1. Untrst

    Help needed! Kenwood 3020 x Wharfedale Diamond 9.1

    Hello! I'm really hoping someone can help me with my first set-up... I bought a second-hand Kenwood 3020 recently and have paired it with some Wharfedale Diamond 9.1s. But as of yet, I am unable to get any sound of the set-up. My questions are: Are these two compatible? Must I ground the...
  2. S

    Kenwood Series 21

    Hi . I’m a newbie so hope this is ok . I have a Kenwood series 21 system . I recently managed to track down Graphic/Spectrum . It works great but the problem I have is the display is very faint . Anyone know if it is back lit or not before I open it up?
  3. N

    Kenwood P-26 turntable issues

    Hi Everyone, recently I’ve found a old Kenwood P-26 Turntable that was apart of an hifi system, Currently i have the turntable hooked up to my Edifier R1000T4 speakers whilst using an behringer pp400 pre amp I’m not sure what is causing the buzzing sound as the turntable includes built in rca...
  4. N

    Advice on Kenwood Turntable P-26

    Hello Everyone, I’ve recently found an Kenwood P-26 Turntable and i was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with setting up, What styluses would you recommend me to use for it and what speakers would you recommend for it as the turntable only has red & white input cables that is...
  5. S

    Kenwood System (90's) Setup Help

    Hey everyone! This is my first post. Basically, my dad had an old hifi system sitting in the garage so I tried my best to clean it up, connect it all up, and use it for my Sony PS-LX310BT. I've got it to work for the two main speakers (Kenwood LS-E9), however, I can't seem to get the Kenwood...
  6. G

    Kenwood kna-g520 GPS problem

    Hi guys need a bit of advice if anyone can help me I have a Kenwood kvt-729dvd head unit and I have finally sourced a wiring loom for my kna-g520 god unit for it. I have wired it in but the head unit is not recognising that it is connected at all. The only wire I haven't connected Is for the...
  7. 152bobby

    Kenwood DMX-8020DABS

    Hi, I originally tagged this question onto a old thread I had when I had the Kenwood DMX-8019 unit, but I'm not getting much help, so I've created a new thread. I now have the Kenwood DMX-8020 dabs Wireless Android Auto/CarPlay unit. I use Android Auto wirelessly about 90% of the time and...
  8. P

    Help Request for Kenwood Series 21 System

    I hope this request is allowed. A friend of mine has a Kenwood Series 21 stack system, its been in storage for 18 months. We connected it all up recently but no sound. All the displays light up, remote works and CDs seem to operate but no sound and the graphic equaliser display shows no...
  9. vpalmer

    Kenwood KR-A3080 No Sound

    Just purchased a Kenwood KR-A3080 from a shop in my local town. I don't know why, but my Acoustic Energy Evo 3 speakers are silent. But with user manual being so poor I'm having problems solving the issue. I bought it principally to play records but the phono says speakers muted in red briefly...
  10. ernie1600

    Kenwood LS-9300

    Does anyone here knows the dimensions and the specs for the kenwood LS-9300 speakers ?
  11. F

    Kenwood Car CD player advice

    We have an old Kenwood Kdc-4080r Cd Player/radio (the type with the detachable front panel). Sometimes it works for hours with no problem. On other occasions the CD player behaves very unreliably, spitting CDs out, making sort of 'thud' sounds etc. We thought it might be damp weather that causes...
  12. B

    Kenwood turntable issues

    Hello, I have an issue with my late 80’s Kenwood P-63 turntable. It sounds as if the record is slipping but I’m pretty sure it isn’t. I’ve changed the belt and checked the pad isn’t slipping. It’s not had a lot of use in recent years but I’d like to be able to listen to my vinyl without it...
  13. ernie1600

    Kenwood S-9m

    Hey guys I just got my hands on some Kenwood S-9m speakers, unfortunately the tweeters are blown (part number t03-0386-05) I did a search looking for the part number and can’t find anyone selling them. The question is does anyone here has experience with these speakers and can recommend a good...
  14. T

    Kenwood KA 5002 help!

    I’ve had a 70s integrated solid state amp - a Kenwood KA-5002 for a while now, and it’s started playibf awful noise in the left channel. I tried to bring it to a repair shop, but they just cleaned the pots and told me it was fine. It seems like the noise is intermittent, and when the unit is...
  15. Cruisechef

    Kenwood DMX47S - Android auto .. Not Wireless

    I recently had a Kenwood DMX47S installed in my car. I am using Android Auto while connected to the head unit via USB cable. It's clear that this unit does not support wireless functionality but certainly there has to be an adapter or dongle that will make it work. Has anyone encountered...
  16. I

    Repairs Needed to Kenwood A97 amp & DP-M87 cd player

    Hi Folks, anyone you can recommended to help me with repair to these items please? Cheers Kenwood amp A97 .... 1. only the faintest of output can be heard along with a high pitch tone as volume increases.... Symptoms are exactly the same from the headphone jack. 2...the input selector on front...
  17. D

    Kenwood dnx7250dab link to laptop help

    I have bought a second hand Kenwood dnx7250dab car head unit and wanting to update maps I have updated firmware and bought a new update file to copy to SD card to update maps but not having any luck I have been told that I can link laptop to unit via a usb lead and manually change the files...
  18. A

    Kenwood A-65 Amplifier

    Hi, I have just purchased a fantastic retro Kenwood hifi stack on Ebay, the main issue is that the A-65 amp is powering on but not outputting any sound? Checked the speaker cables and all is good? What is the best check list I can do before I take the cover off? Thanks in advance for any help 😊
  19. F

    Kenwood DDX9903s firmware problem

    Having trouble connecting any phone using bluetooth with the unit after updating the firmware. Unit works just can't connect with bluetooth. Have gone through every obvious step I could think of to make this work. Somehow I think the update crippled the bluetooth. Unfortunately I can't reflash...
  20. M

    Kenwood Stereo Set up

    Hello, I recently purchased a vintage Kenwood stereo system at an estate sale. The wiring had been removed and placed in a bag. Can anyone tell me the correct way to wire these components. SRC-71W Stereo System Rack RA-90II/RA-511 Stereo Reverberation Amplifier GE-100II/GE-511 Stereo Graphic...
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