1. O

    Question Advice on 2-channel setup for jazz, blues, world music

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy a 2-channel system for my home office/study. I would be using it for music and computer audio exclusively. My listening tastes are eclectic, but I would say a lot of jazz, blues, and "world" music from Latin America, Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. Bass and...
  2. Seagull67

    Best amp & speakers to complement my Rega P3 playing acoustic jazz in a smallish room

    Hi I'm new to this forum but have found it very informative. I bought myself a Rega Planar 3 a few months ago with an Audio Technica VM530 cartridge. I have been playing it through the hifi components I've had around for years: my Teac A-H300 MkII & a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze B1's from...
  3. Delta38

    Music DVDs Collections.

    Hi all Just wondering what people have a Music DVD Collection ? If so what do they have , How many ? I hope this was not already a Thread ? There are some good Concerts / Albums out but You Tube seems to be Cutting the choices back Heavily ? Nice to Listen to your Favorite Music without Ads or...
  4. TheWalkingDave

    Jazz fans?

    Starting to really go off metal and found a new love for Fusion Jazz. Loving Casiopea at the minute and wondering if there are any fans of this genre who could point me in a direction of other decent groups, solo artists and/or albums.
  5. keepyourcoins

    Question Looking for a woofer to pair with my Monitor Audio speakers

    We recently moved to a new flat, and I feel my system has lost some bass in this space. I listen to a lot of Jazz records, and feel I now need that bass. Any suggestions for an active subwoofer to match the Monitor Audio Bronze BX 2 speakers speakers? Thanks!
  6. U

    Question Best music streaming for Jazz lovers?

    Hi, Which service would you recommend for more of a jazzhead? These are available in my country: - Deezer - Tidal - Google Play Music ... which one is more 'jazz oriented' or maybe has extra jazz content? Thanks.
  7. Philly112

    Larry Coryell, jazz guitarist

    The great jazz guitarist Larry Coryell has passed away at the age of 73. He was an outstanding guitarist, capable of playing just about anything. I grew up listening to him develop in the 1970's, when he was unfortunately in the shadow of John McLaughlin for much of the time. I was lucky enough...
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