KEF or Kef can mean:
KEF, the British loudspeaker manufacturer
The IATA airport code for Keflavík International Airport near Reykjavík, Iceland
El Kef (also transliterated as Al-Kāf or Le Kef), a city in northwestern Tunisia
Kultura Esperanto Festivalo, a Nordic Esperanto cultural festival
The SIL code for the Kpessi language
The Knowledge Exploitation Fund of the Welsh Development Agency
Another spelling of Keif and/or Kief (Arabic narcotic use term)
The name of the Arabic letter Kaf ك in the Ottoman Turkish language
The name of a letter of the fictional Gorean alphabet (used as a symbol) in John Norman's series of Gor books
Korea Employers Federation
A style of Armenian traditional dance music popular particularly among Armenian Americans in the 1950s and 1960s
Katherine Elizabeth Fleming, American scholar of Modern Greek history at New York University and the École Normale Supérieure in Paris.

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  1. Chenzman

    For Sale Yamaha DSP- AX750SE with KEF 2001 speakers & sub

    Hi all, Looking to make some space, so selling my Yamaha DSP-AX750SE AV amplifier with a KEF 2001 setup. The amp is in great working condition, with no faults to note. Comes with the remote and calibration mic (I think I have the manual somewhere too). As for the speakers, there are 7 of...
  2. D

    Wanted Dutch&Dutch 8c or Kii3 or KEF LS60 active speakers

    as per title anyone looking to move on? cheers
  3. A

    Wanted Kef T101 pair (white)

    Looking for above. Thanks! Alex
  4. A

    Monitor Audio C265-IDC vs KEF Ci160QR

    Hi all, Im looking for ceiling speakers for an atmos setup and have shortlisted the Monitor Audio C265-IDC and KEF Ci160QR, does anyone have any recommendations on one vs the other, or alternative suggestions. I notice that the C265-IDC is now discontinued, but im unclear which one of the new...
  5. I

    Question Kef R3/R2c vs PMC Twenty5 21/Twenty5 c

    Hi. As the used market brings these two ranges closer in price, I was wondering if anyone has any experience of either (preferably both) and could give me some insight? These will be used mainly for movies/TV with a little music (rock/metal - streamed) through a Denon avr-x4500. Room is 4.5m x...
  6. sea surfer

    For Sale KEF TDM 34DS Dipole Surround speakers / 2 pairs

    2 pairs of the legendary KEF TDM 34DS Dipole Surround speakers / black, in perfect working condition, cosmetically excellent, currently getting used in my cinema room. The price is for both pairs delivered, I can split, for £220 for each pair delivered. Photos to follow.
  7. Rich168

    For Sale KEF XQ5 Speakers

    I have owned these wonderful speakers from new, and they sound amazing in my setup. They come with the original boxes. The matching centre speaker (XQ 2c) is also for sale. The speakers are finished in graphite grey and come from a smoke, pet, and child free home. No marks or dinks on the...
  8. dollag

    Wanted White kef speakers

    Looking for a set of r100’s, r300’s or ls50’s in white (as per the mrs)
  9. S

    Wanted Single KEF CI130QR

    Hi, Looking for a single KEF CI130QR to complete a set of 4. Must be willing to post or located Devon/Cornwall. Will likely need to purchase one at retail at some point but just on the off chance somebody had 1 going.
  10. MjSwiss

    Deal Agreed Kef R3 gloss black

    Selling my absolutely perfect condition Kef R3 in gloss black. There are no marks and have only ever been cleaned by me with appropriate cloth to not add micro scratches. I’m very fussy ! They are wonderful speakers and I’m only selling as I’ve upgraded to another pair of Kef’s. These were...
  11. H

    I'm looking for a manual for the KEF AV1 subwoofer.

    Hi all. Maybe someone still has the manual for kef av1? Or there are those who are the owners of this subwoofer. Thanks.
  12. F

    Bookshelf speaker advice to match Naim 250DR, NAC 282 and NDX2 - change from Kef R3

    Hi all, Have had a look around on here and considered a few options for replacing my Kef R3s in a medium room, with above spec. The R3s will go to a second system (I started with a lesser system and these speakers are the last piece of my original setup). Mulling over the R3 Meta, Buchardt...
  13. W

    KEF CI4100 + CI200QR - Baffle Wall and Ceiling mount advice

    Hi there. I have bought a set of KEF inwalls and plan to building baffle wall and fit side surrounds plus in ceiling Atmos I'm a bit confused whether to go for infinite baffle or build a backbox since on KEF website they recommend a minimum volume of baffle area for best sound: So do I just...
  14. miles69xxx

    Wanted Wanted Kef R600C Centre Speaker £350 Walnut or Rosewood- West Midlands or surrounding areas.

    Hello, long time lurker, I'm slowly piecing together my home cinema bit by bit. I would like to purchase a Kef centre speaker (R600C) Ideally in Walnut or rosewood finish or Gloss black as a back up colour, although I'd prefer a wood finish ideally. Looking for a mint, unmarked example...
  15. effortless

    KEF LS50 Meta vs Bowers & Wilkins 805 Matrix

    Very few arenas are as exciting, as speakers! The question whether it is worth buying 30 year old super high-end speakers, versus completely new high-end ones, is intriguing and fascinating. Yet this it the case. I have been offered to buy both these models of speakers, at the exact same price...
  16. K

    For Sale KEF R50 upfiring Atmos speakers in gloss black. Boxed in excellent condition. REDUCED!

    Finally getting around to listing these as have upgraded to in ceiling Atmos. 2 pairs (2nd pair is the later revision which has a wall mounting hole) Ideally looking to sell as a bundle for £750 or £375 each Standard set remaining: £350 delivered to mainland UK via Royal Mail Special Delivery...
  17. G

    Upgrade KEF Egg speakers using Denon AVR-X4500h

    Looking to improve the sound from my Denon AVR-X4500H by upgrading my KEF egg 5.1 set up. Have recently bought the Denon on here upgrading from an AVR-X2300 but have found that sound is not much better and have concluded the speakers must be the weak link. I am finding the sound with vinyl...
  18. B

    Deal Agreed KEF LS50 Meta Speakers with official KEF stands

    Pair of KEF LS50 Meta Speakers in Carbon Black with official KEF stands. 2 years old, lightly used and all in excellent condition with no marks, scratches. Only selling as have moved and need something a little bigger. The original boxes did not make the move but all box contents including...
  19. tintin jones

    Stand for Kef LS50 Meta on its side

    Hi folks, I've been searching for a compatable stand for Kef LS50 Meta on its side as a centre speaker in a 5.1.2 home cinema set up. I already have my left and right speakers on the Kef S2 stands but these obviously wont do the job for the speaker in landscape and i'm looking for a cheaper...
  20. kashkashio

    Hifi Rose RS250A + Kef LS60s

    Hello, Today, my HiFi Rose RS250A has arrived, and I also possess the Kef LS60 speakers. I've made the choice to link the Rose with the Kefs using Analog output from the Rose connected to the Analog input of the Kef speakers. Functionality-wise, it's operational. However, I've encountered a...
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