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  1. B

    Help with Yamaha RX-V679 playing from Ipod Touch (A1421)

    My problem is being able to play to the Yamaha from an iPod touch (A1421). This is my first ever use of Apple infrastructure and I am rather low on the learning curve. If I put the iPod on the docking station, which has speakers built and no stereo jack, in I am stuck with the sound coming...
  2. B

    Connection question for ipod touch (A1431)

    The captioned ipod has a bluetooth transmitter which works fine connecting to a pair of remote BT speakers when not docked. When the device is plugged into a docking station with speakers the playing through bluetooth is stopped. I would like to know if this feature can be turned off so that...
  3. pcdunk

    Question Need a replacement or alternative to my iPod Touch 5th Gen. for Spotify.

    Hi, Looking for some advise for a something to replace my 32GB iPod Touch 5th Gen. This device is nearly full of Music from CD's plus iTunes. I now have a requirement for downloading music from Spotify. I was looking to get either a second hand 128GB/64GB iPod Touch 6th Gen or a 64GB iPod Touch...
  4. T

    Battery life on Deezer twice as high as on Spotify

    I've been conducting some tests, comparing the power consumption of Spotify and Deezer on iOS. My findings are that streaming music on Deezer can last up to twice as long as Spotify on a single battery charge. My test were done on both an 6. gen iPod Touch and an iPad Air 2, both running the...
  5. I

    Question Portable amp/dac for ipod touch

    Hi I'm looking to improve the sound quality from my ipod touch. I've thought about just buying a better player, however I stream/download mainly from Tidal. I had a Pioneer xdp 30r for a few days and though the sq was excellent its wifi and interface with tidal were pretty awful. I also think it...
  6. B

    Question Ipod Touch 6th Gen

    Other than the bay, where is the best place to sell the above item? If this post breaks any rules, that was not my intention and the mods can do freely what they need to.
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