1. TVEye

    Who broke the iPlayer?

    What on earth's happened to it? I thought it must be just Samsung's version of it, but it seems it's rubbish everywhere. It looks like something that's been knocked together using some kind of primitive coding from 20 years ago. It's absolutely appalling and barely worth the effort of using it.
  2. N

    BBC iPlayer: all programmes fail to start

    Since the afternoon of Friday 19 Nov, any programme I select on my Smart TV fails to start properly. The initial audio plays three times while the buffer circle does its thing on a blank screen, then the message comes up ‘something went wrong playing this programme ......usually...
  3. M

    QN95A iPlayer UHD picture settings

    Hi I've started playing iPlayer UHD content on my QN95A The reds seem way to red in movie mode The color setting was 25 and I've wound it back to18 and that has taken the sting out of it I just wondered what others used for their settings for iPlayer UHD content on this TV Thanks
  4. alex61

    iPlayer playback issues on TV?

    Hello hello, My wall-mounted JVC TV has issues playing things back specifically on iPlayer. Whenever I play anything it plays fine, but there’s always a big border at the top and bottom which crops a significant part of the video playback (image attached) for reference. This is an issue that’s...
  5. the groundsman

    panasonic TX-40DX600D iplayer watch from the start feature

    Hope you can help me with this. I'm not that knowledgeable about TV's. I have a panasonic TX-40DX600D with Firefox OS and the BBC iplayer usually works fine. Any issues have previously been sorted out by logging out and in again or disconnecting and reconnecting the wireless connection. My...
  6. Boostrail

    UHD disappeared on iPlayer?

    I and another poster on another forum have noticed that the ability to play some content in UHD has disappeared in the last 2 days. Download speed not a problem as on 600mbps from VM Have not had any problem previously and have watched several Attenborough documentaries as well as Euros and...
  7. AlanX

    'Vigil' 4K on iPlayer - serious cyan tint

    Not sure if it is my Panasonic OLED screen, or a director's decision, but 'Vigil' 4K is coming over with a serious cyan tint. I thought at first it was just the shots in the submarine that were like it (it's most extreme there), but it's there to a lesser extent in the open-air and office shots...
  8. Wahreo

    When Bob Marley came to Britain. IPlayer

    Well worth a watch.
  9. R

    Accessing uk play store from Sweden to get bbc iplayer

    I live in Sweden and cannot find bbc iplayer on my chromecast google tv. Any idea how I can access it? On my Apple TV I created a uk account and then I could see the uk App Store, but how do I that on my chromecast google tv?
  10. G

    iplayer , itv hub , more 4 apps not working?

    Hi all The other week my streamimg apps stopped working after an update i had to to get plex to work. They load up but will not play any video Now none of them show in the appstore either when i search them? Does anyone know whats happening?? Thanks Groggy
  11. Stevie DVD

    Bravia TV: iPlayer produces poor results

    My folks bought a Sony Bravia 49XD8099 about three years ago. It performs well with a good clear picture at least on the HD channels. It is used mostly for Netflix, Amazon Prime and You Tube which all can produce a resoundingly dynamic image. Where it is notably deficient is when using BBC...
  12. R

    Q85R local dimming on iPlayer UHD Euro games

    Is anyone else watching the footy in uhd hdr on iPlayer? Light shirted players are making the local dimming make subtle highs and lows when they move against the green background. it’s only a slight change but enough to notice it (for me) qe65q85r using built in iPlayer.
  13. K

    Amazon cube 4k and iplayer

    Is anyone using amazon cube 4k to watch iplayer euros in uhd?
  14. W

    BBC iplayer issue error code

    Hi has anyone had any experience of the issue with the Iplayer not working on my Sony tv, I get error code 02001 can get it to load but when I click on anything to watch all I get is a spinning wheel then a comment about the error code thanks
  15. xyeovillian

    Intel Nuc celeron slow downloading BBC iplayer

    I have a Intel NUC BOXNUC6CAYH Mini Computer Intel Celeron J3455 Which I use as TV box connected my TV. It seems slow when I try to download programmes BBC iplayer to watch later, I tried a comparison on my Toshiba laptop Intel Core i7 6700HQ @ 2.60GHz. And the download takes about 2 minutes but...
  16. DevonMike

    Ps pro iplayer 4k ?

    I have a PS Pro and i understand that it now streams 4k on the iplayer,well on mine it doesnt,the uhd content is on there but no uhd option,the youtube app displays 4k and hdr no problem so im wondering if the iplayer has infact got 4k capability on the pro. I have deleted the app and...
  17. HDRallday

    LG TV and BBC iPlayer UHD - Help!

    Hi I've noticed a few threads across different TV brands regarding the BBC iPlayer and its failure to stream UHD content. I'm having the same issue on my LG OLED65C9PLA. Despite BBC listing this TV as compatible on their website, the BBC iPlayer app on the LG won't play any UHD content. All...
  18. D

    43PUS8505 iPlayer HDR Issue

    Anyone having issues with this? 4k content will not play on my Phillips 43PUS8505 and I am getting the below error "Something went wrong playing this programme. 02100 This is usually a temporary problem. It if continues, here are some things to try: Check your internet connection Change the...
  19. r5kod

    LG TV and iPlayer issues

    Is anyone having issues on their LG TV with iPlayer? I have two LG TV's and on both of them, I am experiencing a lot of buffering and pixelated picture quality. This is on both wired and wifi (100MB) connections and other services appear to work without issue. If I switch to my Xbox One on the...
  20. N

    BBC iPlayer UHD on QE85Q80T?

    Has anyone else with an QE85Q80T had problems with UHD content on BBC iPlayer? I can play all regular content OK but if I select any UHD content I get the rotating circle and after around 45 seconds I get the message "Something went wrong playing this programme". Can I watch programmes in Ultra...
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