1. dts197

    Disney+ judder

    I don't know if this is the correct technical term or not, but I'm getting juddder/stuttering which is too annoying to put up with. Tried on a Firestick & Xbox and same on both. Internet is plenty fast enough and no problems with Netflix or anything else. Is there any kind of known issue or a...
  2. U

    Panasonic jz1500 – sounds keeps dropping when connected to soundbar

    Hi, So I bought a jz1500, connected a Panasonic soundbar and everything worked fine…for the first week or so. After that, the sound began to judder and then stopped working, when streaming content like Netflix, but this issue was intermittent and would work after a day, then not work and so on...
  3. M

    What TV would have minimal Motion jerking every 3-5 seconds (not judder or stutter). And what is this jerking?

    My Sony x950G (X950H firmware) has a jerk of the picture about every 3-5 seconds on some recorded shows; like it misses showing some frames - especially older shows on netflix etc. I have Smooth Motion on high. I used to think that was “judder” but after watching videos on youtube I see that...
  4. T

    BMW 4 Series judder issue

    I've recently had my car in for a service and since I got it back it's constantly screeching when I reverse and when driving, it starts to judder when I put the brakes on. I've had new brake pads and discs fitted and the judder isn't as bad but still noticeable and driving me insane!! Has anyone...
  5. moviegamefan

    After a year of researching TV’s I bought a Samsung QN90A who has insufferable stutter or artifecting in low fps hdr content. Please advice a desperat

    After a year of researching TV’s I bought a Samsung QN90A who has insufferable stutter or artifecting in low fps hdr content. Please advice a desperate newbe. Dear forum-visitors, I am new to avforums. Well, sort off. I only just registered, but I’ve been reading relevant threads from the...
  6. T

    Philips PUS8505 vs Panasonic TX-58HX800B

    I currently have a Samsung UE50RU7470U (or just 7470) which suffers terribly from motion judder. After having read some of the advice on here, it would seem that either the Philips or Panasonic (becoming difficult to get) would be a good choice. Can anyone recommend any other sets around £600...
  7. M

    Best TV for Motion Interpolation / Soap Opera OK / Stutter & Judder

    What would be the best non-OLED TV brand (or model) if I care mostly about getting good motion without stutter/judder/blur/underpowered processor? I don't mind soap opera. Right now I have a Sony X950G (X950H firmware), which I know is a good compromise as it doesn't have much soap opera, but I...
  8. N

    XH9505 motion flow judder problems

    Hi everyone I hope its okay to make a new thread about this as I know there is a thread for owners of this TV but I couldn't get any help after asking a few times. The problem is I bought the TV a month ago and while watching native TV apps like Netflix and Disney plus there was a judder...
  9. E

    Judder amsung 55 RU 7402

    Всем привет. Прошу помощи. Я владелец samsung 55 RU 7402, к нему подключены mi box s, hdmi ugreen 2.0. Матрица ТВ не переключается на 24 кадра, тест проводился с сайта rtings. Шахматная доска. Прошу владельцев этого телевизора написать, как они справятся со своим телевизором. У LG у родителей 17...
  10. S

    Panasonic HZ1500 picture judder

    Just purchased the Panasonic HX1500 which i got to replace a Panasonic plasma tv which I have had for about 6 years. However I have notice that there is quite a lot of picture judder on different material that i watch. Even with 1080p content that i stream i notice that on fast moving shots...
  11. S

    PS5 LG C9 Stutter/Judder with 30FPS TLOU2 - fixed with compromise!

    Hey all, I have been playing The Last of US Part 2 (TLOU2) on the PS5 with an LG C9 TV and I am seeing the background get really jerky when I move the camera around in the game. I tried another game too (Alien Isolation) and I see the same there too - if you pan the camera around the character...
  12. Snikkelonius

    LG C9 24p over 60p Dolby Vision Judder

    According to Judder-Free 24p On TVs the C9 is able to play content without judder over basically any input source. And I can confirm this with only one exception: 24p Dolby Vision over 60p. It's a juddery mess. Same content (Netflix' Our Planet) but in HDR over 60p plays smoothly. My setup is...
  13. L

    Question Bad Stutter but Motion Interpolation of A7 Gen result

    Stutter is supposed to determine smoothness. Comparision of Rtings numbers for NANO90 vs UN7300 vs XG80: Stutter : 6.8 vs 8.1 vs 7.6 Stutter of NANO is lowest from all above, but it is 120Hz native panel plus A7 Gen3. From my experience, panning sample on XG80 is lagging/jarring/juddering -...
  14. M

    X750H Motion Judder or Motion Stutter

    Recently bought the Sony - 55" Class X750H Series, and while this TV is great, I am experiencing either Stutter or Judder (not sure which) on mainly 24fps content. I don't currently use any apps - just straight cable or DVDs. I have tried a variety of settings but nothing clears this up...
  15. K

    SKY Q judder on MOTD2 - Sunday 4th

    Judder sky q and Panasonic HZ1500 (65) I was getting terrible judder on Motd2 tonight. I experimented with ifc. When min setting the judder happens but not for off med or max - example is saints v wba when wba player running to half way at start of match to take the knee for blm. His image...
  16. G

    Question Can motion interpolation be better at panning shots than a Plasma?

    For a while I've wanted to make movie watching my hobby, as I only played videogames for most of my life. But I am having issues. I was told the Pioneer Kuro had the best possible motion for 24 hz movies, being a plasma and having a 72 hz mode. But even when using a bluray I notice the inherent...
  17. P

    Image judder

    I have started to get a little image judder on my O8B. Has anyone come across the right combination of settings to eliminate this?
  18. C


    Folks getting judder when watching football, I have tried the motion control it works to certain extent but then when it goes to other content it doesn't look right, I dont want to keep going back and forth to motion control menu depending on what content, it's a Samsung Q6fn
  19. M

    LG C9/Sony 4k Blu-ray player 24p judder

    Hey all, I have an LG C9 paired with a Sony Ubp-x700 4k Blu-ray player. Aside from the whole manually enabling DV depending on the disc, I love it. But I have a question regarding 24p judder. I have Real Cinema enabled on the C9, and 24p playback enabled on the x700. But I'm still seeing...
  20. Te23

    Question Why do get judder on tv but not on apps or movies on usb ?

    samsung Q70 tv. i get judder on some channels, using a sky hd box. However i have never seen any judder using inbuilt apps like netflix, disney + etc and perfect playback on a usb stick too. Is there a reason for this ? Surely i should see judder on all sources ? If anyone could explain, could...
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