1. S

    Recommended Budget 55" TVs in Ireland

    Hey, I've been looking on the forum for a good TV and checked the pinned Guide but have run into issues finding most of these TVs in Ireland. I've gotten a list of TV prices that I've been looking at that could work but some tips for this would be massively appreciated: LG BX 55" : 1,150€...
  2. B

    any AV installers in Dublin, Ireland?

    Looking for installers in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland? anyone aware of such guys? i found couple of them but they were AV sellers so found them selling expensive products to me than talking to me about installation itself. not sure if that is common in UK.
  3. D

    Miss Ireland 2021

    Race aside, what exactly was the criteria to be Miss Ireland?
  4. B

    Thoughts on LG 50NANO796NE?

    I'm looking to buy a TV for my bedroom in the next day or twk, and if I completely max out my budget I can afford either a Hisense 50U7QFTUK or the LG 50NANO796NE. I've heard very good things about the Hisense picture wise, but my partner would prefer to have Disney+ directly on the tv itself...
  5. dusf

    Question Hisense 65U8B: Delivered to Republic of Ireland for less than £890/€993?

    I am searching for the best deal on a Hisense 65U8B. John Lewis have them for £799 and although they offer intentional shipping, they do not for this particular item to the Republic of Ireland. I have checked Smart Germany and Mediamarkt Austria but they do not deliver here. Amazon UK and DE are...
  6. Stuart Wright

    Sweeping travel bans. Sensible precaution or airline killing over reaction?

    Coronavirus: US to extend coronavirus travel ban to UK and Ireland US to extend coronavirus travel ban to UK A lot of reaction to the travel ban seems negative. Do you think American (Trump) policy is right when the US already has cases? Is the UK’s policy if no travel ban more sensible?
  7. muljao

    Question Roku users question (anyone in Ireland?)

    Hi all, I am based in Ireland I bought a Roku streaming stick plus and while Netflix and Spotify and a few other apps are usable I am very limited due geographic location. Anyone using one of these in Ireland that could recommend some good movie/nature/documentary channels of the free type. I...
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