1. Placemat

    For Sale ASUS SWIFT PG279Q 27"1440p 165Hz IPS Monitor

    Bought new in December 2016, selling due to upgrade to ultrawide. Good condition, been in the same spot since purchase Sold in original packaging Including aftermarket displayport and hdmi cables in the sale 1 dead pixel since purchase, see images Sold with the original base/stand (see ASUS...
  2. N

    Sony 50" x80k- is the panel IPS or VA ? RBB or BGR ?

    About Sony TV x80k, specifically the size of 50", in cotrast to the other sizes of this model. 1. Is the panel IPS or VA ? 2. Is the subpixel RBB or BGR ?
  3. N

    What is the panel of kd-50x80k- IPS or VA ?

    What is the panel of kd-50x80k- IPS or VA ?
  4. Casdawer

    For Sale AW2721D (Alienware 27" 240hz IPS)

    Hello, I've recently sold my PC so I no longer need this monitor. This was purchased as a refurbished unit and does not have any remaining warranty. However, this monitor is in perfect working order. There are no dead pixels, minimal IPS glow (won the panel lottery), and is fantastic...
  5. K

    For Sale Samsung UR55 28" IPS 4K Monitor - £150

    Selling one (and eventually both) of these as I am looking to get a 5K ultrawide monitor to replace them both. Also have a dual monitor desk clamp that is not part of this ad, but we can discuss if anyone happens to want that too. Excellent condition - no dead pixels...
  6. SimonST

    For Sale Seasonic Prime GX 850W PSU, 16GB Crucial DDR4 3600CL16 RAM, Phanteks P400A Case

    £100 Seasonic Prime GX-850 PSU (purchased Nov 2020) Superb 850W PSU, ideal for any new high-end PC build. Includes a 12-year transferrable Seasonic Warranty (purchased in 2020, so ~10 years remaining). Originally purchased for a 5900X/3060 Ti build, but I sold those components earlier this year...
  7. Mister_Tad

    IPS vs VA for ~100" TVs?

    Sorta-repost from the Samsung QN90A thread, but I guess this is more of a general question than one specific to the Samsung. The 98" QN90A in the UK appears to use an IPS panel, and whilst traditional wisdom would say that's the worst thing ever and what I really want it a VA panel, I'm not so...
  8. H

    For Sale *REDUCED* Dell S2721 DGFA IPS 165Hz Gaming Monitor QHD and HDR Like New for £220!

    Dell SG2721DGFA 27 inch Widescreen IPS LCD Monitor. 165Hz Refresh rate QHD (1440p) and HDR Gaming Originally bought for work and barely used as have been off long term sick so basically brand new. Selling to help fund private healthcare treatment. (Please see my other items - Apple watches...
  9. V

    Are all UK Samsungs in 65 inch IPS panels?

    Can't find a definite answer but it seems all the highly rated models on US review websites dont apply to us as UK Samsungs use IPS which has much worse contrast ratio in exchange for brightness and viewing angles.
  10. Uppo

    50in IPS screen availability

    Does anyone know if there any new 50in TV's with a IPS screen available in 2022? My old Samsung 40in LE87bdx has to be switched on with no input for at least 10 mins before I turn on my foxsat PVR or it turns itself on and off. So I assume it will die on me soon. I only watch Freesat channels...
  11. MutantMike

    Is their an LG list that can tell which models/sizes are IPS or VA panels?

    Would like to know
  12. MutantMike

    IPS vs VA panels for LG televisions and gaming on Series X?

    We are in the market for a basic 4k tv and LG is what we want We are looking at 60 or 65" and will be upgrading the tv mainly due to us getting a Series X console I just saw that LG only made VA panels with 50 and 70", is this true? I have never owned an IPS and read they are not as good...
  13. N

    Philips 65pus8536 IPS Bleeding problems?

    Hello, after reading the thread of the previous 8505 models i decieded to get the newer model 8536, i choose the 65 version because of its IPS panel and hopefully get a proper picture and colors. To my regret i got a faulty (i think) model with strange brighter spots on the left side of the...
  14. P

    43 inch LG NanoCell VA or IPS code?

    I'm trying to buy 43 inch direct led TV from LG in my country with IPS panel. While checking displayspec on 43NANO753PA, there is lottery on this model (756PA ondisplayspec - marked depended) MVA or IPS. Today I checked 43NANO753PA in a store where I worked before and it has VA panel with very...
  15. giachi

    LG RGBW subpixel LCD TVs

    Hi, I need to buy a cheap TV that will also be used as a PC monitor. I have heard that low end LG IPS TV sets may have a RBGW subpixel layout, which I think makes them suboptimal for monitor use(text reading, etc). Does this still apply to the new UP75 series? Also, is there any difference...
  16. Hornet4000

    Hisense Roku R55A7200GTUK, WhatHiFi award winner - VA or IPS panel?

    Does anyone know whether the 55 and 65 inch versions of the Hisense R50A7200GTUK are VA or IPS panels? The 50 inch version seems to be a VA and recently won a product of the year award from WhatHiFi (yes, I know, no absolute guarantee of quality), and so I want to know whether the larger panels...
  17. H

    LG 50UP75006LF is it VA or IPS panel?

    Hi all, I did search for this info but didn't find on the forum here which surprised me! I called LG support asking if 50" model of UP75 is VA or IPS and they kept telling me it is an direct-lit "which means it has good viewing angle when watching from up front"! 😱 I was shocked that their tech...
  18. S

    Which LG 65"/ 75" LED TV's have IPS Panels?

    At my place of work we currently have a few LG IPS TV's used for a bit of digital signage. They have all been configured with a timer and looks and performs flawlessly. We intend to purchase x6 more to go in other areas at high level but I am struggling to confirm which current available models...
  19. A

    RTINGS review of 55” X85J suggests 43” may be IPS (again!)

    https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x85j I was really hoping 2021 would bring the perfect 43” TV for me but it’s looking like Sony have skimped on the 43” model again. Has anyone managed to get their hands on one to find out? I’m sure the adjustable stand X89J variant has been available in...
  20. I

    KD49XH81 - Is this VA or IPS?

    I am considering getting a KD49XH81 from Very https://www.very.co.uk/sony-bravia-kd49xh81-49-inch-4k-hdr-ultra-hd-android-smart-tv-with-voice-remote-black/1600462676.prd I need VA for my bedroom. Is this VA?
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