1. psychopomp1

    Transferring external mp3 files to iPhone without using iTunes

    I have a shed load of mp3 audio files on my PC which I want to transfer to my Iphone 12 Pro (128gb). I want to copy the files to the local storage on my iPhone so that they can be used offline without an internet connection. I do NOT want to use (install) iTunes on my PC. Am i right in thinking...
  2. B

    DS9 & Voyager - iTunes quality?

    With the high likelihood of the vintage Trek series (TOS through ENT) following Discovery and being pulled from Netflix to bolster Paramount+, I’m considering getting both Voyager & DS9 from iTunes. I already have the BluRay boxes for TOS, TNG & ENT, so I’m covered with those. My family are...
  3. C

    Hardware alternative to iTunes

    After finding iTunes / Apple Music more and more useless I’m looking to get out of the apple eco system altogether. The cocktail x35 looks great. But is there a way to sync a portable player? Does Cocktail audio make a portable player? Alternatively is there a PC based system/ app that allows...
  4. Dony

    iTunes question

    As a new iPhone user I'm slowing getting through the various niggles from switching from Android, but I've just noticed an issue with iTunes which I'm hoping is easily sorted. My PC is connected to my amp, and also to ceiling speakers in various rooms. However, when listening to iTunes it will...
  5. t1mmy

    VR for watching iTunes

    Hi, I‘ve Googled the hell out of this but can’t find a definitive answer which I’m not taking as a good sign, hopefully you guys can help. I really want to use a VR headset or similar to watch movies on iTunes as I’m keen to watch movies whilst blocking out all other distractions. Does anyone...
  6. rhino2k

    Bargain The Thing (1982) 4K HDR £3.99 @ iTunes

    What an absolute bargain! ‎The Thing on iTunes Might also be of interest to you @Casimir Harlow But I have not sampled it yet. Hope Event Horizon lived up to expectations though :)
  7. Moonlight98

    Pending item to be downloaded on iTunes (Macbook Air mid 2019)

    Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well. So, I have an ''issue''. It's not a serious issue, just an annoying one, so basically, if I click on the Music app on the Macbook Air, and then Account > See my Account, I can see all the information about my iTunes account but, at the very top of...
  8. S

    Hi-Res Lossless iTunes to Denon 4311 by cable

    Hi - after Goggling, I bought the 'iPhone/Camera adapter' and connected that by USB to my Denon's 'iPod/USB' input, but I'm struggling to get the iTunes playing on the iPhone to play through the Denon. Any advice would be appreciated.....
  9. cybersoga

    ITunes streaming vs disc discussion

    I have started this thread to discuss all things regarding iTunes streaming vs disc @lgans316 can you check the bitrate of Donnie Darko and Cinema Paradiso? The UHD discs look significantly more detailed than the streaming versions on iTunes for both these Arrow titles when i do an A/B...
  10. Sluggster

    Will aMac Mini do what I want it to?

    I was going to get the new version of the Apple TV 4K (2021) but it does not appear to be much of an upgrade from the older version. I‘m now considering a Mac Mini 2021 with the new non Intel chipset. Before moving forward I would like to make sure it will do what I want it to first. It must be...
  11. C

    Very impressed with iTunes movies in hdr

    Just tried my first 4K HDR movie picked finding Nemo. Love the quality not far away from a 4 disc. Think I might go all digital and they are a lot cheaper.
  12. Indiana Jones

    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Director’s Edition iTunes Version

    I saw it mentioned recently over on BD Forum that when you buy Star Trek 6 on iTunes one of the included extras is the Directors Cut of the film and that it doesn’t have any of the DNR or EE that the theatrical version suffers from and was wondering if anyone here had it and could confirm before...
  13. dbeevers

    Question Music (iTunes)

    Anyone have problems with iTunes playback? Over the past few months I've noticed most of my audio is distorting no matter where the level is set. Sound check and enhancer are off. At first I thought it was the Mac Mini but then dragging the audio out of itunes and looking at the waveforms and...
  14. Brookyflix

    iTunes replacement

    Hi All, New user here. Hope you can help here...... I currently run an Apple TV at each TV, via iTunes on a laptop with media served via a MyCloud NAS. I am getting sick and tired of opening an album and finding iTunes has decided to delete songs from albums and change or remove album covers...
  15. SGH42

    Will iTunes purchases be viewable on Apple Tv 4k box?

    I have seen a tv series that I want to buy and have seen that the whole series is much cheaper if I log onto my Mac's iTunes and purchase from there compared to if I try to purchase the series from my Apple TV 4k box. If I buy from my Mac's iTunes, will it be viewable on my Apple Tv 4k box? Both...
  16. RAINS

    Question Plex, Itunes, CD and apple music

    Hi i have been using Plex for over 10 years and originally ripped some of my CD collection via itunes. I transferred this to my NAS and that's how it has remained since. I think this was a mistake as ripped as MP3 or AAC in itunes rather than a higher bitres. I note that Plex only shows my...
  17. Captain Ted

    Where’s the music I bought on iTunes??

    Where has it gone? There’s a few albums I’ve bought and I cannot find on iTunes anymore. have I been robbed??
  18. P

    Import iTunes library into Tidal

    I have want to move from iTunes to a hi-res provider. I have over 1000 albums in iTunes, in a Mac, and want to import the library into the Tidal library I can see that TuneMy Music can do this but that seems to sync the libraries for a monthly cost. But I just want a 1 off import. I would...
  19. P

    Import iTunes library to Amazon music

    I have recently subscribed to Amazon music I want to import iTunes library. It is large library so doing it manually is not viable. I uderstand that Amazon used to have an import facility but this has been reviewed. I would appreciate suggestions on how to manage this import.
  20. Drooch

    4K on 1080 screen - Prime vs iTunes

    When I stream Amazon Prime 4K UHD movies from my Apple TV to my 1080p plasma it looks AMAZING, I can do direct comparisons of, for example, Ghostbusters II in HD and UHD and the difference is drastic. Clearly it’s downconverting the UHD for my screen, much like my 4K player does. However, when...
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