Ir, ir or IR may refer to:
IR may refer to:

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  1. mavice

    For Sale FLIPPER ZERO experimental / research tool

    FLIPPER ZERO This is a bluetooth, RFID, IR, Wifi etc gadget, research and development tool My teenage son saved and purchased this 6 months back as he was fascinated by the hype, and then typically didn't put in the hard work to actually learn much regarding the tech and communications it can...
  2. S

    Question Is there any preamp with IR receiver compatible with Samsung TV universal remote?

    I have Samsung TV, a Modi Multibit DAC and a pair of KRK powered monitors. I would like to output TV sound using optical into the DAC and then add a preamp with IR receiver between the DAC and the powered monitors, so I can control the volume remotely, ideally from the same Samsung TV remote...
  3. rccarguy3

    Logitech harmony question

    I need a new remote control. Is the software off line capable? If I just learn IR commands from my own remotes onto the harmony (do they have IR receiver?) And customise menus as I want. Or do I need internet connection/account and access to Logitech server? (And the device must in in their...
  4. R

    IR profile number for VGKE Projector - help?

    Help - cant find IR profile number for a VGKE T28 projector? I dont have remote so trying to use firestick control so need to try and find IR profile number.
  5. P

    Pioneer VSX 530 Remote AXD 7736 lirc ir remote problem

    Having problems with my vsx 530 av receiver and axd 7736 remote control. I am trying to create a lirc ir remote using a raspberry pi and anavi ir led pihat. When I send the key commands for power on off, etc commands for the type of remote and receiver, the receiving is not picking up the...
  6. sep8001

    IR Extender for Sonos Playbar

    Hi A friend has had to place his sonos Playbar behind the TV and is now unable to control it via the remote. What options are there to be able to control the Sonos Playbar via a remote please. Some pictures attached, showing placement and the cable that came with his TV. Thank you for your help.
  7. C

    Need a tiny IR remote

    I'm looking for a small 2 button (car key sizeish) IR programmable remote to control the volume +- on my amp (Arcam). There are cheap garage door controls on ebay which are RF, would they work with what I want to do?
  8. M

    BT TV Box Pro - BT Youview IR Remotes Still Work!

    I just thought I'd post this for info in case it helps anyone else. I upgraded my faulty BT DTR-T4000 Youview Box to a BT TV Box Pro this week. There are only really minor differences between the features, but the main benefits seem to be responsiveness and (I'm pretty sure I not imagining it)...
  9. andyclark

    Crestron IR Remote/ Virgin 360

    I wondered if anyone has figured out a way for Crestron remote (ir) to control the Virgin 360. I hear that some remotes seem to work so that IR functionality must exist but it’s not obvious for the Crestron systems. Best regards Andy
  10. H

    Android app to use phone's IR port to control Yamaha YSP800

    My Yamaha YSP800 remote has been mislaid. I am hoping to find an Android app that will use the IR port on my phone to control the YSP. Can anyone advise of an app that they know will work with this soundbar. I have tried many, but am unable to find one that works. TIA. Tom
  11. E

    Picture Mode IR Codes

    Hoping someone can answer this question. Are there separate IR codes for the different picture modes? The standard remote does not have them but as I found out recently there are codes to select each individual HDMI source even though the remote doesn’t have them and just cycles through using...
  12. scrowe

    IR Cable/Emitter Issues

    HI All, Having had to rejig and rewire my AV cabinet, to accommodate everything, I fell short on Infra-Red positioning. My main remote is a Sofabaton X1 which has a Hub and 2x IR Blaster/Emitter outputs. However, I needed to get 3x in-cabinet devices controlled. ATTEMPT 1 - GLOBALCACHE GC-100...
  13. B

    Sky distribution via Technomate Modulator & Distribution Amp - IR Interference / Quality

    Good evening friends. I'd really appreciate some help from you geniuses! I have just upgraded my folk's Sky distribution setup in readiness for SkyQ in a couple of weeks. As you know, the SkyQ boxes no longer have the RF outputs. My kit of choice is the Technomate 4k HDMI modulator with IR...
  14. DrPhil

    IR extenders for Harmony hub

    Any link to where to get a couple? If Harmony are powering down, is there a 3rd party cable that works?
  15. kd8

    IR sensor to a control in port?

    Hello, I have pionner cassete deck and it has control in port on the back. Could i wire an IR sensor and use pionner universal remote or does it really have to be wired on other component. And all that because it dosent have ir sensor.
  16. Swynol

    Denon IR input Help

    After some help. Recently bought a Denon x3700h one of the features i wanted was an IR input on the rear. After a bit of research i found out that Denon use a mono 3.5mm IR receiver. So i bought a genuine marantz/denon IR receiver cable which has a eye/receiver on it. Tried it out today and...
  17. M

    Sony str-dn1080 and sdp-xe510 cd player ir blaster or s-link connectivity?

    hi, I wonder what is my option to controll this old cd player with the receiver's remote here, if i have one. The old cd player has an S-link connector (looks like a 2 pin connector but bigger than 3.5mm) the receiver has a 3.5mm Ir in and output connector. I guess there is no wired option here...
  18. R

    Harmony Control of NVDIA SHIELD BY IR.

    I had a Harmony 665 remote working Nvidia Shield using a FLIRC USB Universal Remote Control Receiver on the Shield. Now Ive needed to resetup the 665 and no longer am able to control the Shield. What is the setup tasks to get the 665 to control the SHield over IR? Thanks!
  19. R

    Marantz SR 6015 IR Remote Question

    I read a few threads on this topic but still am not sure of the answer. I have a Marantz SR 6015 unit. It will be installed in a closet behind the sitting area. Therefore I think I need some kind of IR unit that’s in line of sight to the remote I’ll be using seater in front of the TV. I see...
  20. G

    LG C2 IR Blaster

    Hi, can anyone please tell me what the IR Blaster is for that came with my LG C2? I assume that it is used to control devices such as audio amplifiers that don't have a direct connection to the TV via HDMI. I can't find any information anywhere about it. I'd like to use it to control other...
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