1. 3

    Karaoke through Sony KD55AG8BU

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this issue but I think the TV is where the problem is. I using a MacMini with Karaoke software on it, connected to the Sony KD55AG8BU via HDMI for the words and a 3.5" jack from the headphone socket to twin phono in on the Behringer MIX800 Ultra-Compact...
  2. S

    Karaoke Setup

    I'm new here and far from an audio expert. Trying to set up a karaoke system using the following: 1. Smart TV with hdmi input 2. Laptop - hdmi out to TV and audio out (headphone) to Mixer. The laptop runs the online karaoke service I belong to. 3. Mixer to Powered Speakers. The powered...
  3. H

    Using audio interface to drive a karaoke speaker

    Hi I am a relative newbie so pardon my questions. I have a Tascam 2x2 audio interface (which i use for my daughter for connecting a piano to a Macbook so she can record while playing and share online etc.) . Now I also separately have a dynamic microphone, a Behringer 4 input mixer (told you...
  4. cat3appr

    Question TV - karaoke - soundbar, will they go together?

    Hello, I'd like to set up a karaoke system with my samsung smart tv and I selected this karaoke system and this samsung soundbar Can anyone suggest if they will work / connect fine together? What I'm not sure is if this soundbar can be used as an amplifier, so if it has the AUX in to take the...
  5. T

    Need help connecting wireless karaoke mic to Yamaha TSR-7850.

    I just bought a Bietrum wireless microphone and I am having trouble getting it to work with my Yamaha Tsr-7850 receiver. I'm trying to setup a karaoke system for my kids through this reciever. I connected the microphone receiver into the tsr-7850 YPAO MIC hole and I got nothing. Am I missing...
  6. P

    Using laptop with mixer for karaoke

    Hi all I'm hoping for some advice on an at-home karaoke set-up I've been trying to get working. At the moment I have 2 relatively cheap mics connected to a Behringer MX400 mini mixer via XLR cables into 1/4" mono jacks. I then have my laptop running KaraFun, with an HDMI audio extractor...
  7. V

    Karaoke amplifier as external amplifier to power 2 front tower speakers

    Hey guys, I am new to home audio system and all their components. I want to buy an external amplifier to power my two front speakers and also can be use for karaoke. Is it possible to buy an karaoke amplifier and hook it up to your AV?
  8. activemind28

    Analog audio with Digital Video

    I have a Denon AVR-X4400H and I totally get that HDMI carry both audio and video to the receiver. Is it possible to use one of the HDMI channel input and connect an RCA audio source to it? The bottom line is, I'm trying to get a digital video input (via HDMI) and an analog audio source (i.e...
  9. I

    Wireless Karaoke

    Hello, My daughter would like a wireless microphone for Christmas so she can do karaoke. I am wondering if there is a way to set-up a simple karaoke system using any of the following: - Laptop - spotify, use lyrics to sing along to - bluetooth microphone (to purchase) - TV with HDMI -...
  10. NTHQ

    Question Dual speaker set for karaoke

    Hi all, I currently have a pair of PSB Alpha B1, a pair of Alpha T1, and an Alpha C1 in my living room. They are connected to a Sony STR-DN1040. I want to setup a karaoke system but I read that it might damage some speakers. I contacted PSB and was told that these speakers are you recommended...
  11. Shorebound

    Another mixer karaoke thread

    Hi, I found you guys while trying to figure out if this setup will work and you seem like a very helpful, knowledgeable bunch. I have an idol pro 3988 mixer, a Sony "smart TV" (which right now is making me feel dumb) and a Sony 7.2 channel receiver. The only speaker we have at the moment is a...
  12. Tongerks

    [HELP]Can anyone recommends or help me to setup a home theater surround karaoke setup

    Hi, any can recommends a 5.1 home theater karaoke setup? i will use it for movies and karaoke. im new to setting up. recommendations for brands and type of speakers :)
  13. Rorifett

    Kids Karaoke Machine

    Hey, Anyone got any recommendations for a kids karaoke machine under £100? Ideally looking for bluetooth as well as CD (with all the CDR/W/-G crap so I can easily make up copies of things for the kids to abuse) Been having a look through Amazon's offerings and can't really trust the reviews...
  14. mikasand

    Home Receiver with karaoke microphone inputs?

    Hello. I have an 7 year old Onkyo receiver that I am happy with. But I also have an Android box (Tronsmart Vega S95) and there are plenty of Karaoke apps available in the Android Play market from Google. The problem is that neither Receiver nor Android box has any microphone inputs. I may...
  15. bbasra

    Question Convert Laptop into karaoke machine

    Hi, I hope everyone is well. I'm wondering if you can connect a laptop ie a Retina Macbook Pro to a TV (HDMI) and a MIC to be able to sing over YouTube karaoke Video's? Many thanks in advance.
  16. V

    Stereo System with Karaoke Function

    Hi all New here and I notice several quite similar forums/fora, so hopefully have an appropriate one. Am seeking some advice on a home theatre system mainly for the TV, but which could also handle karaoke. So I guess I'll need a power amplifier and speakers (re speakers am thinking a pair of...
  17. F

    Question Use Tannoy XT6F as karaoke speakers

    Hi, my current home theatre setup uses Denon AVR-X2200 and Tannoy XT6F, and OH wants to add a karaoke machine so we can have some casual singing party occasionally. I've done some researches and read many comments which all agree that home theatre speakers are not suitable for vocals and they...
  18. S

    Home Karaoke Advice

    Hi, Looking for some advice on home karaoke setup for my roof terrace. Basically looking to buy a new amp (Old one just died) / powered mixer and hook into a projector (HDIMI) and use a laptop. I have a couple of BOSE outdoor speakers mounted already. Ideally the amp and mixer are one, but...
  19. J

    Looking for volunteers to help with charity karaoke event

    hi everyone. i am looking at setting up a charity event to raise money for the reopening of disused airfields for civil flying. take a look at my website and let me know if you can help in an way. J's Airfield Karaoke best wishes Jeremy
  20. W

    Karaoke system ideas

    I am looking for a high quality "home" karaoke setup which can be used through my smart TV. I would like to be able to see the lyrics on the TV screen and use wireless microphones with it. I prefer the idea of streaming services to access songs to sing rather than constantly having to buy new...
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