1. CatManDo

    Changing iTunes account

    Hi all, This is my current iTunes setup: Master account - Me Family sharing - Wife & Daughter I want to make my master account to be my daughters rather than mine, would this work: Remove daughter from Family sharing Change my Apple ID and details to my daughters Add my old Apple ID to family...
  2. BAW9DV

    Music obtained via another Itunes account?

    Hi, Need some advice ... My son has an IPhone SE and he has all his music on it and listens to it a lot, especially when he goes walking. Much of this music has been bought through his mother's account, all lawfully paid for. Now he is older and about to go to University at some point next...
  3. Beaker 2016

    Question Help lost all my iTunes library and playlists looking alternative

    Hi, Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere after the last big Microsoft update I went today to rip my new Paul Weller cd today to iTunes and found that my music library and playlists have all vanished?? I have a Marantz CD player and Denon AVR and don't know how to progress can anyone...
  4. E

    Question iTunes Alternative

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good alternative to Apple's ITunes program. Cheers
  5. N0body

    For Sale £65 iTunes UK giftcards

    Asking price given is for me giving you the codes via DM, i.e. no physical delivery. As there are three separate gift cards (2*£25, 1*£15), I'm happy to do a piecemeal transaction, starting with the £15 voucher, where the buyer can redeem that voucher before buying the others and thus risk can...
  6. RobTi

    Question Backing up iTunes movies

    Hi so any problems if I download my movies onto a pc then try to playback on the Apple TV, also anyway yet to backup 4K movies ? Thanks
  7. S

    Question SORTED: Amazon Audible can't download audio book to Windows 10 iTunes problem

    I can listen to Amazon Audible books ok on an iPhone but I want to download some to my Windows 10 computer to put onto an iPod. I thought it would be easy - big mistake. I have iTunes, Audible Download Manager and Audible Manager all installed. I'm using Chrome with Windows Defender and no...
  8. RobTi

    does UK GP port to MA or US itunes

    Hi i just noticed that a few of my GP films dont port anywhere else (the hobbit collection brought this to my attention), so do i need to buy them again, watching on ATV so no GP app and youtube wont do 4K ? Thanks
  9. Ratfink

    Question New to streaming. Backing up CDs and FLAC, wanting lossless but confused by options - help!

    Hey folks, I have a ton of CDs that are currently sitting in boxes due to various moving situations. What I'd like to do is back them all up, with artwork, in a lossless format that is flexible, easy to stream, and recognised by most streamers. At the moment I've been uploading them to ALAC in...
  10. C

    Review Thread for Picture and Audio Quality of iTunes Content

    Hi Guys, I have noticed that there doesn't seem to be any good sources for picture and audio quality reviews of streaming movies. I wonder if that is the case why don't we try and have a thread here where people can give short reviews of PQ/AQ of streamed content. I have noticed that...
  11. Peter fromL

    Apple iTunes Streaming Throttling

    I have no idea how to measure bitrates formally but I tried to watch an HD film last night and was barely getting SD quality. Switched to a 4K film and similarly got barely HD quality. I have a fibre Hyperoptic 100mbps connection. I’m all for ensuring bandwidth is used for the essentials (I work...
  12. kenshingintoki

    itunes on an OLED

    hey, I commonly ue my TV to play music through my PC via itunes. As you can imagine, by default there is static imaging as its just words and songs. Is there any neat way to try and mitigate burn in for this usage? Does anyone use their OLED to play music, either from a library or say even...
  13. Dazza Cole

    Why are movies anywhere and iTunes file sizes so different ?

    Been cleaning up some files, and I noticed a couple of movies I had downloaded via iTunes/Apple TV and Movies Anywhere. So no need to have the same thing saved twice....but then I noticed that the Apple download was 3 or 4 times the size. Does anyone know the reason for the difference in size...
  14. djpaulc247

    Question Streaming iTunes Through my Amp & Projector

    Hoping someone can help with this, I've never used iTunes to watch anything and don't have Apple TV so I believe the only way to watch something would be through my iPad or laptop? However, there is a documentary coming out that I want to watch on the big screen through my projector so I am...
  15. M

    Question Share iTunes movies with family

    Is there anyway to share iTunes movies with my family without only having the one payment card as an option? I want everyone to be able to use their own cards for the purchases they make but for my family members to be able to access my movies and for me to be able to access theirs without...
  16. rogerh

    How can I use Amazon Alexa Echo Show 8 to play my iTunes Library?

    I have a music stored in iTunes on my iMac. I don't have an Apple Music subscription. Is there any way I can play my iTunes library on Amazon Alexa Show 8? I also have Apple Photos, can this be seen on the Show 8?
  17. Chillie6

    Question iPhone X music not showing in iTunes

    With the iPhone connected to a laptop running Windows 10 it is recognised by iTunes, but if you select music under iPhone nothing is shown. Music is on the phone cause it plays. Have reinstalled iTunes but problem still persists. Any help gratefully received :)
  18. P

    If I buy a Complete TV series on iTunes can I download it to my NAS

    If I buy a complete series of a TV show on iTunes, is it possible for my to download the entire show as MP4 files (or the equivalent) and then save them to my NAS so that I can watch them on my Kodi box or Plex? I've tried Google Play and Amazon video, but they only seem to let you download to...
  19. O

    Going from Blu-ray to ITunes ?

    Dear all, Has anyone for reasons of convenience or the thought that it is inevitably where things are leading made this leap? I have a made a fair number of iTunes purchase de in recent months when offers have been on for our kitchen set up. toying with gradually over hauling the collection...
  20. D

    Restoring iPhone in iTunes.

    Hi, I always have a massive problem with backing up and restoring my phones on iTunes. Hopefully someone can help please. When I upgraded to a new iPhone 2 years ago, I backed up to iTunes before erasing my phone. When I tried to set up my new phone and restore my data it asked for a password -...
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