iphone 12 pro

  1. thepigfarmer

    For Sale iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB Pacific Blue

    Selling my iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB Pacific Blue, this was purchased sim free approximately Nov/Dec 2020. The phone has been in a case and had a glass screen protected fitted since day one, the screen should be immaculate underneath. I would say that the phone is in as new, near on immaculate...
  2. sprout

    For Sale Five cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max **REDUCED**

    Five cases for iPhone 12 Pro Max Selling as a job lot. One midlight blue genuine Apple magsafe silicon (slight damage top right corner to the silicon) A well used but serviceable icarer brown leather folio case (reviews on Amazon suggest wireless charging works but assume not) Another...
  3. M Fahd

    Wanted iPhone 12 Pro

    Hi, I am after an iPhone 12 Pro in any colour Phone must be in great condition and 90% or over battery life Hit me up if you have something Regards
  4. avscouse

    Wanted Iphone 12 PRO.

    Hi Folks, Im after a Iphone 12 pro. What ya got and how much, needs to have 90% batt life min and in 8/10 condition.
  5. Darko

    Iphone 12 pro Bluetooth

    Hi all, I recently switched from my old iPhone x to a 12pro and for some reason the Bluetooth connection in my car keeps doing odd things, it seems to pause and then fast forward every couple of minutes. I went back to the X and that is fine, has anyone experienced this? For reference I drive...
  6. D

    iPhone 12 Pro or 13 Pro which to buy?

    I am looking at an iPhone 12 Pro which is £100 cheaper than the equivalent iPhone 13 Pro. Is it better to go for the 12 and save £100. Both phones have 24 months warranty and are new. Looking at the specs it's a slightly brighter screen, slightly better camera zoom and enhances CPU for the...
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