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  1. L

    Arendal 1961 or Kef Q series

    Hi guys I’m looking at setting up my new house with 7.2.4 in the living room (floor plan attached), I’m totally new at all of this and slowly learning but I’d really appreciate your insight & wisdom. I made another thread about subs and I’ve all but decided on a pair of Arendal 1961 1S now...
  2. P

    KEF Q Series or QA 3000i?

    From the 2 options below what would be the best for movies in a small/medium size room? 2 Q550/1 Q250c/2 Q150 2 3050i/1 3090ci/2 3010i Will most likely be paired with a Denon AVR like the X3700 and a subwoofer and 2 in ceiling speakers will be added for a 5.1.2 setup. I'm thinking the KEF due...
  3. CodeThief

    Switching from Kef Q series 5.1 to satellite speakers

    Hi all, I've been happily using my Kef Q series speakers in 5.1 configuration with a REL sub for many years, but we've moved house to somewhere I can't easily fit the existing speakers and my wife would like to replace them with "slightly smaller" speakers if possible. My current setup for...
  4. RazerMouse

    KEF Q vs R Series?

    Hi All, Just looking for views on Q vs R and for purely Cinema use is there likely to be much difference. I don't have the benefit of a local dealer to go compare them! Also when I've made my mind up, what speaker should I buy first? I was thinking the front L&R? Cheers in advance.
  5. R


    Picked up a set of kef q series 1q3 speakers, could someone recomend a half decent turntable to go with them? My budget is around £50-£90. Also if you have time, the speakers came minus the leads, what cables do i require? Sory if this is very basic, the last time i listened to vinyl was 25...
  6. Hitmyroadjack

    Question KEF Q Series vs SVS Prime Pinnacle with Ultra Center

    Hi folks, Jacopo here, I've been reading lots of great discussions over this forum and thought I'd pin a question to understand better a few characteristics of the following set up / speakers. Q750/950 + Q650 or SVS Prime Pinnacle + Ultra Center. The rear speakers aren't a big concern at the...
  7. C

    Question KEF Q or Klipsch RP for full 5.x.4

    Hi, I have currently full set of Jamo S807 5.1.2 speakers running with Pioneer VSX-LX303. I would like to upgrade whole set starting with centre channel & bookshelves and achieve 5.2.4. Movies are top priority but still would like to have smooth, clear music to listen all day long since i work...
  8. Zackmac

    Impedance reading problems KEF Q series

    Hey guys, hoping someone can help me! I have a full 5.1 KEF system (2x750s, 1x650, 2x300s and a KUBE12). I am moving and when disconnecting my system I decided to check resistance with my multimeter and got some strange results. Q750’s: 2.3ohm Q650: 2.8ohm Q300’s:3.2ohm All of these speakers...
  9. J

    Kef Home Theatre

    I am hoping that you guys would be able to help my with my home theatre needs. I am building a new living room set up but am having a hard time knowing what to buy and given the current social distancing rules means that I can’t test many options. The living room will be used as our main...
  10. N

    Monitor Audio or KEF Q for Movies

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums but have been reading a lot of posts for quite some time. I seek your advice on buying a 5.0 system for my upcoming home theatre room. The room is in the basement (5.5x3.7x2.8) with no windows, only one door exist. I am trying to keep the budget around...
  11. E

    QA 3050i or kef Q / R Help

    OK this is a big can of worms as I just keep looking and upping my budget, Happens to the best of us haha Room size is around 4.5m x 3.6m it's an open stairs room but separate from dining room Realistically 75/25 movies TV / music As of now I have a yam 681 and QA 2010 cinema kit which...
  12. H

    Question Kef Q950 clarity

    Hi, Just got these KEFs mostly for stereo music. After a few days of comparison listening with my old Jamos I found them sounding too warm, they seem lack clarity and transparency especially in midrange like vocals and such. The bass is also weaker, those 2 passive woofers don't seem to help. Is...
  13. martind1

    Question Found my speakers - what to drive them with?

    Hi, New to the forum and I have a question about a new system I'm hoping to get. I'm a massive fan of KEF speakers but I've never owned any. Now I'm in the market to get a good quality sound system in the living room to be used for TV, movies and music. I'm not fussed about surround sound, I'd...
  14. meagabyte

    Answered KEF Q Range - Now the R Range

    Hey Guys, got a question on the newish Kef Q range. I have been going back and forth for a little while now wanting to upgrade my front sound stage. I had settled on the Kef Q750 but after seeing a pair in the flesh I was disappointed in how they looked. I know looks aren't anything when it...
  15. clarky78

    KEF Q or R series?

    Struggling to decide between Q350 or R300. Heard both in different places on different equipment and the time both sounded great. Prefer the looks of the R, but buying a full set of Q is much cheaper and I would like to try Atmos (which I'm pretty sure will not work anyway in my room!) And the...
  16. E

    Best AV Reciever/amp for a KEF Q Setup

    Hi All I have just struck a cracking deal and added some more Q speakers to my current setup. I now have KEF Q900’s, KEF600C KEF 400B x2 and KEF Q500 (rears). I’m looking for advice to understand if I have the right AV reciever deivingbthis speaker set up. I currently have a Denon AVR X3000 W...
  17. Ed Selley

    KEF Q Series Dolby Atmos Speaker System Review & Comments

    KEF brings its nifty Dolby Atmos installation to a new price point with the Q Series – is this the object based surround system you need in your life? Read the review. Write your own review for KEF Q Series
  18. S

    AVR 390 + Kef q series

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking of upgrading my current AVR + kef to new set. My current set-up is as follows: Arcam AVR 350 KEF 3005 (5.1) Looking to upgrade to KEF q550 + Q650C + REL T5i. Will use kef eggs as rear speakers. With regards to AVR I am torn between Yamaha RXA3060 OR Arcam AVR 390...
  19. flyingalbatross

    ''Brand New'' Kef Q Series 2017

    As many people have guessed from the heavy heavy discounting of the current Q series (seriously, even for speakers on the way out, they're priced attractively), Kef have now shown the first of the brand new 2017 Q series. Named Q150, Q350, Q550 and so on and so forth, the new look includes a...
  20. D

    Kef Q Series being renewed?

    Hi, is anyone in the know as to when Kef will be bringing out a new Q series? The current series are being sold off half price, and I was assuming that a new series would be out this year, but just wondering when(ish) or whether they might be discontinuing them entirely (hope not!). I might be...
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