1. D

    Firestick > Sony DG910 > JVC x35 help please.

    Hi. For some reason my Firestick is overriding the audio of my Sony receiver as soon as I connect my JVC projector. With the projector unplugged the audio is fine, but as soon as I connect the projector the audio stops. On reading I’ve come to the assumption it’s some kind of handshake problem...
  2. pewex1988

    JVC RS400 audio lips sync issue on 24Hz

    Hello, I have had a JVC D-ILA RS 400 projector for some time. It is not an outstanding projector. But it has a nice black level and colors .. But back to the problem .. I have the impression that the 4K e-shift in the JVC RS400 works better when we set the refresh rate to 24Hz .. I have the...
  3. J

    Wanted JVC X500/700/900

    Hi all looking for a low use JVC X500 or above let me know what you have cheers
  4. W

    Demo JVC potential purchase - worth it?

    Hi I have found a demo JVC N5 for sale for £4500 its 18 months old demo unit, new bulb and sold with bracket im just checking if it was brand new stock when it was put in for demo, bulb is 0 hours OEM and warranty is transferrable or can be sorted on my behalf when or if it goes wrong. more...
  5. Home Cinema Reviews

    For Sale JVC NX7 (N7/N7B) 4K HDR Projector. Only 355 Hours On It. Excellent Condition. Purchased 2020

    Selling my pride and joy. My JVC NX7 projector. The picture is absolutely gorgeous. It is in tip-top condition. The lens is flawless. Reason: I am moving and upgrading to an NZ9 in a dedicated build-out. Fulling working condition. The lamp has 355 Hours on It. Original JVC lamp that came with...
  6. johna

    For Sale JVC-X5900WE (White)

    For sale my JVC X5900WE (White) projector, great projector with 4K e-shift technology, in white to suit my living room, however owing to my smallish room have decided to sell and replace with a larger TV. Owned from new, ceiling mounted from new and non smoking etc Purchased from IdealAV Sept...
  7. D

    Help! JVC x35 image quality - terrible!?

    So, I’ve recently ‘upgraded’ from an EPSON TW6700 to a JVC x35 as I was unhappy with the blacks in my light controlled dark room. The blacks are indeed an improvement, but almost every other aspect is a huge downgrade - especially image quality and brightness. Terrible is possibly an...
  8. A

    Wanted Jvc x500 bulb

    Looking for a new JVC x500 bulb if anyone has one lying around. Must be genuine JVC. Would consider one with less than 200hrs on it also.
  9. S

    Wanted Looking for a JVC X9900 or a JVC X7900

    Please let me know if you have one these projectors for sale and the price you are willing to sell them for. Cheers
  10. S

    Looking for a JVC X9900 or a JVC X7900

    Does anyone have these projectors for sale in UK let me know your price if you do.
  11. Stumpy72

    For Sale JVC DLA-HD1

    Excellent Condition W=455mm x D=430mm x H=172mm (inc. Feet) D-ILA 3 x Panels 1920x1080 (Full HD) 2x Manual Zoom 200 Watt Ultra High Pressure Mercury Lamp Screen Size 60” to 200” Aspect Ratio 16:9 Projection Distance 1.8m to 12.2m Resolution 1080P Inputs – 2 x HDMI, Video, S-Video...
  12. cartwheel113

    Strange JVC X30 Problem.. [SOLVED]

    Hi all! Long time creeper, first time posting :) I have been given a JVC DLA-X30B for my first home cinema build from a friend with a strange problem. Starting at the beginning - the previous owner was watching it one day and it powered off. He presumed it was the ballast; so he ordered a...
  13. M

    For Sale JVC NX5 White used perfect condition

    For Sale - my JVC NX5 Projector Just under 1600hrs on the bulb very reluctant sale. Amazing picture phone images attached do not do it justice. Projecting onto a 135 inch screen. Still installed to allow demo for serious buyers. I have the original box and packaging happy to send via courier at...
  14. B

    Wanted 3d glasses for JVC N7

    Hi, does anyone have any 3d rf glasses that will be compatible with pk-em2 emitter on my JVC - DLA N7.
  15. stevos

    JVC X9900

    Hi, Does anyone have a x9900 that can help me with a settings check?
  16. A

    JVC X500 to Epson TW9400

    I am considering changing from my JVC X500R (1000Hrs) to possibly an Epson TW9400. The problem is over in NI its nigh on impossible to get a demonstration of any projector. Has anyone done a similar upgrade and can advise is there a big leap in quality. Projector is used in a dedicated cinema...
  17. S

    Cannot delete channels from a JVC Android TV

    Hi On my JVC Android TV I can delete channels so that you can't "jump" directly to them using the remote, however if you open up the guide and step through the channels all of them, including ones deleted, are still there and accessible. This means for example that you cannot prevent kids from...
  18. S

    JVC LT-58CA810 & LT-32CA690 Android TV - Neither will play All4 programs.

    Hi There, I have two JVC Android Smart TVs of the same generation (I believe): JVC LT-58CA810 Android TV 58" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Google Assistant JVC LT-32CA690 Android TV 32" Smart HD Ready LED TV with Google Assistant Both of which were bought from Curry's in the last 6 months...
  19. S

    Replacing a JVC lamp

    Hi guys, this is the first time I am replacing a lamp and I was wondering if you take off the silver bit on top of the new projector lamp as it's not on the old one. I have attached an image of what I mean.
  20. Tyler Durden

    My JVC X7 appears to be "blooming" how can I fix it?

    I have a problem. I'm hoping the images show you what I mean. I think I'm using the right term.(the white seems to spread into the black). I've cleaned the lens (from the outside) with lens cloth and a little lens spray but it hasn't helped. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
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