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  1. Ali Raza

    For Sale iPad Pro 12.9" 4th Gen 256GB Wifi+Cellular Space Grey with Pencil and Apple folio case

    Hey guys, I am selling my iPad Pro 12.9" 4th Gen 2020 256GB wifi+cellular space grey along with the pencil 2 and genuine Apple case blue. Bought it at launch but have really used it handful of times. It has had the case and the screen protector on since day one so no marks or scratches...
  2. sea surfer

    For Sale Apple iPad Pro (12.9in, 4th Generation, WiFi, 128GB, SILVER) LIKE NEW

    Apple iPad Pro 4th Gen. 128GB, Wi-Fi, 12.9 in SILVER. Condition is immaculate, It’s it’s less than a year old. This is the very latest generation of iPad Pro (12.9INCH) It’s the wifi version with USB-C and 128GB memory. It comes boxed as good as new and with the official Apple USB-C cable but...
  3. S

    For Sale iPad Pro 11 2020 2nd Gen unlocked £650 with AppleCare

    Price drop added - Everything is fully boxed Space Grey iPad Pro 11 128Gb + Cellular unlocked with USB C Charger AppleCare added - Expires August 2022 All used in good condition - iPad has been in a case since day of delivery Will be fully cleaned before it is sent to you iPad Pro - £650 Sold...
  4. P

    For Sale (New) £650 2020 Ipad Pro 11 inch 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular - Space Grey Brand new

    Ipad Pro 11 inch 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular - Space Grey Brand new - Upgrade from Vodafone Brand new and sealed looking for 695 delivered
  5. Paulro

    For Sale Apple iPad Pro 11 2020 128GB, Wi-Fi - Space Grey (Warranty 17/07/21)

    I'm selling a 2020 Apple iPad Pro 11" WiFi in Space Grey 128GB. Boxed in immaculate condition, no marks or scratches, denim style folio case in dark grey included, with Apple's warranty remaining until 17th July 2021. Will be posted by next day Royal Mail Special Delivery within 1 working day...
  6. A

    For Sale iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd gen 64gb wifi

    I am selling a iPad Pro 12.9" 3rd gen 64gb wifi, warranty expired in Jul this year. In very good condition no marks on body, I don't remember there being any marks under the screen protector. Boxed with original Apple USB-C plug and cable. Will be sent by RMSD. Will add photos later.
  7. U

    For Sale Brand New 10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Grey

    A brand new iPad Pro 2nd Generation for sale. The photos of the iPad appear blurred but this is due to the original Apple cellophane remaining in place, but can confirm the new replacement iPad's condition is flawless. The original iPad was purchased directly from Apple and recently returned...
  8. B

    For Sale iPad Pro 12.9 256GB Wifi+cellular (2020) + Apple Magic Keyboard & Pencil *bargain bundle*

    For Sale: iPad Pro 12.9 'bargain Bundle' for a complete package including: Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2020 256GB (4th Gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (EE) + Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 (4th Gen) + Apple Pencil 2 (2nd Gen) Just over 1 month old so still nearly new Comes with plenty of warranty for...
  9. D

    Wanted iPad Pro 11 2020

    Let me know what you have. Ideally in very good condition. Boxed etc
  10. dhillon7

    Wanted iPad Pro 12.9 2018/2020

    Hi Guys Recently bought a 12.9” IPad Pro from here and looking to pick up another after realising how nice the screen is. 2020 model preferably, 2018 if it’s mint and not had that much use if possible. Screen protector from new would be perfect. All original nothing changed and any warranty...
  11. R

    For Sale iPad Pro 12.9” 2020 WiFi + 4G 128gb

    Purchased from Cex last week but decided that a MacBook would actually be more beneficial for University than the iPad! In perfect condition with no marks at all. Fully boxed. Has 24 months Cex warranty and 9 months AppleCare left. Cex said I could return for a refund until December 31st but...
  12. barney007

    For Sale Ipad pro 11 (1tb) - Ipad pro 10.5 (512gb)

    Hi all I'm thinking moving some of my electronics on. Ipad Pro. (Model A1709) 10.5 Inch. 512gb. fully boxed. WiFi and cellular version. Silver. Used about 5 times but like new condition. Case and screen protector fitted from opening the box. £550.00 ‐--------------------------- Ipad Pro...
  13. thomasd221

    For Sale 2020 iPad Pro 11 128GB Silver WiFi | As new.

    This iPad is like new. It was purchased new from Apple on the 19th of July, 2020. It really hasn't seen much use at all and has been protected by a tempered glass screen protector and silicon case since purchase. It is absolutely mint and like new. It comes like you'd expect from a new product -...
  14. M

    Question iPad Pro 2020 or iPad Air 2020?

    I'm on the lookout for a new iPad which will replace my MacBook Pro (Pro wasn't used for much more than a bit of work, emails and internet). I'm stuck on whether to get a 2020 12.9/11 iPad Pro 256Gb or get the new iPad Air 2020 256Gb, I'll get a magic keyboard as well...
  15. M

    Question Does excel and word work well on the Ipad Pro?

    Just a question, considering moving to a Ipad Pro but would like to know if excel and word works well on it?
  16. Saxo Appeal

    Streaming from iPad Pro to Amazon 4K Fire Stick?

    Has anyone successfully managed to connect their iPad To an Amazon Fire Stick 4K and able to mirror? Im in a Hotel in Netherlands and trying to connect the two, for streaming from the Sky App to the larger TV The Fire Stick is on the same Wifi network as the iPad on WiFi I also downloaded the...
  17. P

    Screen protector recommendation for iPad Pro 10.5 2017

    Hi all Anyone have any recommendations for a screen protector for my brother’s iPad 10.5 Pro 2017 please? It’s already in a Targus click-in case but I think he needs some extra protection on the screen surface! Thanks for any advice
  18. R

    Help required please with new iPad Pro 12.9

    I'm new to iPads and my problem is as follows. On my windows laptop I use outlook email and down the left side of the screen I have a list of folders. Clicking on any folder opens it up to reveal the contents. When using my iPad Pro and I click on a file it opens and states ‘No Mail’ why...
  19. Randy Watson

    iMac or iPad Pro Headphone Sound Quality

    I have the Oppo Pm1 Headphones that are very easy to drive and the Oppo Ha1 Amplifier. I use Tidal master quality through my iMac using WiFi with a USB A to B from the back of the Mac to the back of the Amp .Will the sound quality be any better or worse just using my IPad Pro Using the USB Port...
  20. topgazza

    iPad Pro and John Lewis

    Not really a problem with the 11" iPad pro 256gb I have just bought for my daughter. Its superb. But the usual Crapita - John Lewis customer non support. It's about trust and since Capita took over customer services it has become non existent IMO. I only buy from the stores as at least then you...
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