1. C

    For Sale KEF speakers, Mission and Wharfedale sub.

    For sale due to upgrade. 2 x KEF Q35 floor standers (one post broken off) £50 1 x KEF Q95C centre speaker £25 1 x KEF Q15 Bookcase speaker (second one included for spares/repair as stopped working once but worked when clouted, also doesn't seem to like certain freqencies such as the opening...
  2. Baz59

    For Sale KEF Q200 Centre Speaker in Excellent Condition

    KEF Q200 Centre Speaker (Black) in excellent condition, purchased new in 2019. Very light use, complete with manual and original packaging. Price includes delivery.
  3. L

    For Sale Kef KHT5005.2 Home Theatre Speaker System

    KEF 5.1 home cinema speaker package. All in excellent working condition. This was a very well reviewed system when it was first released and sold for £1300 rrp In original boxes and packaging including individual speaker bags. Comes with wall mounts and desktop mounts. Only selling as...
  4. D

    For Sale KEF HTS3001SE Pair

    For sale pair of KEF HTS3001SE speakers. Excellent condition. Slight mark on one as pictured.
  5. X

    In-Ceiling Speakers - Sonos Sonance vs Polk M80 vs KEF Ci160ER vs Klipsch R-1650

    Hey guys, I'm setting up 6 ceiling speakers in my kitchen and dinning room for background music listening sometimes at fairly high volumes. There is a floor above the kitchen, but the joists are open so probably not the best. I'm perfectly aware that in-ceiling is the worst position but this...
  6. Rick84

    For Sale Kef ls50 meta + Atacama Moseco 7

    1 pair of ls50 meta in white with Atacama Moseco 7 speaker stands. One of the speakers has slight cosmetic damage to the rear of the speaker (see pic). This is external and hasn’t had any adverse effect on the sound. Original box & foam bungs included.
  7. bam27beer

    kef 5002 or sony ag8 as center speaker ?

    Hi all really as it says do i use my kef center or use the sony as a centre in a 5.1 set up kef 5002 ,denon 3600 ,sony ag8
  8. K

    For Sale Kef Egg 3001 Silver Centre Speaker

    As title, looking to move on this Kef 3001 Centre Speaker. Good condition, a few marks on the casing but nothing major. Drivers all in great condition, no damage at all. Speaker + Rubber stand included only. Looking for £85 delivered.
  9. D

    Kef LS50 Meta and Naim?

    I have Kef LS50 Meta speakers, currently driven by a Harman Kardon HK6500 (1990, high current, 70 wpc). There is the opportunity to purchase a Naim NAC 102 and NAP 180 combination with Teddy Pardo TeddyCapPlus. How well will these play together? I will not have the opportunity to try them...
  10. Obliter8

    For Sale KEF Egg KHT1005 5.1 speakers £50

    For sale, complete Kef Egg KHT1005 setup of 4 satellite speakers, one centre speaker and subwoofer, plus stands. Frosted silver finish. Good condition (see photos), but no packaging. Classic design, great sound! KEF KHT1005 (Silver) Collection preferred due to size and weight. If shipping...
  11. T

    Can't figure out what speakers to buy.. Kef r3s?

    Right now the R3s are listed at 1699. I want to get the r3s, r2c, and a good subwoofer. And some surround. I live in small apartment where the living is attached to the kitchen (800 sq feet 1 br 1 bath). 90% Movies & TV 5% Games 5% Music I can increase my budget to get higher end speakers...
  12. Phil.LFC

    Kef Q550 with Q650C?

    I’ve been to Richer Sounds this afternoon and I had a chat with the (very knowledgeable) chap there and discussed my requirements. I was torn between the Q550 or Q750 as my LR in my cinema room upgrade. I’m going to have 2 subs so I know I’d be better with standmount speakers at the front but...
  13. sai

    Wanted Kef Thx Tdm45 subwoofer not working

    I’m looking for an non working tdm45 subwoofer to use for parts. I’m in Ilford Essex and happy to travel reasonable distance. Thank s
  14. Phil.LFC

    Ceiling speaker advice - Kef Ci130ER (Richer Sounds)

    I've almost decided on my upgrade stuff but the ceiling speakers are confusing me. I see that Richer Sounds have an apparently exclusive model - although Sevenoaks and PT have the same, so maybe not, unless they're part of the same group? - they have the Kef Ci130ER's at £200 a pair. I want to...
  15. S

    Help - setting up KEF R3 (single wire connection)

    So, I picked up the KEF R3 and the new amp and took them home. The KEF R3 are the first biwarable speakers I have bought - and they've got these link knobs on the back. Unfortunately, the intructions do not explain what these knobs do. I'm supposed to turn the knob on the left speaker in a...
  16. F

    For Sale Kef T101 white

    A pair of brand new white T101's for sale. Rugby area. Buyer to collect or pay postage. £225.00
  17. M

    ELAC Unifi Reference UBR62 vs Kef R3

    Hello, I‘m putting together a theater now, beginning stages. I have been looking for a good 3 way speaker. The ELAC Unifi Reference UBR62 is a newer speaker, and I can’t find a ton of reviews. There are a ton of people with the Kef R3. The Kef is on sale now for 1,699. The ELACs are 1,199. Can...
  18. Eagle1UK

    For Sale KEF Q700 Floor Standing Speakers pair in black ash £375

    KEF Q700 Floor Standing Speakers £450 ONO. Including a set of brand new speaker grills. Two small marks on the bass radiators. no effect on the sound,otherwise as new condition. collection only from Kettering. Uni-Q technology for a natural soundstage The KEF Q700 the Uni-Q drive unit to...
  19. johnnyhungus

    For Sale Kef TDM34DS, TDM23C and TDM23F THX speaker set

    Re-advertising due to two time wasters! Someone save me! Selling on my Kef TDM series speakers which have been a much loved system and sound incredible. If you know of them, then you will know how amazing they sound. The set consists of: TDM34DS dipole surrounds plus wall brackets TDM23C...
  20. Mister_Tad

    Desktop setup - Kef LSX or...

    Since getting a monstrous monitor a bit ago my desk has been a bit crowded with both a NAD D3045 and a pair of PSB Imagine mini flanking it, so I decided I'd downsize/consolidate a little into some active speakers, and almost immediately decided I should probably pick up the LSX since they seem...
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