1. kah22

    Question Loosing Signal To ITV

    Any idea what’s happening, any idea of a fix My setup: aerial cord from external aerial to Humax HR box, aerial out from Humax to Samsung TV. There are no other attachments The problem: When I turn on my tv for the first time in the day, channel 3 (ITV) is missing and I receive the weak or no...
  2. 08moxy

    Itv app freezing

    For some reason my itv app keeps freezing while viewing something, its happened since an update. Anyone else having this problem
  3. C

    Itv hub and tv freezing

    Hi, I am new to this forum and new top Hisense TV I purchased a H55U7BUK tv when I firt had the TV ITV hub worked fine. The TV recently updated now ITV hub freezes and freezes the TV the only fix is to turn off the tv and turn it back on, running the ITV hub app again just causes things to...
  4. O

    ITV hub and 4OD apps for 2015 LG 65EG960V

    I have the above tv that came with Netflix and iPlayer installed but Ive never been able to get the ITV hub or 4OD or More 4 for that matter. When I got to the LG App store they don't appear to be there but on my other LGTV and phone they are there an can be installed. Is there something I'm...
  5. S

    Question Free streaming BBC, ITV, C4, C5 in HD

    This is our problem, We live behind a steep bank covered in trees and have a dish aerial for Freesat. We moved the dish higher due to the trees a few years ago but the trees have gotten taller and I can't see us getting much more height other putting it on pole..or moving it but there seems to...
  6. zembu

    Question Has ITV altered broadcasts to make it difficult to fast forward?

    Up to December 2017 my recorders worked fine on all channels. For ITV, I could wind on through adverts as fast as liked - no problem. But from Dec 2017, when I try playing back recordings from ITV and a few others; firstly the programme duration indicated is - for a one hour programme...
  7. G


    Why is it that ITV HD WC 2018 coverage is not in dolby digital but BBC HD is and other satellite channels? Does it mean itv actually change the broadcast feed and if so why? DD is so much better. itv hd is PL ii cinema ad its rubbish. ala the iceland thunderclap:clap::clap::clap:
  8. raigraphixs

    Innocent (ITV)

    Another murder drama for me to catch up on. I've not seen ep1 yet. Ep2 tonight, anyone following it?, over 4 nights.
  9. Demat

    Question ITV app on Roku - 4:3 aspect wrong - too narrow

    hi all I’ve just set up a Roku streaming stick on a new Sony TV. The TV is set to the normal 16:9 setting and I’ve tested 4:3 aspect older shows using Roku apps like Netflix and others, and they play with the correct 4:3 aspect - except the official ITV app.. ( I don’t want to stretch to fit...
  10. M

    Dark Heart (ITV) Oct 31, 2018

    Filming commences on ITV drama Dark Heart starring Tom Riley Filming begins this month on the highly anticipated new series of ITV and Silverprint Pictures compelling crime thriller, Dark Heart. Tom Riley stars as DI Will Wagstaffe, a man haunted by the murder of his parents when he was 16...
  11. M

    The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco (ITV) July 25, 2018

    The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco picks up in 1956 and follows two of the original lead characters, Millie (Rachel Stirling) and Jean (Julie Graham), as they travel to America and join forces with two U.S. code breakers to tackle a string of new murder cases. "Using their unique skills and...
  12. raigraphixs

    Next of Kin (ITV)

    Starts tonight 9PM
  13. M

    The Widow (Amazon US / ITV ) 2019, Mar 1(US) April 8 (ITV UK)

    ITV Orders ‘The Widow’ From ‘The Missing’s Harry & Jack Williams The UK’s ITV has commissioned The Widow, an eight-part drama series to be penned by Harry and Jack Williams, writers of BBC One and Starz’ Emmy, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominated The Missing. The Williams’ Two Brothers Pictures is...
  14. raigraphixs

    Bancroft (ITV) Series 2 Jan 2020

    Monday 11 December The replacement drama for the now postponed to 2018, Hatton Garden (ITV) series
  15. Louisvw4

    Question How do I add ITV Hub to my Sony Bravia?

    I can see BBC iPlayer, but cannot see any way of adding ITV Hub, etc... Can someone please advise. Many thanks.
  16. raigraphixs

    Vanity Fair (ITV)

    TV commissions seven part drama Vanity Fair Suranne Jones will play lady Miss Pinkerton in a sweeping adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray’s epic story of love and intrigue during the Napoleonic Wars. Michael Palin will play the part of Thackeray narrating the action which is taken from...
  17. raigraphixs

    Liar (ITV)

    Ep1 Enjoyed the first episode of thriller Liar from The Missing writers Harry and Jack Williams, who's other show "Rellick" was on the same night on BBC1. Liar came out on top, that's what she said.
  18. raigraphixs

    Action Team (ITV2) Spring 2018

    Spoof comedy series, with Vicky McClure, Tom Davis, Jim Howick, Kayode Ewumi and Laura Checkley, as the spy team who have to save the world. McClure will take on the role of Ruth Brooks, the head of the team of agents, who work for the British government. Written by Tom Davis and James...
  19. raigraphixs

    The X-Factor (ITV)

    Returns Saturday 2nd September at 8pm on ITV
  20. J

    Atrocious ITV player on Freesat Freetime

    Any idea if the ITV player is due to ever be replaced on the Freesat platform? The current player is a joke - wifey has made me press back into service the Youview box just to get an ITV player that works.
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