1. SFkilla

    Juice (1992) (Blu-ray Steelbook) (IT/ES)

    Juice (1992) (Blu-ray) (Steelbook) Purchase link: Amazon.it Release date: 11/01/2022 (TBC) Artwork TBA ----------- Juice (1992) (Blu-ray) (Steelbook) Purchase link: Amazon.es Release date: 11/01/2022 (TBC) Artwork TBA
  2. RedDevil85

    Juice: 30th Anniversary Edition 4K UHD

    Links: Amazon.com - WowHD Release date: 11/01/2022 (US) Will update as usual should a UK release be confirmed.
  3. nicolaidenmark

    What Streaming box (Gigabit ethernet, Plex and much juice under the hood)?

    Hi all, I have concluded that I need a gigabit ethernet to play my 4K HDR MKVs fluently as my Sony KD-X9005E only has 100 Mbit. I want the box to have a fair amount of juice. This way, perhaps it can help my Synology DS918+ with for gig ram a bit. Nvidia Shield Pro (2019?): Seems good as...
  4. V

    Question Will Onkyo A9130 have the juice to power B&W606

    Hi there, I'm looking to move away from my current non-existent sound setup (PC connected to TV and making use of its poor speakers) and expanding into my first budget Bookshelf Speakers / Integrated Amp setup. My lounge is relatively small I sit about 2m away from the TV and the speakers will...
  5. addaman

    Bargain 50% Off E Liquid..

    TPD 50% off sale. USE CODE: PF50 Platinum Fog – Premium E-liquid
  6. cunnas

    Mole Juice alternative?

    Hi all Someone on here kindly pointed me in the direction of Mole Juice around 6 months ago. At the time I was buying 100ml of juice from a local shop for roughly £25. Mole Juice were selling it for just over a tenner. Now that MJ has shut, is there any other online places which sell for...
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