iphone 6s

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  1. mpw2081

    For Sale Apple iphone 6S 128gb gold

    I've got my wifes phone for sale. Come with bax and ear phones which are unused. The phone is in fantastic condition with no real damage or scratches from what I can see. Its unlocked to all networks and comes with a spare case. The battery life as been great having changed it last year with...
  2. M

    For Sale iPhone 6s 64GB Gold Unlocked

    Selling my Mum’s old iPhone 6s with 64GB in Gold in excellent condition. Phone has lived in case throughout ownership Comes boxed with charger No headphones as they were used. Battery health at 88%
  3. S

    Wanted Monitor Audio Bronze 6s

    Hi looking for a pair of monitor audio bronze 6s in black. Must be vgc thank for looking.
  4. Abdulquddus2097

    For Sale iPhone 6s Plus 128GB (Silver)

    Hi I have for sale an iPhone 6S Plus 128GB in Silver It is Unlocked Comes in original box Had had a tempered glass screen and back protector on since day 1 and also been in a case since day 1 Battery Health : 79% (could do with a change) Condition: minor wear and tear (see pictures) Price...
  5. Valo^

    Wanted iPhone 6s or iPhone 7

    Looking for either of the above ideally in Space Grey/Black. Just need it in good condition and with good battery life. Please let me know what you have.
  6. S

    Wanted iPhone 6s or 7 newer iPhone - cheap as possible for clumsy daughter...

    Hi guys anyone selling? ONLY interested in iphone 6s or newer but budget will most likely mean 6s or 7 I imagine Thanks Tim
  7. Sith

    Wanted iPhone 6s 16 - 32GB - EE or Unlocked

    Hi All, Looking for an iPhone 6s that I can use for work and swap out of android. Ideally 16gb as I don’t need much storage and happy to consider all colours. It’s a BT sim, so will need to be on EE or unlocked. Let me know what you have, and what you would like for it. Tom
  8. 152bobby

    For Sale iPhone 6s Silver 64GB

    This has now been sold and received by the buyer and he has also paid. I'm totally unsure how to build up our ratings !!
  9. B

    For Sale iPhone 6S, 64GB, Rose Gold, Unlocked, Battery Replaced

    Hi, This is a 64GB Rose Gold iPhone 6S in good condition. Originally purchased in Mar 2016. Battery was replaced in Nov 2018 at Apple Store, 90% capacity and supports normal peak performance. Phone has always been in a case and with screen protector. Comes with original box, and charger and...
  10. gazza166

    For Sale Apple iPhone 6S Plus 64GB Rose Gold Unlocked

    Superb condition iPhone 6S Plus in Rose Gold, original box and accessories. Phone is unlocked, has been in case since day 1 and always had glass screen protector in place. Not a mark on it I can see, just updated to iOS 13.2.3, comes with head-phones, data cable and mains plug - the headphones...
  11. A

    For Sale iPhones for sale 6 plus - 6s - 8

    Hi guys I’ve got the following iPhones for sale if any one is interested iPhone 8 64bg unlocked space gray (bought sim free) had tempered glass screen protector from new and still has plastic on the rear boxed with new accessories battery health 88% sold iPhone 6 Plus 16gb unlocked few marks...
  12. Number 6

    Wanted iPhone 6S cheap as possible

    After a cheap 6S for my Mum. Needs to be a good working order, ideally no marks to screen or case but will consider minor marks. Silver or Space Grey models, 32GB ideal. There was one on here the other day but the ad has been removed.
  13. neil2k

    For Sale iPhone 6s 64GB Unlocked.

    Hi, Had this sitting around for ages thought someone may have a good use for it. It’s a gold 6S 64GB with a few issues. First off as you can see it has a small crack on the screen, it’s not raised and doesn’t affect screen use when the phone is on. It has a ding on the top and a ding on the...
  14. I


    This is my first advert on this forum so please excuse me if I break any protocols. I’ve recently upgraded my phone so my IPhone 6S is for sale. It’s an A1688 model with a 16gb capacity and in Space Grey. The phone is unlocked and was used on Sky and Virgin. The phone is in brilliant...
  15. Grale

    Wanted iPhone 6s

    Looking for an iPhone 6s for my son. No damaged screens please, looking for space grey. Thanks
  16. L

    For Sale iPhone 6s 32GB

    Hi, I have for sale my sisters iPhone 6s. Details on the phone and included accessories are: * Approximately 2.4yrs old (Prize from her previous job) * Space Grey * 32GB * Good condition * Battery health 82% * No cracks on the screen, minimal micro scratches (if this is what they are called)...
  17. Dazzor

    For Sale iPhone 6s Plus; 128gb in Gold

    Putting up here until Friday morning when Wifey will complete her exchange at apple store. battery is at 74%. Everything else about the phone is pretty tip top in my opinion. Always had glass protector & case......blah blah blah. phone was bought from apple store, so always was unlocked. Boxed...
  18. avidmuffin

    For Sale iPhone 6S 64gb Space Grey - Sold

    Phone has hardly been used during it's life span Only cosmetic 'issues', few hair line scratches on the screen Original battery, with 97% health Device has been factory reset Device is unlocked Brand new plug + headphones, but used cable £140 delivered
  19. M

    Wanted Apple iPhone 6 / 6S Plus

    Hi I am looking for a plus size iPhone for a friend at work who wants to get her young daughter one for a present so looking for one in reasonable condition. If you have anything that you think will fit the bill please let me know Thanks Matt
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