1. G

    For Sale HDMI transmitters over Cat5 (with IR control)

    Hi. I am having a clear out and found some of these HDMI transmitters/receivers which can send HD signal over a pair of Cat5 cables. I also have some IR magic eyes which can be used with these units that allow IR signals to be sent back along the Cat5. £20 each ONO (postage separate), which...
  2. K

    HDMI over IP - IR cable boxes issue

    HDMI over IP - IR cable boxes issue. I’m running 20 TV’s with HDMI over IP and four cable boxes in the server rack. However the IR blaster changes all channels no matter how I configure them. It seems the HDMI transmitters are receiving and sending the IR signal to all blasters regardless of...
  3. wkeith

    Where is IR receiver on SKy Q box

    I am getting a SKQ box to replace my c 10 year old HD+ box next week. I currently distribute the signal to 8 TV's using HDMI, Component and RF (different locations, TV's and monitors lend themselves to different connections) and use IR over RF to feed back to the RF2 SKY box. I also...
  4. K

    Help Needed Please ! - Labgear LDU608G - Cannot Change Channel! - Sky IR Fix

    Hi, I am praying someone can help me. So after recently getting rid of our terrible Sky technician / engineer, we have been running smooth sailing for the last year, then one day we cant change channel in 3 of our rooms. Our Setup is as follows. Quite hard to describe but il give it a go...
  5. V

    IR Extend System

    Hi Guys. After some modifications I made to the audio system just below the Sony KD 65 "O led, the integrated amplifier has the ability to cover the IR sensor of the TV, so I can not use the remote control. Question: is there anyone a transponder that will be placed at a point near the tv...
  6. G

    Keene IR Commander Matrix help please

    I am trying to set up a Keene IR Commander Matrix to both pass IR into a media cabinet and also send the IR codes to a "PC" (actually Node Red running on a Pi) for home automation purposes. According to the the help pages I should be able to do this but am having problems. I am using IR input 1...
  7. L

    Help me to find IR Discret Code to power off Philips TV 2021

    Hello, I just buy a Philips TV 65PUS9206 and i try to find discrete code to power off the TV. All of the discrete code i find are power toggle and not power off only... I find "power on" code : 0000 0073 0000 000D 0020 0020 0040 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0020 0040 0020...
  8. SandmanXX

    Need some help with IR remote codes, RX-V685 av, RAV570 remote..

    So, as the title says... I have the extended remote codes off of a website, they look like 7E-7E, etc. What I read about somewhere is the ability to make the remote output those extended codes, through a setting on the amp. I can use my broadlink rm4 to learn them. Anyone know of a way via amp...
  9. P

    Samsung TV IR sensor not responding to remote controller.

    Hi, my Samsung TV IR sensor not responding to remote controller. I guest I need to do factory reset because I tried all the other option. I tried different remote from other Samsung TV. I tried new IR sensor. I tried just Normal restart TV. I was wondering how I can other way to do factory...
  10. charleyfarley

    Remote IR Profile h65n6800

    Does anybody know if there is a way to find out the IR profile for the remote so I can set up my fire stick one to control the TV? When I go through the setup procedure the firestick recognises I have a Hisense TV and works but only for a few minutes and then the volume and the power buttons...
  11. D

    Onkyo TX NR0905 remote IR Profile

    I am setting up FireTV and it is asking me for my Onkyo TX NR0905 remote IR Profile number to allow the FireTV remote to control the receiver's volume. The profile number is a 4 digit number
  12. G

    TiVo box IR eye issues

    Hi everyone, I’m hoping you can help. I’ve recently had a false chimney breast built with fire and tv recessed in. I’ve had my virgin TiVo box and router relocated upstairs into a cupboard. A Technomate HDMI splitter has been installed with an IR eye. The virgin media remote works very slowly...
  13. R

    Pioneer VSX-933 IR code for Sky HD punch through

    Good evening all, I have the Pioneer VSX-933, and I'm after some infrared codes to program it into my Sky HD remote to allow the Sky remote to power it on-left hand cursor button, and control the volume using the volume keys. I've already done it on two remotes a while back, but, doh, didn't...
  14. D

    No IR control from TV in second room?

    Just moved house. All living/bedrooms have a coax wall point. In the loft is a Labgear HDU-681 inherited from the last house owner, instructions here: All eight outputs presumably go to the room wall points. The only other...
  15. B

    IR Receiver -Yamaha RX-A870

    Hi, Can any one suggest an IR receiver that works with the above? AV unit in a cupboard, want to use the IR in with a different receiver out of the cupboard. Tried one I had kicking about but no joy. Thanks
  16. expos81

    No IR port on Denon 2700h

    Hi, I have a Denon 2700h and I've just tried to input a 3.5mm lead into the IR port as the manual shows, but for some reason mine does not have it. The manual on the Denon site shows it clearly. I have got the IR repeater to work by using the small lead over the IR screen, but I was hoping...
  17. expos81

    IR Reapeater Denon 2700h - Remote In and Out

    Hi, I have a 2700h and I've just recently bought a new TV unit. The AVR is now behind a closet door and the remote no longer works. I've seen loads of IR repeaters on Amazon, is this what I need? I've seen that on the back of the AVR there is a remote In and Out. Is there a specific thing I...
  18. Zappa2Vai

    PK-EM1 3D IR Emitter for JVC DLA-N5?

    As PK-AG1 & PK-AG2 require PK-EM1 3D IR Emitter is this compatible with JVC DLA-N5? Guess it would be better to use PKAG3G & PK-EM2G with JVC DLA-N5?
  19. jont

    Multiple IR extender leads for Harmony Hub

    I would like to control all my devices in the tack by IR from my Harmony Hub ... anyone got/used any 1>6 sized leads that would plug in rather than the 1>2 supplied ? ... shame there's only one socket ... I know it's a blaster built in but I can't position it in a way to easily control...
  20. T

    Marantz PM7000N IR Extender - who makes them?

    Hi all, Following up from my previous post requesting advice on upgrading my Chromecast-Topping D50-Marantz PM7200-Kef Q350-Rel TZero setup (see New amp for Q350/Rel Kitchen setup? ), i went for a PM7000n, which has simplified the setup, and offered some improvements in sound to boot....not...
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