1. Honeybunny626

    Karaoke smule app

    I recently got into singing on Smule and I want to be able to use an XLR microphone so I can get better sound so so far I put together some stuff but I feel like maybe I have too much on my microphone stand does it look weird because I'm thinking about even putting like a tray and a cup holder...
  2. nafgnahz

    How to set up separate home theater + karaoke system?

    Hi, I want to set up a media room with a home theater system PLUS a separate speaker for Karaoke (coz I read the high pitch voice from Karaoke singing may damage the home theater speakers). Also wanna put Xbox in the room too. Here is a list of equipment I'm planning to get: projector +...
  3. G

    Need help with Mixer(MG06X) to AV receiver(RX-V385) connection for karaoke setup

    Hi Everyone I am kind of struggling with my karoake setup and hoping to get some help to fix it up. Here is what i have so far Samsung TV - UN40D6000SF Yamaha receiver RX V385 Yamaha mixer MG06X Tonor wireless microphone- Android TV box HDMI converter- avedio links [email protected] HDMI Audio...
  4. joner7777

    How to mix youtube and a microphone for karaoke?

    Been trying to work out for sometime how to stream YouTube through a avr then to my projector then, Add in a microphone for karaoke. I usually use xbox but cannot mix a mic in ,tried Chrome cast but cannot separate the YouTube sound from hdmi output,, I found a audio mixer but could not...
  5. W


    Before I attempt to transfer my Sax n Dotty's Show presenter program to my new 2nd hand laptop., will all my backing tracks be automatically transferred too ??
  6. F

    Which basic system can be used to sing karaoke on YouTube

    What if I want to sing karaoke songs that can be found on YouTube? Could you pls advise which system I should build and buy? Of course I need wired or wireless microphones. I also need a pair of speakers. What else should I buy? It seems I also need to buy a mixer, but I don't know exactly...
  7. B

    What karaoke software should we buy?

    Hello, We have enjoyed an excellent home karaoke setup for years in the basement using kJams. Unfortunately kJams does not work with Mac OS Catalina and we need something that works with our MacBook Pro. What can we use now to continue the karaoke party? We need a new software and are eager...
  8. PolkChop

    Preamp for microphone in, karaoke

    Not new to the forum, but newly registered. Need some preamp advice: I have a Yamaha TSR-7850 AV receiver that has a dedicated Zone 2, which I intend to use for the microphone in a karaoke setup. I will of course be using the main zone to run audio tracks and video to lyrics, etc. I do not...
  9. rocksoccer

    Any recommended PA speaker for home living room karaoke

    I am searching for a speaker for some karaoke in my living room. Is this the right section for the question. I have been searching in the forum and it is quite clear that it is very bad ideas to use Hifi speakers for karaoke (especially considering my singing skills :suicide:). Only going to...
  10. P

    A Karaoke query

    Hello, not too sure if this should go here, or if anybody can offer any advice, but here goes. I am looking at setting up a karaoke machine for my little lad for Christmas, I have a large TV, Sky Q and the Sky Soundbox. What I would like is the following Run/cast Youtube to the TV and play the...
  11. N

    Need Help Identifying Audio Mixer Brand and Model #

    Anyone have any idea what brand and model # for this audio mixer?
  12. D

    Setting Up Karaoke System Through 5.1 Setup???

    Hi. At the minute, I have a 2.1 system, I want to make it a 5.1 system at some point. I watch a decent amount of movies, but I also listen to a lot of music. I know a lot of people do argue that you really need a separate system for music (to sound good), but I'm pleased with how it sounds. I'm...
  13. joner7777

    How to wire in a Karaoke player to a AVR set up

    Kids keep on and on ...... I have a Vocalstar karaoke player , a Marantz sr 7011 avr and a older Denon 1200x avr, unused. The problem is that they like to sing along with youtube videos on a projection screen with the sound loud but, how can i incorporate the karaoke microphones to use the same...
  14. 3

    Karaoke through Sony KD55AG8BU

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this issue but I think the TV is where the problem is. I using a MacMini with Karaoke software on it, connected to the Sony KD55AG8BU via HDMI for the words and a 3.5" jack from the headphone socket to twin phono in on the Behringer MIX800 Ultra-Compact...
  15. S

    Karaoke Setup

    I'm new here and far from an audio expert. Trying to set up a karaoke system using the following: 1. Smart TV with hdmi input 2. Laptop - hdmi out to TV and audio out (headphone) to Mixer. The laptop runs the online karaoke service I belong to. 3. Mixer to Powered Speakers. The powered...
  16. H

    Using audio interface to drive a karaoke speaker

    Hi I am a relative newbie so pardon my questions. I have a Tascam 2x2 audio interface (which i use for my daughter for connecting a piano to a Macbook so she can record while playing and share online etc.) . Now I also separately have a dynamic microphone, a Behringer 4 input mixer (told you...
  17. cat3appr

    Question TV - karaoke - soundbar, will they go together?

    Hello, I'd like to set up a karaoke system with my samsung smart tv and I selected this karaoke system and this samsung soundbar Can anyone suggest if they will work / connect fine together? What I'm not sure is if this soundbar can be used as an amplifier, so if it has the AUX in to take the...
  18. T

    Need help connecting wireless karaoke mic to Yamaha TSR-7850.

    I just bought a Bietrum wireless microphone and I am having trouble getting it to work with my Yamaha Tsr-7850 receiver. I'm trying to setup a karaoke system for my kids through this reciever. I connected the microphone receiver into the tsr-7850 YPAO MIC hole and I got nothing. Am I missing...
  19. P

    Using laptop with mixer for karaoke

    Hi all I'm hoping for some advice on an at-home karaoke set-up I've been trying to get working. At the moment I have 2 relatively cheap mics connected to a Behringer MX400 mini mixer via XLR cables into 1/4" mono jacks. I then have my laptop running KaraFun, with an HDMI audio extractor...
  20. V

    Karaoke amplifier as external amplifier to power 2 front tower speakers

    Hey guys, I am new to home audio system and all their components. I want to buy an external amplifier to power my two front speakers and also can be use for karaoke. Is it possible to buy an karaoke amplifier and hook it up to your AV?
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