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  1. anlygi

    For Sale iPhone SE (1st Gen) 32GB Rose Gold

    iPhone SE (2016), 32GB in Rose Gold. This is my wife's old phone. It's fully functioning, but she removed it from the case for some reason, so the phone body is fairly scratched from being in various handbags with keys and goodness knows what else in there, with a few corner dings. Unusually...
  2. Matt_C

    Curved/full screen protector for iPhone SE (2020)

    Has anyone used one of the full screen curved screen protectors for the 6/7/8/SE phones? I stuck a normal tempered glass one on the SE I picked up last week, and whilst it's lovely to use compared to the plastic ones I've had in the past, it's pretty ugly as you can see it the whole way round...
  3. Cizcizy

    Question I want to switch SIM card with xfinity (BYOD) to android

    I want to switch SIM card with xfinity (BYOD) to android Hi. I've had an iPhone se for awhile with the BYOD xfinity. I'm not the biggest fan of Apple and I wanted to switch the SIM card to a Nokia 7(plus) but I don't want to mess anything up. Would this work fine or should I just wait until...
  4. Stiggy

    iPhone SE 2

    A new iPhone SE may be with us very soon. iPhone SE 2: Regulatory filing points to imminent launch
  5. G

    SIM card compatability between 5 neo and iPhone Se

    Hi all, My Mum's on a Samsung Galaxy 5 Neo and I was looking into getting her an iPhone SE. Would the sim cards be compatible? Thanks.
  6. H

    Question Need help deciding if iPhone SE is broken or has a Virus

    Okay, so my phone randomly turns itself off, and a white screen with a black apple logo comes up and it goes all pixelated and sometimes it will go incredibly pixelated as if the screen was broken before going off, and other times it goes less pixelated and is stuck on that screen. When I hard...
  7. P

    Answered Which of these three phones is best?

    Hi all, I'm upgrading my mobile phone and have narrowed the list of phones down to three affordable phones and I just want to know which of the three is best! My current phone is a black iPhone 5 (I think...don't think it is 5s as it doesn't have a fingerprint scanner). The three phones are...
  8. psychopomp1

    Getting 'Call Failed' error repeatedly on iphone SE

    Hi, Hope someone can shed light on this issue, its driving me nuts!! I have an unlocked iphone SE (purchased from Apple) which i was using without any problems in UK on the Virgin network (sim only). I'm currently in Qatar and put a Ooredoo network post-paid sim in the iphone but I find that if...
  9. hifi help008

    iPhone SE audio quality and improvement

    On the 5th of July I will have my new Hi-fi setup and ready to go. It is made up of the following: Denon PMA-520AE, Q Acoustics 3010, QED Ruby Anniversary Evolution cable with banana plugs. This is my small, budget hifi. At the Moment the source of music will by my iPhone SE connected to...
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