1. SGH42

    Wanted iTunes gift vouchers

    Looking for up to £50
  2. SGH42

    Will iTunes purchases be viewable on Apple Tv 4k box?

    I have seen a tv series that I want to buy and have seen that the whole series is much cheaper if I log onto my Mac's iTunes and purchase from there compared to if I try to purchase the series from my Apple TV 4k box. If I buy from my Mac's iTunes, will it be viewable on my Apple Tv 4k box? Both...
  3. RAINS

    Question Plex, Itunes, CD and apple music

    Hi i have been using Plex for over 10 years and originally ripped some of my CD collection via itunes. I transferred this to my NAS and that's how it has remained since. I think this was a mistake as ripped as MP3 or AAC in itunes rather than a higher bitres. I note that Plex only shows my...
  4. metalpaul1000

    Wanted £15 iTunes voucher

    As per title thanks
  5. bruce-leroy

    Wanted iTunes code/voucher/gift card

    Hi, Looking to buy a movie from iTunes so does anyone have any to offload with a bit of discount? ;) Maybe £5 or £10? Thanks. :)
  6. Captain Ted

    Where’s the music I bought on iTunes??

    Where has it gone? There’s a few albums I’ve bought and I cannot find on iTunes anymore. have I been robbed??
  7. ShaunIOW

    Wanted iTunes Gift Certs

    Any values up to about £50 Cheers
  8. P

    Import iTunes library into Tidal

    I have want to move from iTunes to a hi-res provider. I have over 1000 albums in iTunes, in a Mac, and want to import the library into the Tidal library I can see that TuneMy Music can do this but that seems to sync the libraries for a monthly cost. But I just want a 1 off import. I would...
  9. P

    Import iTunes library to Amazon music

    I have recently subscribed to Amazon music I want to import iTunes library. It is large library so doing it manually is not viable. I uderstand that Amazon used to have an import facility but this has been reviewed. I would appreciate suggestions on how to manage this import.
  10. Drooch

    4K on 1080 screen - Prime vs iTunes

    When I stream Amazon Prime 4K UHD movies from my Apple TV to my 1080p plasma it looks AMAZING, I can do direct comparisons of, for example, Ghostbusters II in HD and UHD and the difference is drastic. Clearly it’s downconverting the UHD for my screen, much like my 4K player does. However, when...
  11. R

    Recommendation itunes, Sotify, Amazon Music or YouTube Music

    I am currently using Spotify, but I would like to know the difference of Spotify, itunes, Amazon Music or YouTube Music in more detail. Is Spotify the best music platform provider or are the others as good as Spotify?
  12. terencejames

    Question Does anyone understand itunes?

    Long story short - Found some old CD's in the loft. Thought I'd rip them to itunes then put them on my phone. Some of the CD's were soundtracks by various artists - How the hell do I get them to show on my phone as the individual artist rather than 'various artists' and also, why doesn't the...
  13. X

    moving away from itunes - what do i use now?

    Having always used itunes for my album downloads - i need to move away from it now...(obs it took care of my purchasing new music, making playlists and adding to ipod) Can you suggest my best options please: Download service? Music organiser - creating playlists, adding to mp3 player etc I...
  14. celtic1967

    itunes Library to Android Phone

    Just moved from iphone x to nokia 8.3 android and Im struggling to find a free way to put my itunes music onto my Nokia so I can use it with Android Auto. I know there is the Apple Music app but that requires £9.99 a month and I dont want to pay that to listen to my own puchased cds that I have...
  15. Paul7777x

    iTunes replacement please?

    Has anyone got a good suggestion for a music player to use on my MacBook instead of iTunes please. Free is the idea. It must be able to apply volume equalising on playlists and have an iOS app too. Not asking much I know... ;) Oh yes, and I’ve a thing about the output being bit perfect. Cheers.
  16. WeegyAVLover

    iTunes :mad: - Need help fixing my wifes library

    Hi All, I am an IT guy so anything IT related in my house falls to me to fix. Not wanting to offend anyone here (so apologies if I do) but I hate iTunes with a passion and whenever my wife asks me to look at an issue my heart sinks. I have put of this issue for about 4 months and ignore it any...
  17. U

    iTunes - Apple Music confusion .......

    Hi all, I'm hoping for some help in understanding as I'm confused! I use to use iTunes as a front end jukebox for my PC based MP3 collection and so my iTunes has all of my collection listed in the library. When I go to Apple Music - I believe this is the environment that replaced iTunes on my...
  18. dr no

    UK iTunes Movie & TV Bargains

    Many of us decided against building US movie library and just stick to the UK iTunes Store. So this thread is to focus on the UK sides of things and keep all the other white noise out of it. Remember it’s all about buying movies and collection building NOT about watching any of them :p
  19. Kevo

    Question Problems After Moving my iTunes Music folder

    I have had my iTunes Music Library and music set to internal drive D:\Music\ for years with no problem So...(D:\Music\<Artist>\<Album>\Song Title.mp3 ) Since recently changing to a different (internal) drive which is now simply E:\Music\etc then iTunes insists of adding a subfolder...
  20. E

    Recommendations for Best Program for Transferring My Non Purchased Music from Iphone back to ITunes

    I have over 4000 non purchased songs on my Iphone which I need to transfer back into Itunes. Unfortunately ITunes will only transfer the ones I have bought from them. So I am looking for recommendations as to the best program to get, as some of them I have looked at want you to buy it first...
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