1. R

    Wanted Isoacoustics Gaia feet (with carpet spikes)

    Hi, anyone out there prepared to sell theirs to fund another upgrade they must be dying to purchase? Gaia iii are fine for me as looking to keep cost low. Thank you.
  2. HeadBanger

    For Sale SVS Soundpath Isolation Feet (4 Pack)

    Per title. Decouples the subwoofer from the floor greatly reducing room rattles. Like new and all packaging and fixing bolts included. Four (4) SoundPath Isolation Elastomer Feet with Steel Outer Shell Four (4) M6 x 20 mm screws Four (4) M8 x 20 mm screws Four (4) M10 x 20 mm screws £47.50...
  3. Autopilot

    Question about self isolation period and how long people are contagious for

    I would have thought by now this would be common knowledge, but I can’t seem to find definitive answers anywhere. The 10 day isolation period is based on how long people are thought to be contagious for (although there still seems to be some debate regarding if that starts from point of...
  4. lgans316

    Subwoofer - soundpath isolation pads / feet

    Hi Fellas, So the my sub bass is causing some vibrations in the floor upstairs thanks to poor insulation. Before I try any expensive options, I would like to try adding sound path isolation feet / pads to the sub. Please can you let me know if the below would work: It's for washing machines...
  5. G

    Speaker isolation feet

    Morning all I’ve just acquired a pair of Celestion speakers (about 8kg each) and some old Gale stands. It’s really an experiment at this stage, to see how I get on with speakers over 40 years old. I‘d like to isolate the underside of the speakers from the top plate of the stands without paying...
  6. O

    USB isolation

    Here's a topic that generates polarized opinions - USB noise, and its possible effect on audio. It came to mind because of this YouTube... The guy's an audio engineer, and I tend to trust people like that as hopefully being a bit more objective. Obviously you can't tell by listening to...
  7. V

    SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System

    As title. Worth it for a Strata III on carpet with a suspended timber floor in a room with no bass traps? Or should I be looking at adding some kind of acoustic treatment to the room first?
  8. MMachine78

    Which Bk subwoofer? For my isolation plate and size of room?

    Hi all, I have finally got the go ahead to get a new subwoofer to replace my Rel T-Zero. My room is 13ft x 14ft and I sit straight on to my tv...the only place I can have my subwoofer is to the side of my TV in front of the radiator as per pic....I have it on a sub isolation plate and...
  9. S

    Isolation pads. Where to stick 'em?

    A simple search hasn't given me a definitive or preferred answer. If using isolation pads for speakers on stands, is it 'better' to stick them to the bottom of the speaker or to the top of the stand? Any reason for doing one or the other or personal preference?
  10. Wahreo

    When can I see my children again.

    My Son tested positive on Xmas day. he has been self isolating with my daughter, their mum and her partner. Nobody else has symptoms. I am not living in the same household as them and haven’t seen them. any idea when I’m able to see them again? The other three are sending their tests off. I...
  11. bogart99

    Turntable isolation

    My TT is currently sitting atop a 4 shelf hifi unit. The unit has spiked feet which penetrate the carpet into a concrete floor. Would it help if I used a wall shelf? Am reading conflicting reports about concrete floors. One school of thought says the concrete isolates from vibrations whereas...
  12. Bilbo 69

    Question Isolation feet

    Hi Can anyone please tell me what size thread are the feet on the PB 4000 And how long the thread is ??
  13. Lee

    Household isolation rules

    There is something in the household isolation rules that doesn't seem right to me and could be adding to infection rates. The diagram in this article says that child 2 can come out of isolation even though dad has just presented with the virus. The government guidance backs that up as being...
  14. S

    Turntable isolation platforms

    I was wondering how many of you have the turntable on an isolation platform and if so why, conversley if you don't why not?
  15. speed1268

    Question Spike isolation

    Hi All , Just wanting thoughts on isolation between ATC 40 spikes and a granite base! Looking forward to hearing opinions :thumbsup:
  16. irvsax

    Speaker isolation bases

    Does anyone have their centre and front speakers on a unit and if so, do you use any isolation pads or feet to separate them from the unit or angle them at all?
  17. Kallor

    secure electrical isolation switch

    hi , had this fitted part of a electrical upgrade programme by the social housing landlord it outside the flat , i take it anyone come just come along now and kill the power too the flat when i'm not there? can i secure it somehow was thinking of some lock off device such as the link below...
  18. A

    Isolation feet for B&W CDM 7nt tower speakers

    Hi All I'm looking for some isolation feet (not spikes) to attach to the bottom of a pair of B&W CDM 7nt tower speakers. The speakers will be sitting on Granite worktop protectors. I'm not looking for anything flash or expensive, just something that will do a decent job of isolating the...
  19. B

    Isolation / air flow?

    Morning All, With my current set up i have a tuner sat on top of my amp. I'm not necessarily worried about distoration (or should i be?), however am concerned about the vents on it being covered. I'm ideally looking for a platform with feet which will effectively act as a shelf on top of the...
  20. wack

    It just got real in France, enforced isolation with travel papers required for essential travel Translated All the answers to your questions about the COVID-19 Coronavirus: On March 16, 2020, the President of the Republic decided to take measures to minimize contact and travel. A containment system is in...
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