1. T

    BBC iplayer, itv hub, all4, my5 apps on bush and Hitachi smart TV's

    Are these apps available/compatible on bush and Hitachi TV's?
  2. D

    iPlayer UHD streams not playing on X9505

    Had a quick search of the forum to see if this has been reported before. I'm delighted with my new X9505 55 inch TV. Image quality is fantastic, however the only minor blot is that the very few UHD programmes on iPlayer just won't play. All other non UHD programmes on iPlayer play without a...
  3. J

    Question iPhone 7 / bbc iPlayer issue

    Hi all I’m a newbie here and thank you for letting me join. The issue I’m having is with streaming programs I have downloaded onto my iPhone 6 via bbc iPlayer to my laptop. I have been doing this without issues for over a year now, but now suddenly I get only sound not visual on playback to...
  4. J

    iPhone / iPlayer to laptop

    Hello all. I’m a newbie here and thank you for letting me join. The issue I’m having is with streaming programs I have downloaded onto my iPhone 6 via bbc iPlayer to my laptop. I have been doing this without issues for over a year now, but now suddenly I get only sound not visual on playback to...
  5. B

    iplayer app still working on Panasonic DMP-BDT460 blu ray player??

    Hi everyone, Please can someone tell me on the Panasonic DMP-BDT460 Blu ray player (UK model 2015-2016) does the BBC iplayer app still work in 2020? I don't have a smart tv and would like to get hold of one of these players, also so I can send it away for the multi region DVD and multi region...
  6. MahaRaja

    Question Is there a way to get Iplayer content in 1080P?

    Hi folks, I understand that Iplayer in built in apps on a smart TV, is shown as 720p, though this information is hard to find. Is there way to get the HD content on the Iplayer in 1080P? The other way I could find if these BBC Dramas end up with Amazon Prime for example - 'The Capture', which...
  7. P

    LG PF50ks PF50 KS Projector - BBC iPlayer & Full Wireless Use

    Hi All. I'm a newbie to the forum, and hoping someone out there can help please?.... Earlier this year I bought an LG PF50KS projector. So far I have only used at home with WIFI. Due to COVID restrictions, I was looking to take it to a friend's back garden - where there is no wifi - and use it...
  8. V

    Are live channels on bbc iplayer in 4k?

    I'm considering getting a 4k tv and this would help make my decision easier . Is 4k available for the live channels or just catchup?
  9. M

    Hisense 55A7100FTUK no iPlayer, ITV player etc.

    Due to other issues I had to manually install an update from Hisense (automatic downloaded update may cause the same issue) and then I had no access to iPlayer, ITV player etc. Turned out that for whatever reason the update had set the region to Germany and apparently as it thinks you are not...
  10. O

    Question LG TV Bbc iPlayer video quality issues still on 05.20.04 firmware update

    Anyone else experiencing playback issues using Bbc iPlayer app as highlighted here? : https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/help/issues/tv/lg-playback-quality I have updated to recent 05.20.04 firmware and playback issue still persists :( Anyone else?
  11. J

    Old Smart Panasonic problems getting Iplayer using ethernet cable

    Hi new to this and struggling to find answers. Old Panasonic TX-L32E6B Have connected to internet using WI FI from BT home hub extenders a couple of years ago. ( no longer have these) Trying to connect using long ethernet cable Netflix plays happily. BBCIplayer will not load to play although...
  12. macp

    Question BBC iplayer was working ??

    Evening all My Panasonic TV was running iplayer perfectly fine even up to yesterday but today its almost unwatchable. The TV is wireless and I have a BT smart hub router located nearby in the hall. Speeds are really good and strangely Youtube & Prime run perfectly well. I have another LG TV in...
  13. malctAN

    TV - Uninstall BBC iplayer from smart TV (Panasonic)

    I am going to cancel my TV Licence and i am making sure that i am obeying the law before cancelling and that i have no means of watching live tv or record TV and watching the BBC Iplayer So far i have de-tuned the TV's in the house and removed the aerials, even sold my Samsung Blu ray smart...
  14. VisionMan

    Heroes - iPlayer

    I've just become aware that the complete Heroes series is available on the BBC iPlayer, seasons 1 - 4. Season 1's a cracker, the rest, not so much. Worth a watch if you haven't seen it before. Or if you have. :thumbsup:
  15. V

    No iPlayer on LG-55NANO866NA?

    Hi there. I'm in the UK. I have just bought a LG-55NANO866NA - it seems to have all the bells and whistles but no iPlayer which annoyingly is what I would use most. Some internet posts have hinted this will come in a future firmware update - can anyone tell me what normally happens in these...
  16. Nobbler

    UHD is back on BBC iPlayer

    In case anyone was wondering... The usual 3 shows Dracula The Golden Compass thing Seven Worlds And the football loop.
  17. SamV

    50PUS6703 crashes when trying to use iplayer

    Heya, I have a 50PUS6703 bought in Jan 2019 from Richer Sounds. Recently it crashes when trying to load iplayer. Software is upto date, internet connection is stable, some it seems it needs to be rechecked every other day. I've tried to leave it, and even after 3 hours nothing happens. I get the...
  18. vaderag

    Question FireTV and iPlayer

    I frequently seem to have issues with audio lag on the FireTV stick but only when using iPlayer Googling and all 'fixes' seem to be too turn on stereo mode, which as someone with a 5.1, soon to be 5.2.1 setup isn't going to fly... Anyone found a solution??
  19. S

    IPlayer and ITV on LG CX? AppleTV app

    I’m sure I’ve read that the UK terrestrial TV apps (iplayer etc) aren’t on LGs new CXs - can anyone confirm? Can anyone let me know if you can get AppleTV app with the C9? thanks in advance
  20. MrMister111

    Missing iPlayer, is it in Apple TV+ app?

    As LG still hasn’t sorted the missing UK catchup services like iPlayer, the TV’s that have the app for Apple TV+ is it available inside this? I have an Apple TV at the moment and the TV+ app has iPlayer etc integrated inside it. Was wondering if this is the same for the LG TV as well? thanks
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