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  1. roman700

    iPhone 6S end of support

    Hi After breaking a more recent iPhone, I’m back to using an iPhone 6S with a brand new battery to give it a new lease of life. I’m enjoying the smaller size and I’d like to continue using it for a year or so, probably before buying something more modern. From what I can tell, the next iOS...
  2. F

    IPhone 6s: is this card usable?

    Hello. The card is broken, I would like to know if there are tracks broken or it can still be used. I attach photo. Thanks and regards
  3. F

    IPhone 6s: why it is dead?

    Hello everybody. Just for fun, knowing very little about phone hardware, I bought a defective IPhone 6s and replaced the card, the battery and the full display. But the phone still does not work. What trick could I try? Thanks a lot and best regards
  4. S

    iPhone 6S to Samsung

    As Apple are stopping support for this I’m looking at Samsung S10 or S20 unlocked phones. The 6S has been perfect for what I use my phone for and just wondering if it’s worth paying the extra for the S20. The only reason I’m swapping is my banking apps will stop working if I am unable to upgrade...
  5. marcaaron22

    Question Looking at upgrading from iPhone 6s to IPhone 12 Pro

    Hi, I am currently using an iPhone 6s on iOS 12.1 (yes I know, I should at least be on the latest iOS version, lol) I think it’s time for an upgrade, Reasons for upgrading, 1. I’ve had the phone for around 6 or 7 years, 2. The battery’s health is down to 73% maximum capacity, 3. Could do with...
  6. bubs999

    6s Home button issue and touch ID

    My son has an iPhone 6s and recently the home button does not work and when it's switched on, the message "Touch id not available on this device". It started off as an intermittent problem and now nothing works. The button looks OK, I've cleaned it with contact cleaner and a cotton bud. It...
  7. Athalwolf

    iPhone 6s email push option gone.

    My company email for years would Push to my phone but now it does not. If I go to Passwords & Accounts/Fetch New Data (set to Push) I see my company email and my options are Fetch or Manual. I used to have a Push option there as well. It is not only the company email account but also a personal...
  8. J

    iPhone 6s home button not working after screen replacement

    Hi all, I got a very strange problem on my iPhone 6s. My original screen broke so I replaced the screen. After the replacement the home button is not working, neither the clicking or touch id. I put back the original screen and the home button was working on the broken screen. I tried 3...
  9. R

    iPhone 6S repair: Black Screen problem

    Hello. I have repaired my iPhone 6s replacing a cracked screen and old battery. Initially after I had made the repair the phone worked fine but the screen kept going black. No the screen has gone black and won’t come back on again. I have gone through the usual routines of pressing and...
  10. A

    iPhone 6S camera question

    I have noticed that if I am taking a photo, unless I tap the button very briefly indeed, it takes a burst of images instead of just one. I have "Live" disabled, so it cannot be that, so I am wondering if there is some easy way to disable this "feature" so that I only get one image each time. I...
  11. ChrisGTL

    Question iPhone 6S - Replacement Battery

    Hi all, My daughters iPhone 6S (nearly two years old now) is struggling to make it through the day on one single charge. She showed me some status screen for the battery and it is reporting only 66% capacity. I've bought a kit to replace the battery myself but struggling to find a supplier of...
  12. Lostsoul 301281

    iPhone 6s screwed by 11.4.1 update

    I had an update the other night(Thursday, I think) and ever since everything is running like crap. Twitter takes ages to load anything. Especially pictures. Youtube lags out frequently. Safari just takes ages to load anything. No matter if I use 4G or my home wifi, which I always get fantastic...
  13. photojunky

    Made two 3S into a 6S battery using a series connector

    The two 3s batteries were way cheaper, lighter, and had a better capacity. I am not sure why this was true but I will take it.
  14. M

    Question Iphone 6s only chargers from fake charger

    Hi guys I‘ve had my iphone 6s in the phone shop (none apple reputable independent phone repair shop) over the last week who sent it away to be fixed. I had a call from them today telling me the phone can't be fixed and does only charge from none genuine apple chargers, then when the charge...
  15. M

    Question Iphone 6s Won't charge after cigarette lighter adapter burnt out

    Hi guys, I'm new here so please be gentle haha Recently plugged my phone into the charger in the car as I have done numerous times without issue. Yesterday (Monday) I plugged my iphone in and it started charging as normal, when i reached my destination I noticed the phone had stopped...
  16. J

    Iphone 6s plus sound quality

    I have had an iPhone 6 for a while and I have been really pleased with the sound quality as I play a lot of music out of the speaker and using earphones. I wanted a bigger / faster phone so I ordered a 6s plus. I started using it and playing the same songs out of it are 1) not as loud 2) the...
  17. LexDiamond

    Answered Iphone 6s plus vs 7

    I currently have a 5s which I've had since it was released and been very happy with it. The phone is however showing it's age. Battery has been deteriorating for a while which I was going to get changed but it also now seems to have trouble actually connecting to the charger where I have to plug...
  18. lamialex

    Question Iphone 6s went in the sea...

    Hello, I fell on a beach the other day and dropped my iphone in the sea water, it wasn't very long at all, less than a minute but enough to damage my phone. I can't figure out what's damaged so I went to Apple store, they don't fix phone damaged by water, they only offer to replace it for £299...
  19. X1hpg

    Help with iPhone 6s repair

    Hi - I've repaired the battery on my iPhone 6s just fine! Then replaced the lense on the camera - but have been left with a spare part!!!! Aaggh can't find anywhere where it goes! Can anyone help. Part number 160- 5Z Thanks
  20. j1singh

    Question Gimble Stabilisers for iPhone 6s & Cannon 70D

    Hi All, I am in the market for a decent gimble for my iPhone 6s and Cannon 70D. Please could you share with me your thoughts on which makes/brands to look for. I have come across the following: 1: IDEAFLY JJ - 1S but it seems to only work with the iPhone. I do not mind buying separate...
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