1. Hainesy

    For Sale 2 x Hikvision Cube Indoor IP Camera 1080p 3MP / IR / PIR / WiFi / PoE / 2.8mm Wide Angle

    Have got two of these DS-2CD2432F-IW model indoor IP cameras for sale having used them as baby cams and no longer need them. These are really high quality units, work with a range of software including Hikvision's own app / Synology Surveillance Station / Blue Iris etc. Full specs here: 3MP IR...
  2. N

    Question IR on/off lightswitch for use with universal remote?

    I just want to be able to turn my wired ceiling lights off from the couch when I'm ready to watch the movie.. And I want to program my universal remote to toggle it. I'm thinking I just need a regular light switch with a infrared sensor on it and comes with a remote i can replace. It seems to...
  3. N

    Programmable remote that supports BT and IR

    Recently upgraded from Sky HD+ to SkyQ but this causes a problem with my Harmony Programmable Remote Controller as it only controls via IR. I really like the voice search/instruction capability you get with the SkyQ BT remote - I understand if a pair with an IR Sky remote I loose the voice...
  4. broona

    Question IR friendly cabinet for 65" C9?

    Looking to replace my ancient IKEA frosted glass door cabinet (with limo black tints as can be seen in my pic), but struggling to find anything suitable. I'd like something with tinted IR friendly glass doors as I hate seeing lights from my devices, less than 1600mm wide, and preferably with a...
  5. R

    How to control smart TV over home network when IR sensor on TV is defective ?

    I have a 5 year old Samsung smart TV that only intermittently accepts commands from the remote (the issue is definitely with the IR sensor on the TV, not with the remote). The TV is connected to the home network (over ethernet) and, once powered up manually using the switch on the TV, it...
  6. C

    Question Alternative to Marantz RX101 IR extension/receiver

    Marantz offers a product called the RX101, which provides an IR extension/receiver for their AV receiver, which could be used to extend the range of the remote control. I have a few problems with this specific unit: 1. It offers Bluetooth, which I don't need - I have perfect Bluetooth range...
  7. C

    Wanted Urgently wanted Audio Authority C-1024a IR Converter for Bose Lifestyle 30

    I am desperately looking for a Audio Authority C-1024a IR Converter for Bose Lifestyle 30 Audio Authority - Product Details: C-1024A Audio Authority - Product Details: C-1024A The product has been discontinued and not available on Ebay or the second hand market. If anyone has one in working...
  8. Northgarden85

    Question Sony IR sensor not working.

    I’ve had my Sony KD65ZF9 with the matching sound bar for about 4 months now and loving it. However the remote just stopped working and the only function that works is the voice command. Has anyone else had a issue like this and if so how did you fix it? I’ve performed a hard reset thinking that...
  9. gieffe

    Yamaha rx-v767 IR receiver (diode) not working

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. Recently I bought a second-hand Yamaha RX-V767 amplifier with remote (RAV344L) and everything worked like a charm. After a few weeks, the amplifier's IR receiver stopped working so I am not unable to access the "on screen" menu (and do all the things you can do...
  10. B

    Sky Q in remote room - glitching and IR help

    Hi everyone, Hoping I can get some help or advice on my Sky Q setup. When building our house, I had everything routed to a central comms cupboard upstairs. So the Sky Q box, Sky Router, all Cat6 points come back to the cabinet. The Sky Q box is connected to a Triax MOD103T modulator complete...
  11. J

    Logitech Harmony poor IR pairing

    Hi, So I've recently switched from Sky to Virgin and I'm trying to redo my harmony remote so it turns on the various devices and is functional with the Virgin V6 box. However I am having problems doing this as the Harmony One is not recognizing the IR signal from the Virgin remote when it...
  12. A

    Question Issue with pixel degradation (?) on LG OLED55B7

    Hi, I have had the LG OLED B7 for about a year and a half. Yesterday I noticed that on certain colours (lighter yellows, reds, etc) there was a line down the centre of the screen. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the entire left hand side of the screen is a slightly different colour to...
  13. T

    New Setup, IR Reciever to get signal through cabinets?

    Hi all, I am just designing and building my home cinema system and i'm going to hide all my gadgets in a cupboard. However the IR remote will obviously not pass through. Any idea how I can achieve this? I'd need it to control my AVR and BT 4k box? Thanks, James.
  14. D

    Question Technomate TM-RF HD IR Digital Modulator

    Anyone had any recent experience with the Technomate TM-RF HD IR digital modulator ? I have just purchased one to re-transmit my Humax FreeView PVR output through the house TV distribution system, achieved by looping the HDMI feed through the modulator and running an extra co-ax cable to the...
  15. A

    Question Samsung remote control and IR question

    Hello, I own a samsung tv - le40c530f1w, I have it for more than 7 years I think. In the past two years my remote control is alternately working on the t.v. When it's hot (the environment) it's not working, when it's too cold it's also not working. I did check the remote itself and it's...
  16. L

    Trigger Cable for homegear screen

    Hi - apologies for the very noob question, but I wanted clarification I have the right idea on how to approach this At the moment I use a Logitech Harmony as my sole remote, which controls everything except for my projector screen because it is a different RF band, which is pretty annoying. To...
  17. JohnP113

    Question Which camera to video bats at night?

    Hi, I want to be able to video bats flying at night. As they are fast moving I need a high frame rate so I can create slomo clips. I know this is a big ask as low light usually means slow shutter speeds. I need HD quality video and would also like the ability to take HD stills. The IR should...
  18. mjn

    For Sale Philips Pronto RF / IR Extender

    Having a clear out and found a Philips Pronto SBC L1910 RF/IT Extender. Box has been opened, but hardware unused. Would prefer collection as it is quite heavy, but will post if required. Price and currency: £20 Delivery: Delivery cost is not included Payment method: Cash, paypal (you pay...
  19. B

    Question Control volume (Denon PMA-350)

    Hello all, I've recently bought a bargain Denon PMA-350 amp (inc. tape deck, tuner and CD player) in fantastic nick. It was cheap and I couldn't pass up on it. It works fine and no issues, however, I didn't notice that the amp doesn't have a remote feature (and therefore no IR receiver), which...
  20. N

    Question Extend IR receiver cable

    Hi, I bought a HDMI switch that has a IR receiver so you can change inputs via remote, the only problem is the IR receiver cable is very short and I was wondering how might I extend it? The plug appears to look like a 3.5mm Jack. Any help please? Thanks
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