1. M

    Jabra Elite Active 75T low volume after 1 year - Fixed

    After one year of using the Jabra Elite Active 75t, I suddenly experienced very low volume at max when connected with my Huaweii P30. At first I thought this was due to dirt either in the sensor or where the sound comes from. When turning BT volume down to 60%, I could not hear anything. I...
  2. E

    Problems with Jabra Elite Active 75t

    Hey guys; I've got a pair of Jabra Elite Active 75t which I purchased in November '20. The sound is fantastic, and the fit is pretty good for me. The buds worked flawlessly until a couple weeks ago when the sound in the right ear began to diminish to zero after wearing them for about 5 minutes...
  3. D

    Question Jabra 75t, Bose QC35ii or other for multipoint ?

    Hi all, I am looking at getting some new buds / phones and would love to be able to do Multipoint where I can connect to my Sony NW-A45 for music on long train journeys and also receive calls when needed from my iPhone. I have almost £200 in Amazon vouchers that can be used but am willing to...
  4. V

    Question TWS Earbuds for 150€, music+travelling, Melomania Touch? Jabra Active 75t?

    Hi all, just arrived here, i'm happy to join this amazing forum! lot of useful info and great community :) Maybe you can give me your tips, as I want to buy a pair of wireless earbuds for 150€ for Christmas! My main requirements are: Great sound quality for listening to music while working...
  5. Snakemanstu

    Jabra Elite 85h?

    Looking to get some noise cancelling headphones with a budget of 300 I came across jabra whilst looking at usual suspects sony bose etc and they can be had for about 170..are they any good or is it worth paying extra the sonys or bose nc700. Will mainly be used for films YouTube etc and music...
  6. hilts10

    Sony WF-1000XM3 or Jabra Elite 75t

    Help...... With no option to try these 2 true wireless earphones I'm stuck on which one to buy. They will be mainly used for watching Netflix on a tablet with ocasional spotify music. Not bothered about using them for calls. Comfort is a must as obviously sound. Any recommendations would be...
  7. Andy Bassett

    CES 2020 News: Jabra announces Elite Active 75t earbuds

    Jabra has announced its Elite Active 75t earbuds, the new generation of its true wireless earbuds made for an active lifestyle. Read the news.
  8. Andy Bassett

    CES 2020 News: Jabra announces Elite 45h wireless headphone

    Jabra looks to set a new standard in the sub £100 headphone category with the on-ear Elite 45h, featuring Jabra MySound technology for a personalised experience. Read the news.
  9. J

    Answered Jabra Solemate: Fixing female micro USB output inside the speaker

    Hi, I'd like to ask you for your help. Intro I have a problem with "usb micro-b female" inside speaker Jabra Solemate. I think it's disconnected from the motherboard, but you can read whole story below. This is everything I have in the package, with my Jabra: Image of the Package (usb...
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