1. IGC

    Anything for Jackson (Justin G. Dyck, US/Germany Blu-rays)

    I really enjoyed this it creeped me out, some novel stuff and and very effective with the scares. Just the right balance of drama too from a top cast and director who I've never heard of. There's a bare bones US Blu-ray but I opted for the Germany release as it's cheaper and got a better cover...
  2. SteveAWOL

    Enslaved with Samuel L Jackson

    https://variety.com/2020/tv/global/bbc-fremantle-enslaved-samuel-l-jackson-1234743017/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000ngf0
  3. M

    Percy Jackson (Disney+)

    https://www.cbr.com/percy-jackson-gets-series-adaptation-on-disney/ Riordan announced the series on social media alongside his wife Becky. "After a lot of hard work and a lot of support from you guys, Percy Jackson is coming to Disney+." After a brief cheer, Riordan teased, "More later." An...
  4. raigraphixs

    Samuel L Jackson Hitman Movie (TBC)

    https://www.slashfilm.com/samuel-l-jackson-hitman/ https://deadline.com/2020/02/samuel-l-jackson-john-requa-glenn-ficarra-efm-1202859822/
  5. raigraphixs

    Michael Jackson Biopic (Tbc)

    Michael Jackson Biopic in the works From Bohemian Rhapsody producers https://deadline.com/2019/11/michael-jackson-movie-bohemian-rhapsody-producer-john-logan-graham-king-1202792922/
  6. raigraphixs

    Joe Jackson

    RIP www.ew.com/music/2018/06/27/joe-jackson-dead-jackson-patriarch-dies/ Joe Jackson Dead at 89
  7. raigraphixs

    Untitled Amblin/Peter Jackson project (TBC)

    Steven Spielberg has confirmed Peter Jackson is working on new secret film at Amblin , and that the Tintin sequel is still on the cards for Jackson Spielberg;
  8. raigraphixs

    Michael Jackson last days limited series (TBC)

    JJ Abrams Bad Robot Productions, is developing a limited series based on talk show host Tavis Smiley’s new book, Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson’s Last Days. To be published on Tuesday, Before You Judge Me is billed as a “taut rendering of the final months in...
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