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  1. chinois

    Question Upgrade advice for CA Minx Xi + KEF Q300

    Dear all, I hope some of you could help me to decide on my next upgrade of my system. Currently, I have a Cambridge Minx Xi network streamer integrated amplifier with a pair of KEF Q300 speakers. I connect my TV using optical to the streamer, I also listen to internet radio on the streamer as...
  2. D

    Upgrade From Kef Q300 to possibly Kef R3 or others

    Finally time to replace my much enjoyed Kef Q300’s They have been used in conjunction with a BKXXLS400 sub. As Movies is as important to me as music they are run from a Marantz SR6013 AVR, Looking at R‘s with a demo booked on Friday 10am at Nintronics in Welwyn Garden City. I hope to listen to...
  3. only_sleeping

    Upgrade from Kef Q300

    Hi Folks, I'm currently using a pair of Kef Q300, a Q200c, with a BK Gemini sub and a Yamaha RXA2010 reciever. I've had the kit a while, but lately can't seem to shake the feeling wherever eq the treble to a point where I like the way it vocals sound, it will also, on some tracks, sound...
  4. P

    Wharfedale diamond 10.7 vs KEF Q300 vs KEF Q350

    Hello, I recently bought my first set of speakers, a second hand kit of Wharfedale diamond 10.7's, for 400 euros (around £370). I've paired them with my dad's Yamaha amplifier (don't know the exact type by heart), since I haven't bought my own amp yet, I'm really happy with the result. When I...
  5. 1

    Yamaha A-S801 with KEF Q300

    Hi there, Have the system bi-wired and have the setting to A+B (Bi-wired) on the front. Has anyone an idea what impedance setting I should be using?
  6. R

    Question Do you think Kef Q300 will make a difference in my system.

    Hi At the moment i am using a Cambridge Audio 351c CD player, Marantz pm66 ki signature and i have a pair of wharfedale 9.1 and Eltax 3 monitor. Do you think that if i go for the Kef q300 i will have an improvement in the sound quality that is worth the speaker upgrade. Thanks
  7. T

    Question [Advice] KEF Q300 (or change?) + ??

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to the scene and I'm reading up a bit on the different possibilities. However, I'm also not a patient man and maybe made a rush decision. A few weeks ago I was in some audio store in Belgium to get some advice. I wanted a good price/quality system for audio. Seen the...
  8. D

    Answered KEF Q300 - driver failure (pic included)

    Have owned these for a few years (bought second hand on these forums) and very pleased with them. Always used with dust covers on. Recently thought the sound was a bit imbalanced. Removed the dust cover of the left speaker to find this. I am not aware of any physical damage (trying to rule...
  9. Monkey303

    Question Kef Q300 and Q600c still decent?

    Hi, I saw the Q300 and Q200 and 600 come up in black friday deals and was wondering if they are still worthy of the money they ask for them? £269 for the 600 and £229 for the 200 and £269 for the Q300. I've been looking at B&W 685, Q Acoustics Concept, Dali Zensor and it's all a bit...
  10. T

    Question KEF R300 fronts and KEF Q300 rear or something else?

    So, my Sonos Play 5 died recently and thus I now have permission from the wife to look for a new speaker package, yay!:clap: Would the pack listed below be a decent set up or should I not mix KEF Q and R series like this, and is it worth the money spend on it? I was thinking of: KEF R300...
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