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  1. G

    John Lewis Epic Instal Fail PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP?

    So I purchased my 77" G1 and GX soundbar and informed the pre delivery team its being installed on a hollow plasterboard wall. The install team arrived and said that it cannot be installed on that wall as its too heavy. The way they handled the TV was so disrespectful sliding the stand all over...
  2. Ufon73

    Philips TV John Lewis availability

    Hi All. I've made a decision to buy 65OLED706 (I'm just waiting for black Friday weekend ). I see that you can buy one from AO for 1200 and for 1300 with 5 years warranty (Richer sounds). I have a 300quid 65inch Toshiba TV so 1300 pounds TV for me is an expensive (I know guys, its not...
  3. T

    Replacement TV from John Lewis Sony XF9005

    A regular feature I know but I'm a little low on time for research at the moment and would appreciate some input from the collective knowledge on here please. I've got a 55 inch Sony XF9005 bought at the beginning of 2019 after plenty of hours of online research and standing comparing TVs in...
  4. Burakiosaurus

    New TV Needed, 50-55", Budget of £550-£600 from John Lewis Only - Recommendation Template Questions Answered within

    Hi Everyone, My Mum's Panasonic TX 42AS600B is dead and I want to get her a new TV for the details described below: 50-55" Budget: £550-£600 John Lewis Only (for the fitting service and taking away of the old TV) I have been researching the models they have online and have narrowed it down...
  5. B

    Is John Lewis Invoice enough for 2nd owner for warranty Claim?

    Hi, if I bought a TV with John Lewis guarantee, if I had the original JL invoice from the seller, would that be enough for any warranty claims? Based on the seller not contacting John Lewis in any form. Thanks
  6. Boostrail

    John Lewis Website- no TV's in Stock

    Noticed this yeaterday but still the same today!
  7. J

    John Lewis & Partners Cello and Tenor, Music Systems

    Does anyone have any useful knowledge or user information on either of these products in respect to sound quality and usage?
  8. Boostrail

    Sony XH9505 at John Lewis with free £385 Soundbar

    Anyone else noticed that JL are listing all sizes of this TV with a £385 soundbar "at no extra cost" but if you go into details it only says £50 off?? Edit they have now changed details and give a new code to indeed get the soundbar for free! Bargain!!
  9. n1ghtwish

    John Lewis great customer service

    I am in dispute with John Lewis at the moment about my 77CX but don't seem to be getting anywhere. My 1st 77CX was returned due to really awful banding, 2nd one due to dead pixels all over the screen. I received my 3rd 77CX in early December, and within 30 days (early Jan) I contacted John...
  10. R

    John Lewis TV warranty after repair by manufacturer

    Anyone any idea about this, or been in this position? I have the 5 year TV warranty but my TV is less than a year old. Screen is being replaced due to a fault in a couple of weeks, but this was arranged by manufacturer after me contacting them. Is the John Lewis warranty affected or...
  11. M

    John Lewis vs richer sounds

    What are peoples views on who has the best warrantee/ after purchase customer service? I’ve bought from richer sounds before and been very happy but also heard good things about John Lewis. I’m planning on buying the LG 77 CX and I’m unsure whether or not to buy it now from JL or wait until RS...
  12. Tyler Durden

    Question Has anyone had a TV replaced by John Lewis due to Dirty Screen Effect?

    A friend of mine has pretty bad DSE on his Samsung Ue65mu6400 that he bought in September 2017. It is therefore still covered by JLs 5 year warranty. What are his chances of them agreeing to repair / replace the TV?
  13. sraper

    Query with John Lewis "Never Knowingly Undersold"

    I dont often request a price match from John Lewis - maybe only once a year. However a week ago a I bought a laptop from John Lewis and Currys have just brought the price down by around £240. As I bought in store I had fun over the phone getting through but eventually someone phoned me back...
  14. gibbletts

    John Lewis no longer covering oled

    so I just bought an oled from john lewis delivered yesterday and rang D&G to take out the accidental damage policy, only to be told they are no longer covering TVs, rang John Lewis who basically dont know much about seems D&G neglected to inform them, now for me I bought the tv to go in the...
  15. Boostrail

    50" TV visited John Ĺewis now more confused

    Visited JL today and made the following observations. Very impressed with OLED particularly Sony but out of budget. Brightness was better than expected. Samsung QE49Q80R (top of budget) was great head on but faded significantly even at 30deg off centre. Sony KD49XH95O5 was much better in this...
  16. J

    Question Is the Domestic & General Insurance offered by John Lewis Worth It

    Not sure why John Lewis are offering five year D&G insurance on top of the standard five year policy that comes with their TVs. I note that the D&G policy covers screen burn, does the JL policy not cover this. Please understand the issue I have with secondary insurance policies is why? Happy to...
  17. topgazza

    iPad Pro and John Lewis

    Not really a problem with the 11" iPad pro 256gb I have just bought for my daughter. Its superb. But the usual Crapita - John Lewis customer non support. It's about trust and since Capita took over customer services it has become non existent IMO. I only buy from the stores as at least then you...
  18. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Apple 16" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2019) - i9, 1 TB SSD, Silver - £2149 delivered at John Lewis

    Normally £2,799. 3 Year warranty included:
  19. river123

    John Lewis question

    Are John Lewis likely to install large televisions along with their delivery service any time soon?
  20. scarty16

    John Lewis Warranties - Worth their weight in LG Gold

    I bought an OLED in 2015 55"960 ZA model. Subsequently upgraded to a ZD model. 4.5 years (jan 2020) later I notice a small issue with the screen that looks like a cloud in front of the picture. So off I trot to JL who arrange for a repair man to come and look at it. Repair man comes and I...
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