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  1. C

    Itv hub and tv freezing

    Hi, I am new to this forum and new top Hisense TV I purchased a H55U7BUK tv when I firt had the TV ITV hub worked fine. The TV recently updated now ITV hub freezes and freezes the TV the only fix is to turn off the tv and turn it back on, running the ITV hub app again just causes things to...
  2. O

    ITV hub and 4OD apps for 2015 LG 65EG960V

    I have the above tv that came with Netflix and iPlayer installed but Ive never been able to get the ITV hub or 4OD or More 4 for that matter. When I got to the LG App store they don't appear to be there but on my other LGTV and phone they are there an can be installed. Is there something I'm...
  3. Louisvw4

    Question How do I add ITV Hub to my Sony Bravia?

    I can see BBC iPlayer, but cannot see any way of adding ITV Hub, etc... Can someone please advise. Many thanks.
  4. Heaven17


    Hi A general query with regards to the ITV HUB - it seems to me like the app for said hub isnt showing but fires up when using catchup but the problem is it isn't controllable via the pause,fast forward, rewind buttons on my remote. Havent contacted Panny yet, thought someone on here would have...
  5. mints

    Question How to obtain decent picture on itv hub ?

    The only times I have seen a good quality image from the hub has been via Sky. Is there any other way to view to have a decent picture equal to that of iplayer.
  6. Zippy77777

    ITV HUB only playing in 4:3

    I have a 55" TV and all works a charm until I go into the ITV HUB and everything I watch in there, say on catch up plays in 4:3 mode instead of 16:9? Any ideas people?
  7. E

    Question Confused over setting Freesat ITV Hub subtitles

    I have a Humax 1100S PVR. and frequently need to have subtitles on. With BBC Iplayer it's a doddle. ITV Hub, howeve, no matter what I do, I am unable to get them to work, and the programs I wish to watch are not those I should think that shows like Midsomer and Endeavuor would fit the popular...
  8. L

    Itv hub HD?

    Is itv online in HD?
  9. M

    ITV Hub now available on Chromecast

    Recent addition to Chromecast services. Still waiting for Channel 5.
  10. D

    ITV Hub and 4oD

    I would like to be able to watch ITV Hub and 4oD programmes but my current setup does not allow it, what more equipment should I get. I have a LG-55EG910V 55" OLED TV, an Icecrpyt Freeview PVR, a Topfield 5810 and a WD Live TV. None of these seem to offer ITV Hub or 4oD programs.
  11. wishiwasinlpool

    Answered Why can the BBC iplayer app stream live TV but ITV Hub and All 4 can't?

    We have a new 50 inch Samsung smart TV which as yet doesn't have an aerial because of where it's located in the house. Yesterday we wanted to watch the F1 qualifying live on it but when we went to the All 4 app we discovered there was no live TV, only catch up. Same for ITV Hub. BBC iPlayer...
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