Telecine (/ˈtɛləsɪni/ or /ˌtɛləˈsɪniː/) is the process of transferring motion picture film into video and is performed in a color suite. The term is also used to refer to the equipment used in the post-production process. Telecine enables a motion picture, captured originally on film stock, to be viewed with standard video equipment, such as television sets, video cassette recorders (VCR), DVD, Blu-ray Disc or computers. This allows film producers, television producers and film distributors working in the film industry to release their products on video and allows producers to use video production equipment to complete their filmmaking projects. Within the film industry, it is also referred to as a TK, because TC is already used to designate timecode.

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  1. H

    4k 43inch with granular judder and blur motion processing control

    hi folks, was recommended to post here by replies to a similar thread in the LG forum. so - as the subject says: in order to make the most of console games locked to 30fps, I'm after a 4k 43 inch (or smaller) tv which has full, granular, control of blur and judder. would be grateful if anyone...
  2. SgtHowie

    Series specific judder on Disney+

    This is a weird issue, hopefully someone can advise... Tried watching the new "Ahsoka" show on Disney+ and the 4K picture skips frames or gets juddery. Have to switch off after a couple of minutes, it's unwatchable. Odd thing is, if I switch to a different Disney show, that plays fine. Tried...
  3. X

    Gaming above 120fps on LG CX - Seeing Judder

    Hi All, I have an LG CX, and when playing first person shooters on PC I would like to play above 120fps. However in quite a few games I'm seeing judder, almost similar to when playing 25/50fps on a 60hz screen, only when panning the camera in game. If I sit still and something runs in front...
  4. bookle

    Question Best Picture Quality for under £1k

    Just moved to 4k TV source via new VirginMedia 360 and my old Pioneer Kuro is struggling a bit with judder at 1080P60Hz and need to go to 1080i which seems a shame with 4k source :-< Watching usual sport, movies etc, in an average living room Don't need any bells and whistles and sound will be...
  5. bookle

    Question Virgin 360 bad motion judder on Pioneer Kuro but not JVC projector?

    Just switched to virgin media 360 box from sky q and I am getting pretty serious screen judder on the Pioneer using the main virgin box but it’s perfect on my JVC projector using the extra virgin box. Tried everything on limited virgin 360 box settings so trying to dig into pioneer settings...
  6. Mallardo

    Chromecast HD intermittent judder

    Hi all I have recently got a new Chromecast HD and I have it plugged in to a Marantz AVR, which outputs to a JVC HD-DLA550. On the whole I'm pretty please with it but for some reason the picture will judder for about 10 seconds every few minutes, not buffering but like it is missing some frames...
  7. grumpazoid

    AU9000 and firestick judder/stutter I am going insane please help

    My old samsung 40" 1080p blew it's power supply so I purchased a 50" AU9000. I am now questioning my sanity. Took me a day to get terms and conditions accepted as their networking is a joke. They are trying to use alternative DNS in the background, which my network will not allow by design...
  8. R

    E7HQ Netflix 24fps judder

    Hi there, I’ve noticed that netflix shows that have a frame rate of exactly 24fps (e.g. The Witcher) rather than 23.976fps have a regular frame drop/judder. i had this on my Apple TV a good while back and it is long fixed. Anyone else seen this? if I plug the Apple TV in (which I’m using...
  9. F

    Picture judder problem

    Hi, I have a recently bought 43PUS8106. I didn't had any picture issues until running the Amazon Prime Video app on the TV itself - when watching sport I'm having picture judder (looks like every other frame has been removed, as opposed to motion blur). There's nothing available in the settings...
  10. D

    Samsung UE43AU9000KXXU judder

    Hi all, I have two Samsung UE43AU9000KXXU TVs. They have both started to show judder on slow panning with both an Apple TV and with the onboard apps. I say started because we've had the TV's for more than one year and have not noticed any issue previously. I suspect the issue has been caused...
  11. F

    HELP - Sony XR93J audio delay, judder 4k etc problems

    Hello Just got my new tv, it's 65inch XR93J Sony Bravia model I pluged my usb 3.0 and also tried 2 different external drivers, both 3.1 connected it to Sony usb 3.0 4K movies - audio delay half second, and a lot of motion problems, stutter and judder every few min, even slowmotion Tried 5...
  12. Edgie70

    Picture judder with sky+hd

    Hi all , hope you can help, I have a Samsung au9000 TV and sky+hd , when I'm watching through sky I get an occasional second of picture judder , if I watch via Freeview HD I get no picture judder or if I watch prime I get no judder , anyone any idea as to why this maybe with sky+hd ? Thanks
  13. christopherw

    LG C1 - brief visible 'stutter' due to picture content detection (flipping between 50i & 25p rendering despite 50i signal) when watching DTT channels

    Since picking up a LG C1 last December, I've noticed a very strange image processing bug. It occurs when watching OTA DTT (Freeview HD), on channels being broadcast in 1080i50. I'm interested to know if anyone else in the UK or elsewhere has noticed this happening on their TV while watching...
  14. G

    Judder after using PS5

    I kind of know what I am doing with AV but one thing I noticed since I got a PS5 last week. Its hdmi directly to the TV. (LG sm9000) The TV will operate as normal but when I turn on the PS5 and use it then turn the PS5 off, when I go back to Sky Q or youtube or ANY other viewing even netflix...
  15. L

    New LG TV judder

    Hi I have just bought a oled 48c1 TV. Have to say not that impressed with sound from TV speakers. I have settled on cinema mode for the time being. But the main thing is I notice that there is a judder on screen and that is with just for example to people sitting talking to each other. No fast...
  16. J

    Judder on Now TV app

    I’m increasingly using my Series X for Smart TV streaming. Everything is fine except the NOW TV app. Playback is stutter - as if it’s constantly catching up with itself. It’s connected to an LG CX TV. Thoughts welcome!
  17. nikolayvutov

    3:2 pulldown with 1 black frame (2:2)? Judder free?

    Hello! (sorry for my bad english) Let's say we have a 60hz monitor and play 24p content 3:2 pulldown. It's not judder free. The pattern is 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 and so on. What if we use a black frame insertion into every final 3rd frame. Example: 1 1 bfi 2 2 3 3 bfi 4 4 5 5 bfi 6 6 7 7...
  18. S

    LG UM7400PLB HDMI input judders at 60Hz

    I'm not an expert in this field but I'm relatively capable of triage and troubleshooting so here goes. I bought this TV back in August and truth be told, I've barely used it. Tonight I decided to watch some stuff and noticed something weird. HDMI 1 seems to judder if the output is 60Hz. I have...
  19. M

    LG CX Motion judder?

    Hello all, Ive just noticed background judder on the 4k blu ray of no time to die, its at the being of the film where there is a lot of detail in a Italy scence when the camara is moving from left to right, is this normal?? Im using a pansonic ub820 player.
  20. M

    CX motion judder?

    Hello all, Ive just noticed background judder on the 4k blu ray of no time to die, its at the being of the film where there is a lot of detail in a Italy scence when the camara is moving from left to right, is this normal?? Im using a pansonic ub820 player.
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