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  1. Garrett

    James Bond Posters And Prints

    Just received this today one of the Royal Mail James Bond collection and my favorite Bond and was surprised that of all the Bonds with the same print run this was down to the last few whilst the others still have plenty left.:eek:
  2. UKCDJ

    James Bond: The Complete Collection (4K UHD)

    Purchase Link: Coming Soon
  3. mckee74

    James Bond Collection - Digital Code?

    Hello all. Looking for help from anyone who has bought the semi recent James Bond Collection. The 1-24 version with Spectre. I've bought it so I can rewatch the series before the new one. Front cover states there is a Digital Download but there is nothing in the box? For the folks who have...
  4. J

    Question NEWS UPDATE James Bond Complete 4K Collection 2020?

    Hello Is there any news, updates or rumours about a complete Bond 25 film 4k collection releasing this year? I am aware it will be really expensive. I have heard that Universal is releasing No Time to Die and that apparently the MGM/Fox deal ends in June. Do you think it makes the release more...
  5. silouette

    New James Bond Aghhhhhh please not James Norton.

    As above, the most wooden old school choice, please anyone but him....
  6. Doug Quaid

    Bargain The James Bond Collection on BLU-RAY

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/James-Bond-Collection-1-24-Blu-ray/dp/B074T8XN1Q/ref=tmm_blu_title_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Not bad for £44. If I buy it, they'll release the 4k versions!
  7. NYCFCFan

    James Bond HDR 10 vs Dolby vision

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2019/09/20/hdr-format-war-update-james-bond-and-the-beatles-bring-back-the-mess/#7417ef0d5abf My choice is always HDR10 front projectors don't do Dolby Vision anyway .
  8. pj

    Inevitable 4K restoration of James Bond movies are being worked on

    With the sad passing of Roger Moore comes the news that there will be screenings of spy who loved me and for your eyes only, brand new 4K versions we all knew the day would come (rebuy that box set we havent even opened yet!)
  9. Roku2

    Free James Bond movies on Amazon

    Just saw that Amazon Video carries the first two 007 movies (feat. Daniel Craig), and they are FREE to buy:)
  10. Garrett

    James Bond : General Discussion Thread.

    Though as things always descend in to chatting about old Bond films in the latest Bond film to have a thread to discus these without spoiling the recent film thread. Anyway to kick of with I been reading and with only a few pages to go a thoroughly enjoyable book Bond on Bond by Roger Moore...
  11. H

    Fox say Entire James Bond Collection to Hit Blu-ray

    Count this is as a rumour for now, as we've got this one from Twitter but Twentieth Century Fox have apparently confirmed the entire James Bond collection will be coming to Blu-ray shortly. To make up for the extremely short, and as yet unsubstantiated, post here's a nice picture...
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