work. Really odd. It’s the same for USB/BT...
  14. N

    For Sale iPad Pro 12.9 Wi-Fi 256GB (4th gen - 2020) with smart folio & magic keyboard

    I recently picked up the new iPad Mini and find myself using it more than my 12.9 iPad Pro as I have a laptop too. I love this tablet/laptop hybrid, but decided to sell it on. It’s used but in immaculate condition, and comes boxed with Magic Keyboard and Blue Smart Folio. Pictures attached...
  15. B

    For Sale iPad Pro 12.9 1TB 2021 Space Grey (M1 - 16GB RAM - 1TB) Wi-Fi + Magic Keyboard + Applecare

    Hi All, Have both the Space Grey iPad Pro 12.9 1TB 2021 (M1 - 16GB RAM - 1TB) Wi-Fi and the latest version (fits better) Magic Keyboard (black) available for sale. Both are boxed, used, but in near perfect condition other than light usage signs on the keyboard fabric. Struggling to find a mark...
  16. R

    Keyboard and monitor suggestions?

    Hi all looking for some recommendations for a new gaming monitor and keyboard. Keyboard I'm looking at the corsair k70, with I'm thinking the red cherry switches (though are these good for gaming?). Or are there better alternatives. Budget about 100-150 Monitor only need to be 24", up to 27"...
  17. meadowbuddy

    Bluetooth Keyboard for TX-58DX750B

    As in the Title, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced Bluetooth Keyboard for my TX-58DX750B please. Thanks in advance.
  18. hearmon

    Help!I iPad Air 2 keyboard acting strange

    Ok guys this is driving me nuts!updated iPad to I.o.s 15(not sure if I’ve done something to affect settings) for some reason various parts of the display now come up with black background and white writing and not white background with black writing.strangely when using the keyboard on some...
  19. W

    Is the keytronic kt400u2 a mechanical or membrane keyboard?

    I can't actually tell if my keyboard, the keytronic kt400u2, is mechanical or membrane. I don't think I actually know the difference. I tried to look my keyboard up, but I couldn't find out which type it was, and I don't want to remove the keycaps to check because I don't have an actual keycap...
  20. nicolaidenmark

    Corsair Mechanical Keyboard double types (the red cheerry prroblem)

    As you can tell by the title of this thread, I havee the double typing problem with my Strafe keyboard, which is 2 years and about 4 months old. Ironically, bought a mechanical for durability :) I'm no good with soldering so I'm looking for a keyboard which is very durable with regards to...
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