1. S

    Time to upgrade Onkyo tx-sr605?

    I have the Onkyo tx-sr605 amp with the Jamo 102 HCS5 speaker package (Sub has been replaced with the BK XLS200 MK2). I am about to purchase the Samsung QN95A 4k screen. I know this amp will not passthrough 4k, so will connect all sources to TV, then optical out to AMP for audio. Is it worth...
  2. S

    Jamo D6 LCR Tweeter (38846) Replacement part.

    I'm looking for a replacement tweeter for a Jamo D6 LCR which has the part number "Jamo 38846" on the back of the tweeter. I think that this is the same as the "38848" but cannot find it anywhere. These speaker were made by Klipsch I think and wondered if anybody knows where I can get the...
  3. Ash90

    JAMO 250 Sub-woofer settings

    hello , I have JAMO 250 sub , im new to this and what settings to use at the back ?? LEVEL = ? PHASE= 180degree (Max) CUT OFF = 150hz (max) Kindly suggest a good one , since im experiencing windows glasses Vibrating and lot of distractions than hearing a good bass :( thanks in advance
  4. S

    Mission m51's or Jamo classic 4's?

    Ok so i'm not looking for anything fancy and will probably get slated for using a sony TA-FE230 amp, but if anyone cares to share what they would choose f they were me that would be great. the missions are listed for £60 and the Jamo's at £50. Cheers
  5. B

    Replacement woofers for Jamo PR120A speakers

    I have a pair of Jamo PR120A and had for a while, the woofer on 1 has stopped working. I used a multimeter and there is no reading from the 2 connectors so assume this woofer has had its day ? If this is completly dead then I am looking for a replacement and unsure what to go for as been unable...
  6. Sparkygroover

    Jamo S606 & C60 centre speaker:

    I would like to add the C60 centre to the S606 stereo pair I bought separately. Would they be a good match? Recommendations to improve on the C60? They will all be run from a TEAC AG 15-D A/V Surround amp. ( NO S/W or surround rears at the moment due to budget limitations). Thanks in advance.
  7. N

    Jamo cornet 195 4 ohm and which receiver amplifier ?

    Hello I have speakers Jamo Cornet 195 4 omske .. Will the receiver, for example, the yamaha rxv 771 be powerful enough for these speakers? Or what would be the most optimal use to make the thing play nicely ... Thanks for the help.
  8. davidR4

    Denon AVR-S650H + Jamo S 626 - tweeters distorted/crackling at certain frequencies

    Hello everyone, after I was able to learn a lot here by reading along, I have bought a home theater system according to my budget, consisting of: Denon AVR-S650H Jamo S626 HCS 5.0 I have the problem that the all the five tweeters of my speakers clearly "scratch" or produce a distorted sound...
  9. S

    Jamo and Klipsch poor customer service

    Jos olet hankkii kaiutinjärjestelmän. Vältä Jamo- ja Klipsch-tuotemerkkejä. Minulla on Jamo-kaiuttimet ja ongelmia niiden kanssa. Jamo-valmistaja ei ole kiinnostunut ongelmastani, koska he ovat saaneet rahat. Kukaan ei vastaa kysymyksiin asiakaspalvelussaan, vaikka kysymys kysyttiin lähes kaksi...
  10. S

    Infinity Primus 360 vs Jamo S809 HCS

    My home theater room is ~12'x10' I recently bought aJamo 5.0 with s809 towers, s83 center, s801 surround speakers and paired with Klipsch R12W Sub. I am quite happy with the performance. Recently a neighbor of mine had to move out of state and cant bring his speakers set, so he gave it to me...
  11. C

    Jamo A10 vs LG LHS-55TB

    Hi all, I currently have a pretty standard/common set up in my main living area consisting of a TV and Soundbar with wireless Sub - so this is where my hard earned is currently being invested. However, I recently decided to turn the spare room into a more dedicated theatre room for once in a...
  12. J

    Jamo d6 position

    Hi just wondering what people’s thoughts would be rotating the l/r vertically rather than horizontal as they are meant to go. I’d imagine they have been designed to give wider dispersion when horizontal. If I have them horizontal they are slightly above ear height, vertical I can get them at ear...
  13. SidEr

    Question JAMO C97 II vs second hand?

    Please advice me for front speakers: – New JAMO C97 II - $ 550 Or second hand: – Monitor Audio Silver Rx6 – 540$ – KEF Q700 - $ 680 – KEF iQ9 – 1150$ – B&W 703 - $ 1300 (online - I can’t test) How would you rate them (disregarding the price)? My receiver is a Yamaha RX-V6A. I have a...
  14. Miilu

    Question Jamo S 8 ATM atmos on vaulted ceiling?

    Hi, Is it bad idea to add Jamo S 8 ATM on S803 bookshelfs since I have vaulted ceiling with sound absorbing material? You can see my living room in the picture. Or should I choose Jamo C 9 SUR II instead of S801 as surrounds and ditch the atmos? I am going to add Jamo S 83 Cen as center and...
  15. B

    Question Jamo S606 distortion/buzzing sound

    Hi all, I picked up a used Jamo 5.1 system last week (Jamo s606 hcs 3 is the name of the whole 5.1 setup, I believe). One of the front 5" drivers has almost no sound coming from it, and has a rattling/distorted sound to it. Since there are two 5" drivers right on top of one another it's hard to...
  16. orac7

    Jamo Crossover rebuild (new caps)

    hi all, im in the process of replacing the capacitors in the crossovers on my, Jamo D5 dynamic 4-way speakers, that are still as the day I got them 41yrs ago. They work great very, very clear, plenty of bass, great sound, I have replaced the surrounds on the 12" woofers. my question is, what...
  17. Y

    Yamaha RXV385 - DD 5.1 - Jamo J12 Sub - Online Streaming - Low Centre Channel Volume

    Hi all This has been baffling me for a while. I have a Yamaha RXV385 receiver which is connected to my Xbox One X and Samsung Serif 55" QLED 2020 TV. The amp has the original settings since purchase however I have noticed most online streaming services all seem to have low vocal volumes yet...
  18. Billykhan

    Jamo S260 Sub-Boomy Bass :(

    Hello AVF'ers. Newbie here who for some reason never had to post on here for the last 20 years of owning Home Cinema equipment but now find myself in a quandry. So basically my 5.1.2 setup is Onkyo TX-SR444 7.2 receiver with Jamo S426 Floorstanders, center and rears, S260 Powered Sub and Onkyo...
  19. N

    Marantz + Jamo setup help

    Hi all, hope everyone is doing well. I need some help with my setup and am a little lost to be honest. Marantz NR1509 Jamo S807 HCS + S810 sub My question is around the crossover levels. Ideally, what should these be for my setup? Currently, setup as follows: Front, Center, Surround = all...
  20. Wiktor77

    Help with crossover settings

    So right now I have a Pioneer vsx-922-k av receiver and a 5 speaker system jamo hcs3. For the subwoofer I also have a jamo 210. When running the mcacc advanced full auto calibration the mcacc sets all my speakers to Large. Making my subwoofer turned off. I mostly listen to music and the front...
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