1. Garioch

    Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 (with optional Sega CD attachment) - Coming 27/10/22 (Japan)

    Couldn't find it being discussed so thought I'd post here. Looks like Sega has announced a follow up to the Sega Mega Drive Mini, called the Mega Drive Mini 2. It will be loaded with 50 megadrive and Sega CD games in the single unit. They have announced an optional Sega CD add on which is...
  2. IGC

    Virus 復活の日 (Chuck Connors, Japan 4K Blu-ray)

    UPC: 4988111152954 / image source Anyone remember this? I still have the VHS somewhere it has that iconic artwork. a 1080p version of this which seems fully subtitled has appeared on YouTube here and a bit of a search altered me to the 4K Blu-ray. Anyone bought it? I know the older Blu-ray...
  3. KiLLiNG-TiME

    Netflix : Japan Sinks (anime) 2020

    The first anime adaptation of the bestselling science fiction novel Japan Sinks by Sakyo Komats. I watched this last year & I have to say I wasn't disappointed it throws one gut punch after another, all the way till the end. Enjoy
  4. M

    Import tt from Japan?

    I'm looking at a Denon DP-47F in Japan. I understand I'll need to step down the voltage, but apart from that, should it work OK in UK? Thanks in advance
  5. T

    Question Converting Yamaha R-N602 from Japan to US Band width

    Anyone know what components need to be swapped in a Japan Yamaha R-N602 Receiver to make it compatible with the U.S. F.M. band? Some units allow you to reprogram them, this one does not. The Tuner Module in the Japan and US models are the same so that's not it. Thanks for you advice.
  6. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Bose to close all retail stores in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan

    Reflecting a significant change in shopping habits, Bose has announced the closure of stores in several major markets, leading to an unknown number job losses. Read the news.
  7. S

    James May in Japan - UHD

    Can anyone else confirm if the James May series on Amazon is a little jerky in UHD? In motion scenes it seems to be skipping the odd frame every second or so resulting in, for example, panning shots looking a little jerky. I’m using the in built Amazon app on a Sony 65XF9005, broadband speed is...
  8. davidahn

    Bargain Recent experience finding good projector deals in Japan?

    I've read older posts here and elsewhere about higher end PJs (Japanese brands, of course) costing a lot less in Japan... does anyone have any recent experience snagging a bargain in Japan? Particularly on something like a Sony or JVC true UHD 4K projector? Thanks in advance.
  9. D

    SNK announces the 40-game lineup for the Neo Geo mini-console Coming to Japan this summer

    SNK announces the 40-game lineup for the Neo Geo mini-console Coming to Japan this summer, worldwide later in the year Seems the retro console market continues? SNK announces the 40-game lineup for the Neo Geo mini-console
  10. Thumpermawer

    Also Japan 2018

    It's taken me a while to sort through and process pics from recent trip to Japan, but here for your viewing pleasure (possibly!) are a few of my favs, with more on Flickr. *1 Blossoms in Sapporo by Thumpermawer, on Flickr We managed to time our trip to coincide with the blossom in northern...
  11. AMc

    Japan 2018

    We took a family trip to Japan over the Easter holidays. It's a place we've wanted to visit for years, big fans of the food and interested in the culture. To say it met our expectations sounds like faint praise - it was fun, confusing, cool, confusing, crazy, confusing, delightful and a...
  12. AMc

    Answered Japan - Photographer's hints?

    I'm already posting in this thread Japan Travel Thread over in Travelling & Holidays but thought I'd get some thoughts from the Photographers specifically. We're going for 14 days at the end of the month Osaka (2 nights) > Kyoto (3 nights) > Hiroshima (3 nights) > Tokyo (6 nights) :clap: We've...
  13. Joe Pineapples

    F1 Japanese GP 6th - 8th Oct '17

    Channel 4 Highlight Times Saturday : 13:00 Sunday : 15:00 (check to confirm) (well at least it saves getting up early)
  14. A

    North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan

    Just heard about this on WoW forum boards of all places, it was a kind of joke at the servers going down but I thought they were just pulling our legs. NK is really pushing how far they can go before something snaps it looks like, anybody else heard about this yet ? I couldn't even imagine...
  15. J

    Question Can i use my UK TV in Japan? Help please!

    Hi everyone, I am moving to Japan end of this month and I have shipped a Hisense 65M5500. It has just occurred to me that I might have issues just plugging this in and using it. I will be based in Tokyo where the voltage I believe is 100watts and 50hz. From looking at the specs online, i don't...
  16. raigraphixs

    Stan Lee's - The Reflection (Japan Anime Series)

    New animated superhero series “The Reflection,” executive produced by Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, is set to debut July 22 on Japanese public broadcaster NHK. The TV series consists of 12 episodes, and will air on NHK late Saturday nights. The series follows the fight between superhero Xon...
  17. alan280170

    Bullet Train Japan

    Anyone booked online/bought tickets in Japan for the bullet train, is it easy to do. Looked at a few sites but not sure which way to go.
  18. TJ Alex

    Amazing underground car park in japan

  19. Z

    Question PSN Japan?

    Hello all, has anyone had any success (I haven't tried yet I'm just wondering if its possible and if anyone has done it) to create a japanese PSN account from a UK / US console? I know its possible to have a US PSN account and log on but I would literally kill to play dynasty warriors 3 again...
  20. Garioch

    [JPN] Happy Hour (2015) - check out the run time!

    This is a colossal 5h 17m long and has been widely acclaimed after predominantly being screened at various festivals during late 2015 and 2016. Thanks to @raigraphixs for bringing this to my attention. I'm hoping for a general release in 2017, but it may be pretty demanding to sit through this...
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