1. xlchjoe

    JVC TH-M505

    Hello, I have one that presently has an issue of subwoofer amp not turning on though main unit does. My question though is not related...or is it? Even though JVC surroundsound is non functional should it still play a DVD with audio through tv speakers? I get a picture but no sound is presently...
  2. S

    For Sale Jvc x5000

    For sale jvc x5000 white. Bought from here some months ago, Hours on bulb around 650. Only reason for sale is that missus want's living room back. If deal is agree I can make free delivery anywhere in UK and Glagow/Edinburg.
  3. A

    tone arm query,

    Hi guys i have an sme 3009 series 3 tone arm fitted to a jvc ql70 deck, does any one else have a problem with the cartridge seeming to be too heavy to set up and balance, the cartridge is a linn k9, the counterbalance is fully loaded with weights but to get over the problem i have placed a cube...
  4. RobTi

    Explain the JVC range

    Hi could someone explain the used jvc range of projectors from the last few years up To the N5. (like what was the base model then the next in line and so on and any good or bad points with them ? Thanks
  5. John Woodcock

    JVC X35

    Hi all, I have a green tinge on right hand side of screen, any ideas what to do as i also need a new bulb as well. jvc x35. cheers
  6. (GTV)Chris

    Lip-sync JVC X7900

    Hey All, I'm sure this is an easy one. There is a slight lip-sync issue with the JVC and wondered hows best to fix. The JVC is supplied by a Sony BD700 for Bluray discs and the apps such as Netflix and Prime. They are all plugged into a Denon AVR3500 and then that output feeds the projector...
  7. J

    For Sale JVC DLA-X3 Projector. Serviced with new ballast and lamp.

    JVC DLA-X3 Projector, Full HD. Amazing black levels. Excellent lens and convergence. Includes Genuine PK-L2210U Lamp with only 900 hours use (of 3000 hours lamp life). Excellent condition. Recent full service with new ballast and full internal clean of fans and ducting. Excellent external...
  8. N

    Question JVC tv turning on and off, firmware update?

    Hi. Had the JVC LT-40C860 TV for a few years, it’s now turning off after turning on, every time the light flashes logo appears then it turns back off. I’ve had a search over the net and it seems to need a firmware update? I cannot find the files to this anywhere. JVC can’t help neither can...
  9. C

    New JVC TV wont set up

    Need help. Just picked up a JVC 40” TV from Currys today and it simply wont work. On pressing the power button, it comes on showing the JVC sign then promptly goes black. Any thoughts?
  10. F

    jvc x5500 remote.

    Ive just picked up a jvc x5500 at a great price minus remote.Wondering would anybody know where i can get a replacement? Thanks guys.
  11. millibars

    JVC DLA HD 550 replacement??

    Hello, some thoughts please, My JVC has died after 12yrs. I've lived with the faulty Magenta band down the LHS for the last 18months & now is the time to replace the unit. I have a dedicated room with dark brown matt walls, the heavy blackout curtains remain closed 24/7 I'm only interested in...
  12. S

    Wanted Jvc vr-5505 reciever in working condition

    want good working order jvc vr-5505 reciever
  13. (GTV)Chris

    Is just under 4K for a new JVC DLA-X7900 worth it?

    Hi, I've been looking for a used DLA-X7900 for a long while, and have realised that these things are rarer than hens teeth! So I have found someone selling one for £3999, brand new with warranty and wondered if this was a good price? I was hoping a new unit would have been a little less than...
  14. Webmonkey

    Question JVC current vs. previous generation - difference in throw ratios??

    Hi guys. I am in the process of upgrading my old 92" screen to an ~110"ish. - before I make the jump to 4K with an N7 (or N75, whatever the next model is ..) :) I have encountered a small challenge. - I have tried these 2 distance calculators, but they do not seem to agree: JVC DLA-NX7...
  15. Ziggypoptastic

    JVC LT-48C570 Service Menu or Firmware?

    Hi All, Been searching the net for the above and even called know-how tech advice line. I'm having an issue with the TV JVC LT-48C570 with the picture overscanning. Does anyone know where i could obtain the firmware update or service menu code? Thanks,
  16. I

    JVC GRD-720EK - pic showing cogs and inner parts

    I have replaced a cog on my JVC GR-D720EK but as careful as can be there is a small "guidance lever" I can't seem to get to sit in place and wonder if anyone hade a pict of the inners of a GRD-720EK. The part in question (bomarang shaped - dead centre in the pict) appears to sit in that position...
  17. darklight00

    Is the JVC HD350 worth buying in 2021?

    Is the JVC HD350 worth buying in 2021? What do you guys think?
  18. B

    Question JVC X30 / X35 vs Epson EH-TW9300

    Hi guys, Need some help & advice on this one. Is the Epson EH-TW9300 a much better projector than the JVC X30 / X35. Or, does the JVC X30 / X35 offer a better 2D picture even if it's an older model. I only plan to use it for movies in 2D. The room is an attic conversion and I can darken it out...
  19. groucho marx

    For Sale JVC dlp LX 4k projector and jvcx9000

    Up for sale is my friends JVC dlp projector,it's in good cosmetic condition and perfect working order,he has replaced it with a ultra short throw projector for marital harmony,no warranty,it's about 2 yr old,bought new,one owner,non smoking household,done about 700 hours,was always ceilin mounted
  20. Seraphim

    Replacement bulb for JVC DLA-X3

    Hi, where is the best place to go to buy a replacement bulb for my JVC DLA-X3? The last bulb I bought was not OEM and is losing brightness early, so want to go for something more reliable this time but don't want to over-pay or get ripped off with a fake! Any thoughts? Paul
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