1. A

    Brackets for KEF HTS 2001 speakers

    Hi all I'm in the process of getting some AV gear together for my garage project, and managed to bag a bit of a bargain on ebay, 5 KEF HTS2001's. The centre speaker comes with the bracket for the wall, whilst the other four all came with the tall weighted stands. This isn't a problem for the...
  2. S

    For Sale KEF KHT 1005 home cinema system is for sale

    With a broken heart I'd like to sell my KEF KHT 1005 home cinema system, which is old (~10 years old) but has never been used except for 2-3 weeks when I tried it with amazing sounds. The system is almost like new. I have moved houses very often, and haven't had time to put this system together...
  3. FBI Warning

    For Sale Kef C5, Cambridge Audio SX50, SX70 & Aero 9 surround sound bundle

    As title, a complete set comprising Kef C5 floorstanding fronts, Cambridge Audio SX50 rears with stands, SX70 centre speaker and Cambridge Audio Aero 9 sub. All working perfectly, little use since new. Reason for sale, these speakers were bought new by a good friend who sadly succumbed to...
  4. Paulo Favinha

    For Sale Kef iQ3

    Hi all I have for sale a pair of Kef iQ3 in black. They are in great condition, apart from some small marks that I tried to point out in the pictures. I was using them as my atmos speakers, but due to a house move, I no longer need them.
  5. C

    For Sale Denon X4400H / SVS PB4000 / Dali Zensor 1 (2 Pairs) / Dali Zensor Vokal / KEF Eggs x 4

    Hi All, Sorry for the long title. I’m moving across the pond to Canada and it’s just too much to ship everything across so I’m selling up and downsizing until I can build out my new basement. I will be away over Christmas from beginning of Dec until Jan so happy to agree a sale on any items...
  6. J

    Question Looking for a second hand soundbar for less than £450 with an emphasis on music. Monitor Audio ASB10 / Q Acoustics M4 / Dali etc

    Evening all, Due to a lack of funds and now not working, im selling my Sony STR DN1080 amplifier to replace it with a decent second hand soundbar. I’ll be looking at buying second hand due to the above situation. I currently have a Kef 3005 setup in my main lounge which is great for movies...
  7. I

    For Sale KEF Q400b Subwoofer

    Kef Q400b Subwoofer Excellent condition, well looked after and never abused. The photos will demonstrate the excellent condition; there is a very slight mark on the top left hand edge - this can be seen on photos 3 and 7 if you look carefully but certainly can't be seen from more than about a...
  8. Hitmyroadjack

    Question KEF Q Series vs SVS Prime Pinnacle with Ultra Center

    Hi folks, Jacopo here, I've been reading lots of great discussions over this forum and thought I'd pin a question to understand better a few characteristics of the following set up / speakers. Q750/950 + Q650 or SVS Prime Pinnacle + Ultra Center. The rear speakers aren't a big concern at the...
  9. M

    Kef q9 tweeter help

    Hi I burnt out a tweeter in my kef q9 (sp1542) and wondering if someone knows the parts I need to replace voice coil and whatever I made need. I opened up and exposed the voice coil and it smells burnt so assume it’s toast. If I have to I’ll send the whole thing out to get rebuilt ($140) but I’d...
  10. Rick84

    Kef r vs Arendal 1961

    Hi, Would I be correct or incorrect in saying that KEFs r series is a comparable match for the Arendal 1961 range ? I know there is a big price difference between the Arendal 1961 towers and the smallest tower from KEF which is the r5, but the Arendals are sold direct so does that make up for...
  11. N

    Wanted kef q50

    wanted a set of KEFs q50 in black ?
  12. theghost

    For Sale KEF 3000 Series Gloss Black with 6 Stands - Also pair of Matt black KEF Stands - OPEN TO OFFERS

    KEF 2000 Series Egg speakers in silver with 4 x stands surround speakers NOW SOLD Pair of Black KEF speaker stands good condition - think I picked these up thinking they were silver and turned out to be black 😂 If you want pics let me know as I can only upload 12 and using them to highlight...
  13. E

    Sound Quality Options for KEF Ls50 wireless

    I am trying to understand the audio quality options into my KEF LS50 Wireless speakers. I understand the best quality is a direct connection to my PC playing Tidal master quality tracks. What about when playing Tidal master track from my Chromecast connected to my tv which then connects to...
  14. E

    new Google Chromecast remote to control the volume on the kef wireless speakers

    Has anyone managed to get the new Google Chromecast remote to control the volume on the kef wireless speakers? There is no option for KEF in the install menu.
  15. Rasha28

    Kef R3 All in one system???

    Dear all, I am planning on buying a pair of Kef R3s and an SvS sub for an office sound system. It will be for music only via Spotify or Bluetooth. I need an all in one system that can power both. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Budget £1000 thx
  16. stretcher

    KEF T101s as rear and sides in a 7.1 system?

    Due to space constraints in a 4m x 4m dedicated room, I'm looking to substitute just my 2 pairs of chunky Ruark Epilogues. Any views/experiences on the suitability of the KEFs would be most welcome. Receiver is a Marantz SR7013, fronts are Ruark Prologues, centre is Ruark Dialogue and SB is...
  17. P

    Question Searching for the most holographic speakers: KEF ls50, Phase Tech PC1.5

    So I appreciate that holographic is not the most technical term, but it summarises in a nutshell the presentation I am looking for: something with excellent 3d imaging, especially good depth, and great instrument separation, to make it sound like the band is really in the room with you. I prefer...
  18. N1ck

    Question Kef speakers in a 4.1 set up

    I’m aware that a 4.1 set up (no centre speaker) can give good results if you sit in the sweet spot but give less good results for those sitting to the side. Does anyone know whether Kefs, with their uni q characteristics would provide those sitting to the side a better listening experience...
  19. Costello

    Wanted KEF R100

    Trying to source for a friend. Ideally piano gloss black. Must be in great condition, preferably with original packaging. Posted to Suffolk. Thank you.
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