1. SFkilla

    Maniac (1980) (Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    Full Metal Jacket (Steelbook) (2 blu-rays + Bonus Blu-ray) Purchase link: Amazon.de(TBA) Release date: 01/10/2020 Status: Available to pre-order(TBA)
  2. SFkilla

    Full Metal Jacket (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    Full Metal Jacket (4K + Blu-ray) Purchase link: Amazon.de(TBA) Release date: 25/06/2020 Status: Available for pre-order(TBA) Artwork TBA
  3. MrFraggle

    Jacket instead of GPU?

    As it looks like the next range of Nvidia GPU's are still a long way off and with winter on the horizon, I am in Scotland so must think about these things earlier, I am thinking of treating myself to a aviator jacket which looks as though go for around £650. Personally I prefer to try stuff on...
  4. bcham

    buying a jacket from china (ebay)

    i am just about to order this jacket on ebay, for just under £35 delivered, i have ordered a Asian XL uk size. will it be the wright size for me i normally where XXL sizes in the uk. but looking at the measurement chart think i might need XL. also will i have to pay any additional charges...
  5. pringtef

    Winter Jacket Recommendations

    Been looking to get myself a really good winter jacket this year, but i'm struggling to choose one that isn't going to roast me to bits if the weathers a bit warmer. Temperature wise over in Amsterdam, it's literally the case it can go from -5c to 11c within the space of a week or two. The...
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