1. E

    JVC DLA-HD1 Replacement

    A power surge had damaged the motherboard on my projector JVC projector, my insurance have just asked me to send them a link for a like for like replacement. A link for the closest match. I personally want to buy the JCV DLA N5B. I may just send them a link. Any suggestion's?
  2. D

    JVC KD-x241

    Hi all. I've just got a car with a JVC unit in. Whenever I restart the car I have to press the channel button every time to select station. The presets are still there but the unit doesn't power up with the lsat channel selected. Can anyone offer any advice please. Cheers Dave
  3. J

    For Sale JVC DLA-X3 Fully Refurbished.

    Hi. I am selling this JVC DLA-X3 projector. This model needs no introduction and there is a great review of it here, and online elsewhere. Being a JVC ‘X’ model it has excellent black levels. The projector is in full working order and in excellent condition. It has been fully refurbished since...
  4. Jamie jungle

    Jvc smart

    Hi there I have got a jvc smart tv lt39c790 and I have got an onkyo tx sr 606 avr receiver and I have never used one before I am trying to find out what is the best way to connect the TV with the avr receiver that I have got
  5. Seraphim

    JVC bulb failing?

    Hi, I have a JVC-X3. I am running a replacement bulb and after 500 hours it seems, since I last used it a week ago, that the darker areas of the picture are darker while the light are still just as bright. Is this a sign of a failing bulb? I must confess that the bulb is not OEM. I have tweaked...
  6. W

    JVC X35/RS46 ”broken” 24p?

    Hello. I bought myself a used JVC X35B while waiting for a good deal somewhere. Anyway I hooked it up to the PC where I have Kodi and when the movie starts with 24hz the resolution is weird to say the least. Its like the resolution is all wrong, showing ”pictures in picture”. The projectors...
  7. hamid22

    For Sale JVC X5000 And Diverse Tab Tention Screen

    For Sale is My JVC X5000 Projector in Excellent Condition Hardly Used Only 440 hours on Lamp comes With Original Box Projector is 4 Years Old So No Warranty £1300 screen is now sold
  8. PascalP

    Gamma drift on JVC RS400 (X5000)

    So my JVC RS400 (X5000) has the well known Gamma drift and I want to adjust it with the JVC software and purchased a Spyder5 for this purpose. Before I calibrated the greyscale/white balance with my Spectracal C6 and CalMan and I have some question now before I dive into the Gamma autocal. I...
  9. sea surfer

    For Sale JVC X7500 projector “Glasgow”

    Selling my white JVC X7500 projector, low use, been in storage for the last year, in perfect working order and condition. I can throw in my low profile jvc projector bracket, the projector is boxed with remote & paperwork. I would prefer pick up on this, or you can use your own insured...
  10. S

    For Sale JVC DILA-HD100 (Working but overheating)

    JVC DILA-HD100 Projector Black Complete with box, remote and manual. Good condition with polish marks on top. Has had a replacement ‘oem spec’ bulb a few hours ago but is now overheating and shutting down after approx. 30 minutes. I haven’t had the time to resolve so offering up for sale...
  11. malky78

    For Sale JVC HD-X30RW (white)

    I've just received my new (used) projector so this is up for sale. I am the second owner and it's on its 2nd bulb with 1718h on it. I'm asking £450 + shipping. I do not have the original box, but I will ship in my X500 box as they are exactly the same physically. The projector does not have...
  12. Webbserver

    Question UHD files on JVC HD750

    I’m looking for some advice please. I have hundreds of movies stored in a MKV format on a Synology NAS drive, many of which are ripped from Ultra HD Blurays and with preserved wide colour gamut BT2020 and HDR. I play back the files via KODI on my Nvidia Shield 2019 which is connected to my...
  13. Clock'd 0ne

    For Sale SOLD - JVC HD-350 DILA Projector (black)

    Sold! Calibrated JVC HD-350 DILA Projector in black, which I purchased off a reputable member of these very forums in late 2014 but have barely used since having moved house numerous times and not having the capacity to set it up again. This was calibrated for gamma, white levels, black...
  14. U


    Hello could i get some advise, im really unsure to the value? Please could you tell me what these two projectors are worth? i have recently been handed these in inheritance?
  15. louisg

    40" TV for Kitchen

    Hi All, I have a old Panasonic TX-32 LXD60 in Kitchen that is wired through old blocked up chimney breast to plug socket on side of chimney breast. This will make it extremely awkward to wire through another cable. I would ideally like to have a smart TV now in this area. I could add a Fire TV...
  16. M

    jvc dla-x700r or Optoma UHD65

    I am replacing a broken projector. I have around 4k AUD, 2200 Pounds or 2750 USD to spend. I have been looking at both the JVC and Optoma, any suggestions on which one is better than the other and why? Any comments would be appreciated.
  17. A

    JVC CX-5K belt replacement

    Hello, I have recorded a video of the belt replacement on my JVC CX-5K cassette player. Posting here as I thought you may find it interesting. I have another repair I need to carry out on my Sony WM-EX610 and so I will probably make a video of this too shortly. Let me know if you have any...
  18. S

    Best Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray to use with JVC DLA-NX9?

    Since the JVC DLA-NX9 projector has it's own state of the art HDR processing and tone-mapping would it be overkill or redundant to get a feature rich player like the Panasonic UB-9000? I will stream from AppleTV's so won't need that feature for instance. Priority for me is getting the best...
  19. scottfrazer

    JVC HA-S20BT Bluetooth Headphones

    Having a bit of a headache with my Bluetooth headphones. They pair with my mobile fine and behave exactly as they should. I pair them to my laptop, and they work but not properly. They play the windows sounds, however wont play music, youtube etc. However if you goto the volume settings on...
  20. N

    Question JVC Gamma Droop

    During lockdown my wife and I decided to work our way through 100 cinema classics. Tonight we started on our first film, Alien. The list is going well! However, I noticed the bars at the top and bottom were greyer than usual and the picture looked washed out. Could this be gamma droop? (My JVC...
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