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  1. A

    For Sale Silver iPad Air 2 64GB Wifi Model A1566

    For sale is a used iPad Air 2 64gb in silver. Model ref is A1566 In full working order running iPadOS 15.2.1. Fully reset to default Screen immaculate Main Specs are: Home / Touch ID sensor Lightening Connector 3.5 mm Headphone Jack 9.7 inch Retina Display 2048 * 1536 pixel resoltion at 264...
  2. p00hbear

    For Sale Apple IPad Air 2 128GB Silver WIFI

    Apple iPad Air 2nd Gen (A1566) 9.7" 128GB - Silver, WiFi (model MGTY2B/A) A used but well looked after IPad Air 2 selling in behalf of the missus whos upgraded to an 11 Pro. No front or screen scratches, some scuff marks on the back from the protective keyboard case used (not included in sale)...
  3. O

    For Sale Ipad Air 2 64G wifi Black

    For sale- Pics to follow tonight. Screen and rear in excellent condition. One scuff on corner of bezel. Any questions please ask. Thanks Owen
  4. M

    For Sale IPad Air 2 64GB 4G Cellular

    Selling my fathers IPad Air 2 64GB 4G in Space Grey in good condition. Comes in box and with charger cable. As there is no heath app for the iPad, the Battery life is OK. You may get around an hour or 2 of video streaming through Youtube
  5. H

    iPad Air 4 (2020) power/sleep button broken and jammed, forcing recovery mode on every restart - any help appreciated!

    I have an iPad Air 4 (2020) and the power/sleep button on the top is stuck in the down position. Now anytime I plug in the iPad, update it, restore it, etc., it boots into recovery mode (presumably because the power button is perpetually depressed). I have not found anything in an extensive...
  6. C

    Bargain £90 Off iPad Air at Currys

    I got a price match with Pricelulu on a Space Grey 64GB iPad Air at Curry’s taking the price down to £459. Ended up with a duplicate voucher which I think lasts until Sunday @ midnight. Let me know if you want it (free) - first come first serve. Alternatively, apply for you own price match...
  7. L

    iPad Air mysterious lump

    A few days ago i took off the protector on my iPad Air 2. I found a very strange rectangular bump on the top r/handside, the opposite side to the camera lens. This wasn't apparent before Christmas when i removed the cover. I haven't damaged/dropped the device so i'm really not sure what this...
  8. Chris4891

    Question iPad Air beyond economical repair???

    I sent an iPad Air (A1474) to iSmash for assessment and repair but they have just informed me it’s beyond economical repair as it requires the replacement of the logic board??? Having a quick look on eBay suggests I can get a replacement board that isn’t iCloud locked for approx £40. Does...
  9. Priya4907

    Ipad Pro or Ipad Air?

    I am looking to purchase an Ipad - confused about which is the best model. Would like a pen stylish and attachable keyboard ideally. Which is a better size to carry round? Ate any of these models having software updates soon?
  10. G

    iPad Air and ProRAW

    I have a 12 Pro Max. I'm looking to get an iPad Air probably. Does anyone have one and can edit ProRAW images? Cheers
  11. V

    Question Can I return iPad Air case?

    Hi all, I purchased an apple iPad Air (4th gen) Apple Pencil and an otterbox symmetry 369 case last night direct from the apple shop. obviously as soon as I got home I unpackaged everything and got it all set up......I’ve since regretted not purchasing the Logitech folio keyboard case 😞😩 Do...
  12. GeneticMutation

    Question iPad Air 2 64gb for £250, worth it?

    I’m looking for a used iPad for my daughter. YouTube kids / games etc. My mate has offered me his Air 2 for £250. Is this a decent price?
  13. Jacko007

    iPad Air 4 - Dolby Vision

    Bizarrely I can’t seem to find a definitive answer as to whether the new Air supports video playback in Dolby Vision. Does anyway know for sure - I’m interested in watching via Netflix, Apple TV, etc.
  14. P

    Advice please: keyboard wanted for new iPad air

    Please can you recommend a keyboard for the new iPad Air? does the normal white £100 magic keyboard work? what other options are there with a trackpad, don’t fancy spending £300 for the magic case version? thanks
  15. MarkyPancake

    iPad Air 2 - iPadOS - Software Update Failed

    Up until iPadOS 14, my Air 2 hasn't had any issues with OS updates, but every version of 14 has failed to install. It downloads the update and I can see it in the storage section whilst this step is happening (one of the suggested fixes is to delete it from here), but when it gets to the point...
  16. Lurking Lawyer

    Question Ipad (2020) or Ipad Air 4 for teenager

    We currently have two first gen Ipad Airs in the house. Daughter (13) got our original one when we bought an Apple reconditioned unit with more memory. The original is now many years old and the battery life is very poor. We're thinking of buying her a new Ipad for Christmas. The Air 4 is...
  17. T

    iPad Air 2020 Availability

    Is anyone having trouble sourcing the new iPad Air from an Apple store? According to the Apple website there are none available in 12 stores near where I live (this is the 64gb version in any colour) and delivery to my house won't be until mid November. I can get one from Amazon but I can't do...
  18. M

    Question iPad Pro 2020 or iPad Air 2020?

    I'm on the lookout for a new iPad which will replace my MacBook Pro (Pro wasn't used for much more than a bit of work, emails and internet). I'm stuck on whether to get a 2020 12.9/11 iPad Pro 256Gb or get the new iPad Air 2020 256Gb, I'll get a magic keyboard as well...
  19. A

    Question iPad Air Dying?

    My wife uses an old hand me down iPad Air(original) that I gave her. It’s been working great until last week when it seemed to have some sort of major failure. Stopped working completely. Screen stuck on a white screen with a black oval border. A bit like looking at an old black and white tv...
  20. B

    Question Is it worth upgrading iPad Air (1st gen) to iPad 6th gen (2018)?

    Suspect I'm going to be spending more time on a train, I've currently got an old iPad Air 1st gen and a Logitech Folioskin case. It looks as though the 6th gen iPad would fit the same keyboard case, which avoids spending another £100 on a new one. But, presumably there's a 'back to school'...
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