1. P

    Wanted KEF Q600c in rosewood finish only

    Hi All So as above; I'm looking for this centre speaker in rosewood finish to match my floorstanders and bookshelves. I am in West Sussex and am willing to travel.
  2. HelsSharpless

    For Sale Kef Reference 205 - Black Satin

    Kef Reference 205's Pristine Condition (Left & Right) Regretted Sale due to relocation Wooden Connectors Box with Kef Spirit Level Original packing boxes **No offers or Trades
  3. CliffordinWales

    Upgrade path from KEF T105 series / Onkyo 609

    Can anyone advise me on upgrading my set up? I currently have a 5.1 system based around an Onkyo 609 receiver and the KEF T105 slimline speaker and subwoofer package all connected to a 10-year old 50in Samsung plasma. I want to upgrade the TV to a 65in OLED and simultaneously swap out the...
  4. G

    Looking for wall mounts for KEF 3001

    Would anybody have any or could they point me in the direction of a non oem wall bracket for these? I need 4
  5. WeirdFish

    For Sale KEF iQ10 bookshelf speakers in walnut (with wall brackets)

    I'm currently having a clear out and have a pair of Kef iQ10 speakers for sale They are in great condition and have been wall mounted so out of harms way :) , the sale includes the brackets. Due to not having the original box and the nature of speakers I'd rather collection, I'm near...
  6. S

    Dynaudio Xeo 20 vs. Elac Navis ARB-51 vs KEF LS50 Wireless

    As things stand, I’ve narrowed my choice of new bookshelf speakers to the three options in the thread title. I would therefore, be keen to hear peoples’ thoughts and experiences with any, or all of the above. Similarly, if anyone recommends an alternate option in the same price bracket, please...
  7. Count OLED

    For Sale Kef Speakers & Pioneer Subwoofer

    For Sale: Kef speakers consisting of: Q9c centre channel speakers (£75) Cresta 30 front speakers (pair) (£50) Q2ds dipole surround speakers (pair) (£75) and Pioneer S-W150S Active Subwoofer (£50) All speakers come in maple finish and are in good condition. Original packaging is available so...
  8. S

    Wanted Kef T101 or T301

    Hi, looking for between 1 and 4 of these in white please.
  9. O

    KEF Q350 vs Q Acoustics 3030i

    Hi, I choose between this 2 speakers. Q Acoustics 3030i vs KEF Q350 Detailed Comparison Which will have bigger sound feeling? I can get new Q acoustics, or used KEF with stands on same price. Thanks for any advices. Ondrej
  10. O

    For Sale Anthony Gallo Nucleus and Kef HTB2

    Hi all, got the following for sale- would prefer collection from Wrexham/Chester it can discuss courier etc. Anthony Gallo Nucleus A’Diva x5 Black Kef HTB2 Subwoofer. These are from a dedicated TV room and have never been extremely light use and stored away in bubble wrap and boxed. I’ve...
  11. Rach223

    KEF speakers built into new flat with no way to use them

    Hi, I want to preface this by saying I have absolutely no technical knowledge of speakers or sound systems of any kind. my partner and I have just moved into a new flat and the previous tenant installed a lot of cool stuff like a projector and cinema screen, surround sound etc. These things...
  12. Vivfou

    For Sale KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speakers

    KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speakers In Great condition, there is very light scratches, you can't see them except if you are very close from the speakers. The grills are included. I would prefer the speakers to be picked up,however I can deliver for fuel cost from Orpington to Basildon. If someone...
  13. S

    For Sale Kef R800ds and Unopend Kef R2c both in white

    First of all, note that I'm located in Sweden, but all of the prices are with shipping INCLUDED. 1-2 days with ups fully insured. I'm forced to cancel my plan to create a livingroom home cinema due to a pregnant wife ;) So I will instead be building a dedicated home theather in my basement with...
  14. P

    Wanted Kef R400B

    Looking for a perfect condition Kef R400B subwoofer please. Thanks
  15. A

    Wanted Kef Q400b & Kef iq6c / iq60c

    I am looking for Kef Q400b Sub and Kef iq6c or iq60c in Walnut. Must in good condition, ideally with original boxes. Thanks,
  16. Rambles

    Cosy lounge set-up - Arcam / Kef

    We moved in on July 2015, a new build property, with a few acoustic challenges, but after five years of faffing, finally, everyone is happy with this arrangement in the lounge. TV: Samsung 65Q90R (calibrated and bias lighting) AVR: Arcam AVR550 Power Amp: Behringer A800 Front Speakers: Kef...
  17. J

    For Sale Kef Model 104/2 Reference Speakers

    Trying to sell these Kef speakers. I inherited them, used them for about 2 years and have recently bought new Klipsch floorstanding speakers to match my center channel. Honestly don't know much about them. Included pictures to show the current condition. Would like to do local pickup in DFW...
  18. Valen

    Question Additional sub for KEF KHT2005.3

    I have a lovely KEF KHT2005.3 speaker set with the Kube subwoofer. It's a great system and I will be hooking them up to a Denon 3600 atmos amp very soon. Can anyone recommend a cheap sub that would pair up and give me some more low end grunt? Cheers AG
  19. KevMitch73

    For Sale KEF T301 Centre Speaker (White)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Please remove Admin 😊 Got one of these for sale. Has a very small click to the bottom right corner, speaker still works fine but my OCD wouldn't allow me to keep it. £150 delivered.
  20. hosstifa

    Speaker positioning for KEF Reference 1's

    Hi there, I have just purchased some second hand KEF Reference 1's, which arrived yesterday. I have been playing around with the positioning and wondered about getting the thoughts of the community. You can see in the photo, I actually have the speakers on some chopping boards as it allows me...
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