1. chamonix

    Rear/Surround speaker recommendations for a JBL Projet Array setup

    I have a system with JBL Synthesis Project Array with a pair of JBL 800, center speaker 880 and the subwoofer 1500. I wonder what rear speakers and ceiling speakers (in an Atmos set up) I could match with this system. The room is pretty small 15 m2 (square meters). The surround speakers need...
  2. JBLlinkbar10052

    JBL linkbar 100 - bluetooth issue

    Hello, I am unable to connect my wireless headphones with the JBL linkbar 100. Soundbar can detect the headphone via bluetooth, gives pair option, but after clicking on pair, it shows connecting for a while but doesn't connect. wondering if anyone else here encountered the same issue. thank you!
  3. T

    Advice required: JBL Bar 9.1 OR Other Soundbar with Samsung Q6 (2018)?

    I have been looking at the JBL 9.1 Bar Soundbar recvently and wondered if someone can give any advice? To Give some background, I previously had an Yamaha Amp and Yamaha 5.1 speakers and loved it (they were cheap but still did the surround job connected to a disc player) Wife doesnt love the...
  4. Epidural20

    Sky+ HD box sound sync issues with JBL 9.1 sound bar

    Hi all, I recently purchased a JBL 9.1 sound bar and I’ve been very happy with it so far- especially withhow it plays with Netflix, Amazon prime and Disney+. However, I’m having serious issues with Sky+ HD 1Tb box. When the sound on the sky box is set to Dolby instead of normal, the sound on...
  5. Sulkysquidward

    Is the jbl reflect flow a good buy?

    I'm planning to buy new tws earbuds and the jbl reflect flow caught my eye
  6. Paul7777x

    Bargain JBL Noice cancelling over ears...

    No idea if these are any good, but if they are then this is certainly a bargain price. https://www.richersounds.com/jbl-live-650btnc.html?refSrc=74348&nosto=productpage-nosto-1
  7. A

    Question Jbl 9.1 soundbar or Samsung HW-Q950T

    Have anyone tried the Jbl 9.1 soundbar and the Samsung Hw Q950 in the same room? If so any comments or comparison would be appreciated. I previously bought the Samsung Q950t and thought the sound was excellent but like many others had consistent drop outs on sub and rear speakers so I sent it...
  8. C

    Samsung Q950t , LG SN11, JBL 9.1 Black Friday Prices

    Need a sound bar for my LG C9 tv tempted by either the JBL Bar 9.1, the LG SN11 both great prices (£750) at Currys or do i wait to see if the Samsung Q950t drops over the weekend? Any advice greatly appreciated!
  9. F

    JBL SB400 no sound problem.

    I have received the JBL SB400 sound bar from a somebody, but there is no sound. The power system works and can connect with bluetooth, but no sound. I tested IC101 and IC102, but only get 0.44v across pins 1 and 8. Can anybody assist where search for the fault, because should be 5v. Thank you.
  10. T

    Wharfedale Dovedale III compared to JBL L100 / L150

    Hi, I don´t have any big experience with HiFi speakers. Recently I bought nice pair of Wharfedale Dovedale III and I use amp Marantz 7000PM year 2000. I am really happy with clarity of music. I do listen all kind of music starting with classicall through hard rock, metal till techno. And its...
  11. Decado

    Fire TV Cube (2nd generation) Handshake Issues

    I previously had the Fire Stick 4k and had no issues getting video from it. I’ve now hooked the Cube up to the same input and now I’m having handshake issues. I have the cube connected to a 3x1 monoprice switch, which connects to the HDMI in on my JBL Bar 9.1, the HDMI Out on the JBL Bar 9.1...
  12. T

    LG C9 & JBL 5.1 BAR with true wireless Arc Issues

    I recently purchased the jbl 5.1 bar with true wireless surround sound speakers to go with my LG C9. When I got the bar earlier this week and tried to hook them up Arc Output on the bar to Arc on the LG, the soundbar was completely unresponsive. I don't know why but when I have it set up this...
  13. aliencinema

    For Sale Jbl synthesis sam1hf/2lf

    JBL synthesis sam1 hf horns Sam 2 lf mid/bass unit and crossovers, excellent condition,
  14. N

    Question JBL Control 1 Pro and NAD D3020 V2: Good combination?

    Hey fellas, I recently moved and wanted to start building an entry level system. The idea is to get a 2.0 for a normal-sized linving room, and maybe get a subwoofer in the future. So far I thought about a pair of JBL Control 1 Pro, which seem to be a bargain and have been around for decades...
  15. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Expired Amazon Prime Day: JBL BAR 3.1 channel 4K soundbar with subwoofer - Save £181, now £299

    Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 is finally here and there’s a wealth of offers on home entertainment products including TVs, projectors and soundbars. The JBL BAR 3.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer has 38% off its RRP and is now £299 (was £480, save £181). Non flash-deal...
  16. R

    Sony Ht-zf9 vs JBL 9.1

    Hello audiophiles. I’m about to replace my faulty 2.1 Sony htf9000 and am looking for an upgrade. I have narrowed it down to 2 options. Sony 3.1 HT-ZF9 (2018) and buying the Rear speakers or JLB 9.1 (2020)with wireless removable rear speakers. My main concern with the JLB is I live in a flat...
  17. R

    JBL 9.1 upward firing speakers and bottom of TV

    Hi everyone. I've mounted my soundbar below the TV as per the instructions and I'm wondering if the bottom of the TV will interfere with the upward firing speakers on the JBL bar. The system sounds great but because of the TV mount the grill on the upward firing speakers sits under the TV...
  18. N

    Question Is the JBL Bar 2.0 better than the Bar Studio?

    Or is there another soundbar under €200 that is better?
  19. G

    Confused - LG NANO90, JBL 9.1, Dolby Atmos

    I haven't researched a new TV setup for several years so I'm a bit confused with all the new options. My main question is if I purchase an LG NANO90 and a JBL 9.1 Soundbar, will I be able to get Dolby Atmos via passthrough from the native Netflix and Prime Video apps on the TV? Thanks in advance.
  20. R

    LG SN7Y, Sony HT-G700, JBL 5.1 Surround?

    Which of these 3 would you go for? All are £399.
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