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  1. Jezzdabezz

    Question My Kenwood receiver won't output any sound out of the speakers

    I have a Kenwood KR-A4050, it was working fine until a few days ago when we moved it from the living room to the dining room and now it smells like an exploded capacitor and no longer outputs any sound apart from small clicks when I change inputs. This is both through the speaker outputs and the...
  2. Tamzerin

    Question Vintage Kenwood M-850 set up advice please

    Good morning All I have a vintage Kenwood M-850 separates system. Turntable, tuner, cassette deck, graphic, CD and Amp. I have the original instruction manual which offers no advice at all. My set up is currently working, however, not convinced it’s set up correctly. All phono leads are...
  3. J

    Question Broken ribbon cable Kenwood C-V150 to M-A100

    Dear all, I have a Kenwood system with AV control center C-V150 and a power Amplifer M-A100. These 2 are connection with a ribbon cable with 17 pins connectors. One of the connectors is broken. So I was wondering if anyone does have such a cable or have a Kenwood system that is not in use...
  4. D

    Kenwood KA3020se or Arcam Alpha 1

    For many years the base of my system has been my trusty Kenwood KA3020se amplifier, it's done me proud in that time and (other than coveting an Audiolab 8000a) I have never really thought of replacing it. Recently however an Arcam Alpha 1 has come into my hands and I'm wondering whether it's a...
  5. nolia

    Question Stereo displaying wiring error msg, however, amp and active sub aren't coming on

    Hi guys, So, basically I have this system: MK4 Golf using a Kenwood DNX 8170 DAB and JL Audio 360/4 amp + Pioneer TS-WX610A sub So, earlier on in the week, I had a message come up on the stereo saying speaker wiring error, please check the wires. I then realised the amp has no power, and the...
  6. anchorless

    Question Kenwood DPX-7300DAB Isuzu?

    Hi folks, Bought a Kenwood DPX-7300DAB car stereo from eBay (second hand). All seems well, apart from it says “Isuzu” when I turn it on, and the system menu in “functions” is missing, Anyone know if I can rebrand this stereo? Cheers
  7. N

    Old Kenwood system - cannot get aux input to work

    Hi. Apologies if this isn't really the right place to ask about this, but I'm unsure where else to start! Perhaps someone can help. We picked up a nice old Kenwood midi/separates system. It comprises a power amp, pre-amp tuner, cd player and cassette player - all the components link by a...
  8. P

    Kenwood USB Mirroring

    A question for the knowledgeable.. Kenwood 7722Dabs.. The screen mirroring icon isn't illuminated on the headunit.. With or without Phone connected via USB.. I have downloaded the Kenwood App and selected mirror in my phone profile on headunit.. Any thought appreciated..
  9. I

    Kenwood KMM-BT502DAB - Music from USB

    Have this head unit in my car, tuner and digital audio sound great however travelling to a few areas where I reckon reception might not be that good so am looking to put some audio / MP3 onto a flash drive but no matter how I format or what size drive I use the head unit reports 'NO MUSIC'. Any...
  10. I

    Question Kenwood DMX7722dabs service list

    Kenwood DMX7722dabs service list Hi! I'm hoping someone can help me. I've just had a Kenwood DMX7722dabs installed in my car. All seems to be working ok and it's playing DAB radio but when I press the search button to see the list of available stations it just sits there saying 'waiting' and...
  11. I

    Kenwood KMM-BT502DAB

    Just bought a used KMM-BT502DAB to put in my car so I can get DAB radio and can see the spec of the above head unit includes:- "The Kenwood KMM-BT502DAB Digital+ Stereo offers DAB+ radio, iPhone/iPod and Android control" and also under key features it says "Android MSC / AOA2 compatible" but...
  12. electrosmith

    8ohms speakers into 16ohms amp

    I want to use some Kenwood Omni 7 speakers as surrounds they are 8ohms, the surround sound ports on the amp are 16ohms Will this be ok ? thanks for any advice
  13. 2

    Advise Please? Amp / Speakers

    Hi, I have recently just come back to bringing my vinyls down from the attic and dusted off an old amp and speakers. Current setup is:- Amp: Kenwood AV Receiver: KR-V7040 Speakers: Mission 762 Turntable: Project T1 So aesthetically it doesn't look great and I as considering upgrading my Amp...
  14. E

    Kenwood DMX7722DABS: How to change the background to a custom picture?

    Hi, Does anybody know how to change the background image on the Kenwood DMX7722DABS head unit? I can play MPEG, MP4 and MKV files fine. But when I access the USB menu and select photo it says unsupported media. I've tried JPEG, PNG and BMAP I am pulling my hair out here, can anybody help...
  15. Fugglesworth

    removal keys for Kenwood KDC-3090R

    I recently bought Kenwood Autoleads Car Stereo Radio Removal Keys Pc5-107 (Before 2001), however it turns out after trying to use them to remove our In-car Kenwood radio KDC-3090R that they are not the right ones. Does anyone know which keys I should buy?
  16. S

    Kenwood DMX-8020DABS reset button

    Does anyone know how one would do a physical reset of the said unit? There's no physical button for reset on the front plate that i can see and the manual doesn't mention anything. Thanks
  17. T

    Kenwood LS-770a, Technics SB-G300, Wharfedale Kingsdale 3, B&W 603 S2 reviews wanted.

    I have the Kenwood connected to my 1981 Technics system for music, the B&W are part of my AV surround system. Would the Technics be an upgrade over the Kenwood, and are these speakers OK to replace the B&W to free up some space? Ideally I'd like the Kenwood or Technics for the surround sound...
  18. D

    Kenwood System

    I have a Kenwood A94 stack system that I unfortunately can't take with me in a house downsizing move. This is a '80's/'90's top of the range quality system which I acquired new and has been carefully looked after over the years. In excellent condition the separates are A94 amp, X94 twin...
  19. D

    Kenwood Hi-Fi system from about 1990 - some tech questions

    Two things regarding this system: X-34 Cassette Deck: the left mechanism is fine but the one on the right won't play tapes. If I press the play button or fast forward or rewind, it'll maybe move the tape briefly then immediately stop. Before I dig into it any suggestions on possible causes...
  20. S

    Kenwood minijack to RCA needed for dashcam to head unit (ca-c3av)

    I have a drvn520 dashcam to connect to my dmx7017dabs head unit. I need a minijack to RCA accessory cable Kenwood ca-c3av to connect just the Yellow AV cable to the head unit. Can't buy it online anymore. Does anyone know a source or maybe have one lying around? I am told the pins are wired...
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