1. Shockabuku

    For Sale JL Audio e110 Subwoofer in Gloss Black

    Hi all. Due to a house move & lack of space, I'm selling my JL Audio e110 subwoofer. It's in superb condition with the optional gloss black finish. I bought the sub new from Audio Venue in April 2021 and it's had very light use in a music system (no movies). Incredible little sub, way more...
  2. N

    JL Sony Bravia KD65XF9005 replacement

    Hi All, Aware similar has been posted before, but i couldnt see one for the 65" model. So TV was rebooting a lot, which seemed to be a known issue. Went in for repair, and have been told it beeds a part thats not not available so i will be offered a replacement. Not had an offer yet, but want...
  3. U

    Uk.. bk monolith upgraded with jl audio 12w7 ae3

    Hello guys. I'm considering modifying a bk electronics monolith subwoofer.. The components are barenger nx power amp connected to a denon avr-x3400h.. I'm going to bypass the plate amp in the sub (95lts ported). Fit a jl audio 12w7 ae3. I'm concern is the 3ohm load of the driver..can I power...
  4. S

    Samsung QE55Q70R screen dim/shadow/fault help pls - purchased from JL 1 year ago

    Hi My TV has developed a fault today - it was purchased just over 1 year ago from John Lewis, this was a replacement for a previous faulty tv. can someone advise if this is a fault or if there is anything i can do myself? (ive reset it etc already) can someone also advise how i should approach...
  5. T

    JL Audio ProWedge Cs212og-w6v3 vs JL Audio CLS110RG-W7AE

    Hi, 1st post! Got a burning question which has been asked to death. As per title, can't decide on the above. Please help. & it has to be these 2 only strictly from JL Audio. -1st option is 2 x 12W6v3 subs in a dual opposed sealed JL enclosure powered by an HD 1200/1 amp - JL Audio ProWedge...
  6. P

    Offer made by JL.

    My almost 5yr old Hisense 65m7000 developed an annoying fault. Following a visit from a repairman, I have now been offered a replacement being an LG 65UN73006LA (2020) or the value of that TV as a refund - £649. First of all, I hate the LG magic (Wii) controller with a passion. But more...
  7. J

    Do RS match JL voucher discount via perks at work?

    Hi all. So I can get vouchers for John Lewis at 5% discount through my work scheme and so can get the panasonic for £950 instead of £1000. They are also offering £100 voucher after purchase, making the TV a relative £850 (as you can send their vouchers in Waitrose for groceries) Has anyone...
  8. M

    Please help me choose between REL 212/sx and JL Fanthom F113V2

    I have currently Bowers & Wilkins 606 compact speakers and Im looking for a high-end subwoofer. Going to upgrade the speakers too, but want to upgrade the subwoofer first. My two options are: 1. REL 212/sx 2. JL Fanthom F113V2 I want the subwoofer delivering the biggest and deepest output and...
  9. O

    Where best to buy LG 48CX? JL or RS?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase the LG 48CX this weekend. John Lewis will price match and Richer Sounds will price beat PRac Directs price. Which of the two would you buy from and why? Normally it would always opt for JL, but there are mixed reviews out there. Thanks in advance.

    ATC, Denon, JL Audio, Nord Set Up

    Just thought I'd share my new set up, I'm very pleased with how it looks and sounds.
  11. S

    JL Audio E112 vs Arendal Sub2

    Have any of you had a JL Audio E112 and moved to an Arendal Sub2? A few years ago I used to have a pair of JL E112’s and sold them. The JL’s price increased even further and I feel they are now overpriced because for 1000€ less you can have the Arendal Sub2 with dual 13.8 drivers. However...
  12. Lrehcsa

    Question REL HT1508 vs JL Audio eSub112 vs Arendal 1723 Sub 2

    My quest for a dual Subwoofer purchase and ensuing bass Nirvana continues and I think I've narrowed it down to these 3 candidates, eSub and Arendal are discussed at length on here but there doesn't seem to be much love or discussion for the Rel which is a surprise as it seems to get great...
  13. M

    Dali phantom s install 5:1:4 with JL subwoofer

    First of all I want to say thanks to Allan from ideal AV and Paul for the demo he gave me!! I'm finally getting around to fitting out my new living room/home theater so what's going into it initially Denon AVR - X4200w Dali s280 L&R Dali s180 Center Dali zensor vokal as rears (to be upgraded...
  14. W

    LG OLED C9 65" No more at Richer Sounds

    Last week I saw the C9 65 at PRC Direct with a £200 off voucher so at £1789, with 5 year warranty and 2 free 4k Blu rays Tried to get RS to match - they said PRC voucher not valid offered £1889 but, no stock - put me on wait list. Tried a JL price match also said code invalid. So ordered from...
  15. R

    £2300 refund from JL , What shall i replace with

    I have £2300 refund from JL added care warranty team, for my OLED65E7 that had a faint vertical line in the middle. That lower figure is minus the £1500 cashback JL gave me against a price match when i purhcased it Anyway can someone assist in what I should do Purchase the LG OLED65E9PLA for...
  16. nicjomo

    LG C9 - 10th TV from JL - Can't believe this...😠

    Long story short, many TVs had from JL all with visible issues. Had a C9 for about 4 months now as a replacement for a B8 with burn in issues. Watched a film on Amazon Prime tonight and this appeared on two specific scenes. Looks like the panel join to me.. Bring back plasma! Thanks for...
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