iphone 12

  1. Darko

    Wanted Iphone 12 pro or Iphone mini

    Looking for the above and may consider a 13 mini, Phone needs to be a minimum of 128gb Thank you Darko
  2. Terra_Ryzin

    Wanted Iphone 12 or 12 Pro 256/512gb

    Must be in new or like new condition
  3. inkinoo

    For Sale iPhone 12 Mini 256GB in black with new screen

    iPhone 12 Mini 256GB black with new screen Bought on launch day from Apple U.K., unlocked and in very good condition. Had the screen replaced by Apple today as there was a small crack. Comes with original box, charging cable and very used official Apple leather case.
  4. shyewei

    For Sale iPhone 12 mini leather sleeve

    Have an sealed unused product red iPhone 12 mini leather sleeve. RRP is £129 Asking for £65
  5. S

    Wanted iPhone 12

    Hello, Sorry I archived my pervious thread in haste. Purchased an iphone from a certain auction site but not as described and I'm returning it. Still looking for an iPhone 12 for my dad to upgrade his old iphone 7. Ideally in blue or black 64GB or 128GB. Must be in great condition - as in...
  6. orangebox

    For Sale iPhone 12 64GB Black Any Network

    iPhone 12 64GB Black Any Network -£435 inc. P&P Reason for sale is that I’m going back to Android, I just can’t get on with iOS. Phone is less than 12 months old and in excellent condition. No scratches on front front or back. Comes boxed with cable and a Miracase 360 case which covers the...
  7. ash

    Wanted Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB

    After a Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB, ideally with warranty left. (now looking for a Pro, not Pro Max) Please let me know battery life & condition when you post.
  8. I

    For Sale Apple iPhone 12 Pro 256gb in Pacific Blue - Purchased from Amazon Sim Free

    As above, as I've upgraded to the iPhone 13 Pro now, this can move to a new home. Out of warranty now. Originally purchased from Amazon.co.uk. Complete with original box, unused data cable and extra screen protector. Battery is on 91% health.
  9. E

    Wanted iPhone 12 genuine pistachio case

    Hi, as stated I am looking for a mint condition Apple intone 12 pistachio silicone case, ideally boxed as it is for a present. Please let me know if anyone has one they would like to sell :) Many thanks
  10. D

    iPhone 12 Pro or 13 Pro which to buy?

    I am looking at an iPhone 12 Pro which is £100 cheaper than the equivalent iPhone 13 Pro. Is it better to go for the 12 and save £100. Both phones have 24 months warranty and are new. Looking at the specs it's a slightly brighter screen, slightly better camera zoom and enhances CPU for the...
  11. WeaponX

    For Sale iPhone 12 | 12 Pro Apple Black Silicone Case with MagSafe - New

    Hi, Selling a brand new iPhone 12 | 12 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe in Black...
  12. Dony

    iPhone 12 wireless charging issue

    Just got my 1st iPhone in a while and ordered an Anker wireless charging pad for it. However, it didn't work so I assumed it was D.O.A. They sent me a replacement and that doesn't work either. My daughter has just tried both with her SE and it charges fine with both charging pads so it's an...
  13. Nokmondoo

    For Trade Swap iPhone 13 mini for iPhone 13 or iPhone 12

    I've just got my daughter an iPhone 13 mini but she wants a bigger phone, either an iPhone 13 or an iPhone 12 (Pro/max/standard), would need to be in excellent condition and excellent battery health to consider though. Mini is black 128gb and 1 week old so as new. Let me know what you have!
  14. M

    Wanted iPhone 12 Pro Max 128gb

    As title, ideally looking for the midnight blue colour
  15. DanL77

    For Sale iPhone 12 Pro Max - 128Gb Pacific Blue - Unlocked - Excellent condition

    iPhone 12 Pro Max for sale, complete with original box and cable. The phone is in great condition and has no dents or chips as you can see from the pics. It's always had a case on the bag from day 1. There are a few minor hairline scratches on the screen (typical from having the phone in your...
  16. W

    For Sale Genuine Apple iPhone 12 Pro Magsafe Silicone Case - Black

    Forgot I had this in my cupboard- switched to a leather magsafe case not long after purchase. Think I must've kept it as a spare but I have a 13 Pro now so this is of no use whatsoever. I didn't originally buy into the magsafe system so I put one of the standard magnetic discs on the back of...
  17. Jeffp571

    For Sale Iphone 12 pro max otterbox figura magsafe case and mous speckled case

    Both cases in excellent condition and come in original packaging. These cost £40 each new. Looking for £17 per case. https://uk.mous.co/products/limitless-3-0-speckled-fabric-phone-case?variant=39357517365305...
  18. P

    For Sale iPhone 12

    iPhone 12 64gb unlocked only just over a month old bought out right from Argos comes with case and screen protector applied
  19. alchemistkevin

    Wanted iPhone 12's/13's Mini, Max or Pro Max

    after one of the current or previous gen phone please
  20. scottydog

    iPhone 12 Music Problem

    I got an iPhone 12 recently and set it up from my cloud backup which worked ok. Today I connected it to iTunes for the first time and it was recognised ok. When I view music on my device though it’s completely empty. It’s music ripped from CDs and some bought from iTunes. I added a couple of new...
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