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  1. adamferg1000

    Question iPhone SE (2nd Gen) - Price

    Is the iPhone SE 2020 (2nd Gen) likely to go down in price soon? Looking to buy but wondered if it's better to wait. Thanks Adam
  2. J

    For Sale iPhone 5S 16GB Silver Unlocked and Mint Condition

    iPhone 5S 16GB in Silver and Unlocked. As you can see in the pics it's been tested on Vodafone and Three Been in a cover and had a screen protector on from day 1 and can't see any marks on the screen at all. Left switched on for 24 hours and battery still had 80% charge. Ideal for a cheap...
  3. barney007

    For Sale Brand new - Iphone 12 pro max - 512gb - graphite

    Hi all Decided after long debate to stick with samsung and order new new galaxy ultra. So I have for sale Brand new and sealed Iphone 12 pro max 512gb Graphite From o2 contract upgrade, same as last one I sold it will be unlocked. (If for what ever reason its not I be able to get it...
  4. M

    For Sale Apple iPhone X 64gb

    Selling due to upgrade. Condition is good, phone has always had a screen protector attached. The back has scratches as shown in the pictures. They look worse on camera than in person but openly showing you them. Boxed phone and lightning cable only, probably have a spare plug somewhere I can...
  5. NassarMehmood

    For Sale iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro Ultra Thin Cases

    I have two iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro cases for sale: iPhone 12 Pro Ultra Thin Case (Semi White) As New - £9.50 including delivery Ultimate Thin Case for Apple iPhone 12 Pro World's Thinnest Cases The Ultimate Thin Case from Ultimate Shield is the best super thin case for your iPhone 12 Pro. It...
  6. quosh

    For Sale Thread Title - iPhone 6 128gb Unlocked with 100% battery health

    iPhone 6 Space Grey 128gb Network Unlocked Purchased by me direct from Apple UK store 100% Battery Health (had a genuine replacement recently) Touch ID working as it should Had a replacement screen, so it's in mint condition Original Box, but no accessories included Some marks to the back...
  7. AbuAbdullah

    For Sale iPhone X 64GB Space Grey Unlocked.

    Selling my daughters iPhone x as she has upgraded. Phone is in good condition but does have a crack on the back, screen and sides are good. Boxed with charger only, no headphones. Looking for £260 inc RMSD.
  8. L

    configuring Iphone bluetooth to Panasonic TX50HX800B

    I want to connect my Iphone via bluetooth to my TV so I can stream my music but it does not seem to recognise my device I have bluetooth enabled on both tv and phone any help here would be appreciated
  9. lpoolm

    For Sale Iphone 7, 32gb, rose gold

    Here is my partners iphone 7, rose gold 32gb. It works perfect, selling due to upgrade. Has been in a case all its life but does have marks on the back which can be seen in one of the pic, assume from wear from being in a case? Has also had screen protector on but can also see minor marks when...
  10. Nuck_the_king

    Question Returning iPhone to Currys...

    Slightly odd question, this: but if I'm going to find the answer anywhere, I guess it's here! I bought an iPhone 12 mini online from Currys about a week ago, and have used it for a few days. I have found that, in use, it's just too small for me, and I would like to return it. It is, of course...
  11. melmorc

    Wanted iPhone USB-C Plug Power Adapter

    Good morning! Does anyone have a genuine usb-c power adapter please? As I moved back from Android to iPhone, I don't have a supply of these knocking around lol! Many thanks
  12. S

    Question Is my TCL tv s535 compatible with screen mirror feature from an iPhone?

    Hello! I recently bought a TCL 65s535 and I wonder if AirPlair and Screen Mirroring from an iPhone (iPhone 8 - version 14.3) should work!? Is it really compatible? or my tv has a problem? Im able to airplair videos from Youtube, but when I try to airplay other stuff or do screen mirror...
  13. GeeZus

    Note 20 Ultra or iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Right ladies and gentlemen Hoping for some advice Looking to upgrade from my Huawei Mate 20 Pro and looking at either the Note or 11 Pro Max Will be getting it from the classifieds on here as price wise they're priced similarly Main usage is watching soorts when working and Twitter Could of...
  14. P

    For Sale iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Silver Unlocked. Brand New with 1 year Apple Warranty.

    I have a brand new iPhone 8 Plus 256gb in Silver for sale. It is a replacement from my insurance company, still with front / back plastic on and never used. Comes in a generic cardboard box without charger or cable etc. Has Apple Warranty until 12/01/22. It has never been used.
  15. O

    For Sale iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Space Grey

    Got an iPhone 6+ 16gb for sale. It’s space grey and in decent condition overall. A couple of scratches here and there as expected. Everything works as it should apart from the home button which doesn’t work at all. However, you can use the accessibility option which will sort this issue out...
  16. G

    For Sale iPhone XS 256GB Rose Gold .. Excellent Condition

    iPhone XS 256GB Rose Gold .. Excellent Condition, it has spent most of its life in a case with a screen protector. Other than the odd blemish around the side there's no damage or scratches at all, I can't see any visible marks on the display. Selling due to upgrade. No headphones for obvious...
  17. G

    Question call quality on the Iphone 12 pro as opposed to Iphone6? help

    I make lots of calls and of a long duration so I need top notch call quality. My iphone 6 is great but need an upgrade and tried the iphone 12 mini, call quality not good. I am an oldie so the mini may be fine for others. Can anyone who has upgraded to the 12 pro say if call quality is as good...
  18. Sy1441

    For Sale iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb Black - Unlocked

    iPhone 7 Plus 32Gb Black - Unlocked. Excellent Condition as can be seen in the photos with only light signs of use. Comes with Box, Unused EarPods, Unused Lightening Cable and Instruction Packet. Approx 3 years old.
  19. S

    Question iPhone 12 - Voice command control Selfie

    (iPhone 12) To perform a (mostly hands free) Selfie I use, “Hey Siri switch on voice control”, “Hey Siri take a Selfie”, “Hey Siri turn up volume”, (Selfie saved to gallery). I now close the camera app by swiping up, “Hey Siri switch off voice control”. Question; is it possible to voice...
  20. ashj

    For Sale iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Silver unlocked

    Excellent condition iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB, Silver and Sim Free, not tied to a contract. Was purchase on these forums just over 4 weeks ago (originally purchased from Amazon UK) selling as I have since purchased an 12 Pro Max. Screen protector on since new and a new Omoton screen protector...
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