1. sivthasan

    For Sale HP ENVY 13-aq0003na i7-8565U 16GB RAM 1TB SSD 13.3" 1080p Touchscreen

    I have a HP ENVY 13-aq0003na laptop for sale, with the following specs: CPU: i7-8565U (1.8GHz base, 4.6GHz boost) RAM: 16GB DDR4-2400 RAM SSD: 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD Screen: FHD IPS BrightView micro-edge WLED-backlit multitouch-enabled edge-to-edge glass with Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBT™...
  2. likeabrickhouse

    For Sale Acer Predator X34P 34" QHD 120Hz Curved IPS G-Sync UltraWide Gaming Monitor

    This has been my personal monitor for a while. Selling as I've gone with another curved ultrawide (mainly for work) after finding out I just can't cut it with a 2x 4k flat panel setup which I originally intended to convert to but the curse of the ultrawide is everlasting it seems. It's pretty...
  3. Riddy

    For Sale ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q IPS 100Hz

    Selling as no longer required. Screen's in perfect condition, no dead pixels and minimal backlight bleed. Only issue to speak of is a part of the stand is missing {pictured}, but was bought in this condition, and has zero impact on monitor stability.
  4. Placemat

    For Sale Dell 23" 1080p Monitor

    For sale Dell U2311HB REV A01 monitor. Condition is used with some minor marks on the base. Please see review here for full specs: TFT Central Would prefer collection but can look at postage cost if necessary. £40 ONO Price drop - £25
  5. I

    KD49XH81 - Is this VA or IPS?

    I am considering getting a KD49XH81 from Very https://www.very.co.uk/sony-bravia-kd49xh81-49-inch-4k-hdr-ultra-hd-android-smart-tv-with-voice-remote-black/1600462676.prd I need VA for my bedroom. Is this VA?
  6. S

    55" IPS family TV - help needed please.

    55" IPS family TV - sorry for yet another one of these type of requests but I really do need some help with finding a ‘simple’ family” living room telly, please. The tv will be replacing a 10+ years old Panasonic 42” plasma, TH-42PX70, whose HDMI inputs seem to have given up the ghost. I don’t...
  7. Venomx999

    Curved Or Flat Monitor ?

    Looking for a 34" ultrawide 144hz monitor for my PC. GB3466WQSU-B1 Curve GB3461WQSU-B1 Flat The flat is IPS, the curved is VA which would be best ?
  8. plaver

    LG Monitor LG 27UL850-W 27" UHD 4K IPS Monitor,

    I have just received this monitor and connected up my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 via USB-C, the image appears to be suffering from Red saturation issue, using what picture settings I have doesn't appear t make much difference, the contrast setting is also greyed out. Any image that should be while...
  9. C

    Question Help identify: LCD LED TVs (Non OLED) with IPS vs VA Panels - Which Brands, Series, Models?

    Help identify: LCD LED TVs (Non OLED) with IPS vs VA Panels - Which Brands, Series, Models? I will be using this primarily as a big monitor for "reclined computing" at a distance (NOT upclose as shown here). https://money.cnn.com/2015/10/28/technology/altwork-chair/index.html...
  10. N

    LG UHD IPS or VA

    Hi, first post on here. I'm currently looking at the LG UN74 and LG UN81 ranges and wondering if anyone can tell me which models are VA and which are IPS? The way our lounge is set out, the TV is often viewed from an angle and also gets used a lot for gaming, so therefore looking for IPS. Thanks
  11. L

    LG 75"Nano99 what kind of "blackmagic" is this for a IPS panel?

    minute 7:47
  12. R

    Philips 65PUS8555 IPS Panel?

    Hi, I am about to buy 65 inch Philips PUS8555 series and I am worried about many youtube reviews saying it has an IPS panel which is inferior to the VA panels in terms of contrast and deep blacks. I would like to have an honest user opinion if that is true? and if yes then how bacd are the...
  13. Boostrail

    49" Sony/LG TV's with IPS panels?

    @ Dodgexander I quote from another thread where my query regarding your statement seems to have got buried in other aspects of that thread My query was why is this? I ask because I have decided that unfortunately a VA panel TV even the Sony 49XH9505 would from reports not satisfy my +/_30deg...
  14. snadge

    Father needs LG with IPS, Trumotion 4K HDR 42"+ ...NEW

    can anyone advise that my dad was ripped off my curries giving him a secondhand LG which had a VA panel in it but was told it was IPS by rep, got his money back... as you could not view it unless head-on, engineers at his MOD work said it was a faulty VA panel anyway which had less than 60'...
  15. snadge

    do LG slip in VA/TN panels instead of IPS at factory level?

    My dads new LG should be IPS but is TN/VA when he moves slightly to left or right it goes overcast...also when he opened it , it had NO PEELY on the screen, this tells me its been returned and re-sold... as all TV's have that peely. the TV is a 43UN74006LB he sys he has read that...
  16. snadge

    does the LG 43UN74006LB have an IPS panel or VA..?I

    I ask as my dad bought a budget LED set withh full light LED backlight and says viewing angles aer poor whe his lass sits slighty off too the left knitting,,,it looks over cast and grey - as it was an LG i assumed it would be UOS as all ym budget LGs have been ips EDIT: 43UN74006LB unit thanks
  17. J

    Question LG 49NANO86 screen bleed issue? Is this acceptable?

    Hi all, Just took delivery of an LG 49NANO86, generally pretty happy with it but I find it quite distracting there seems to be some bleed in the bottom left. I understand the limitations of edge lit displays mean this sometimes happens but should it be happening on day 1 and is there any worth...
  18. P

    Question Can someone please give me some advice about VA vs IPS

    I looking at buying a new tv but I’m struggling. I’ve got 2 hisence TVs both VA panels and 65 inch the viewing angles are perfect to me can watch at any angle and picture stays the same. Going by reviews VA panels are not good for angles is that correct? Upstairs I’ve got a Samsung 55 inch think...
  19. DT79

    Question IPS vs VA / edge vs back-lit - is there a database of models?

    Looking for a new LCD TV for the lounge and ideally i'd like back-lit and an IPS panel. It's only going to be a 40" screen for a secondary room, but nevertheless it might as well be as good as possible. What is frustrating is that it is remarkably hard to establish what type of panel and...
  20. DT79

    40" back-lit IPS options

    Hi all. I'm looking for a replacement TV for our lounge. It's not the main movie watching room, so it's really just for 'casual' TV watching, so it doesn't have to be amazing, but I would like it not to have any glaring flaws. I used to have a 40" Samsung and I took the opportunity to swap this...
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