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  1. V

    What KEF center speaker to use?

    Hello, I’m new to this forum and could really use some help. At this point I have 5.1 HT system completly made up of KEF LS50 Meta’s. I am happy about it, but, because we are getting a new tv cabinet, I’m thinking to change the center speaker to a KEF R2C center speaker. Is this an upgrade...
  2. J

    Bridged power amp for Kef R2c centre speaker

    Recently I bought a Musical Fidelity X-AS 100 from guess where 😉 with the understanding that I could harness it’s full power (200w) by using it in bridged mode. I have connected it up with one pair of speaker cable and it sounds fine, but would it sound better if I connected a second speaker...
  3. Sting004

    Which is a better center? Revel C25 vs Kef r2c

    Hi all, I'm trying to design my home theater setup around the center channel. I can snag some Revel F36 floorstanders for a good price, but don't like the idea of a 2.5 way center. KEF on the other hand has the r2c which is a true 3 way and seems to be reviewed well. The R5/R7's would be...
  4. J

    Kef Home Theatre

    I am hoping that you guys would be able to help my with my home theatre needs. I am building a new living room set up but am having a hard time knowing what to buy and given the current social distancing rules means that I can’t test many options. The living room will be used as our main...
  5. Fillius

    KEF R series MKII 2018 Recommendations

    I thought I'd ask here before buying incase there's a problem with my plan. I'm looking to upgrade my old iQ5SE and KHT2005.2 system which has served me well for years now. I want to do a decent upgrade now so it will last me at least 10-15 years. I was thinking of getting: KEF R5 - Front L/R...
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