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  1. Andy_Green

    Wanted iPad Air 4 Wi-Fi 64gb

    Looking to see if anyone has an iPad Air 4 available which they wish to part with. Would be looking for something in mint condition, boxed, charger, etc. Realise the new Air model has not been out long so unlikely to be many around but you never know. Recent sale agreed at £470 (link) so...
  2. pborojon

    For Sale iPad Air 4 WiFi 64gb Space Grey

    Selling the above which is boxed and in excellent condition. It was purchased about a month ago from Argos. I’ll include a ZtoTop magnetic case in black too.
  3. T

    For Sale iPad Air 3 64GB (Silver)

    iPad Air 3rd Gen 64Gb in Silver. Just over a year old. In excellent condition. Some minor scratches on Apple logo on back. Have shown it in a photo. No scratches on the screen. Includes box, cable and charger. Looking for £320 and delivery is included. I will also include the Apple Smart Cover...
  4. B

    For Sale Ipad air 2

    Space grey, 64gb wifi and cellular model. Screen is mint and its had a screen protector covering it, evwrywhere else is mint apart from a tiny mark near the charging port where my silicone case was resting. I ve taken pics to show. Comes with original box and charger
  5. C

    For Sale iPad Air 3rd Gen 64Gb Space Grey

    iPad Air 3rd Gen 64Gb Space Grey. Less than 1 year old. In good condition with charge and case seen in photos. £280. Delivery included
  6. P

    Advice please: keyboard wanted for new iPad air

    Please can you recommend a keyboard for the new iPad Air? does the normal white £100 magic keyboard work? what other options are there with a trackpad, don’t fancy spending £300 for the magic case version? thanks
  7. V

    For Sale IPad Air 2 16gb Boxed with Apple Cover

    Selling this mint condition ipad air 2 16gb in white. The ipad is in great condition overall except a small crack at bottom edge as per pic. This is on the edge so does not impact main screen are. Comes with original box, charger and also included is a hardly used apple cover.
  8. MarkyPancake

    iPad Air 2 - iPadOS - Software Update Failed

    Up until iPadOS 14, my Air 2 hasn't had any issues with OS updates, but every version of 14 has failed to install. It downloads the update and I can see it in the storage section whilst this step is happening (one of the suggested fixes is to delete it from here), but when it gets to the point...
  9. D

    For Sale iPad Air A1474

    Slightly faulty in that the very upper part of the screen is sometimes erratic and the 'power off' sliding switch does not work. You can switch off by pressing the on/off button and home button at same time. Other than this, it works well. I have been advised by a specialist that it's likely the...
  10. M

    Wanted Ipad Air 2 wi fi

    must be in good condition
  11. Lurking Lawyer

    Question Ipad (2020) or Ipad Air 4 for teenager

    We currently have two first gen Ipad Airs in the house. Daughter (13) got our original one when we bought an Apple reconditioned unit with more memory. The original is now many years old and the battery life is very poor. We're thinking of buying her a new Ipad for Christmas. The Air 4 is...
  12. T

    iPad Air 2020 Availability

    Is anyone having trouble sourcing the new iPad Air from an Apple store? According to the Apple website there are none available in 12 stores near where I live (this is the 64gb version in any colour) and delivery to my house won't be until mid November. I can get one from Amazon but I can't do...
  13. A

    For Sale ipad air 2 £70

    has a cracked screen but works on. has a screen protector on it. 16gb and no icloud attached to the ipad so ready for a new user. ipad only.
  14. M

    Question iPad Pro 2020 or iPad Air 2020?

    I'm on the lookout for a new iPad which will replace my MacBook Pro (Pro wasn't used for much more than a bit of work, emails and internet). I'm stuck on whether to get a 2020 12.9/11 iPad Pro 256Gb or get the new iPad Air 2020 256Gb, I'll get a magic keyboard as well...
  15. A

    Question iPad Air Dying?

    My wife uses an old hand me down iPad Air(original) that I gave her. It’s been working great until last week when it seemed to have some sort of major failure. Stopped working completely. Screen stuck on a white screen with a black oval border. A bit like looking at an old black and white tv...
  16. ArthurSlough

    Wanted Ipad Air 2 / ipad 6th or 7th generation

    Hi I'm after one of above (air2, ipad 6th/7th gen) in very good condition. Wifi version is fine for me. Thanks👍
  17. B

    Question Is it worth upgrading iPad Air (1st gen) to iPad 6th gen (2018)?

    Suspect I'm going to be spending more time on a train, I've currently got an old iPad Air 1st gen and a Logitech Folioskin case. It looks as though the 6th gen iPad would fit the same keyboard case, which avoids spending another £100 on a new one. But, presumably there's a 'back to school'...
  18. H

    Advise please: IPad Air 2 with very odd battery problems

    Hi all I’m hoping to channel the collective wisdom of forum members in the hope you may be able to help with a very odd battery issue on my ageing iPad Air 2 which coincidentally I’m using to post this. Basically if I charge the iPad to full capacity and then run off the battery the iPad will...
  19. Toddy101

    Question Keyboard for iPad Air

    Hi all, my daughter has an iPad air and is wanting to spend some of her birthday money on a keyboard for it. She's looking to spend around £30 and I was wondering if anybody on here could reccomend one? Doesn't have to be all singing and all dancing as she's only 10. Cheers, Toddy
  20. The Dark Horse

    Replacing iPad Air 2 battery, help please

    Hello, my iPad Air 2 is losing power really quickly, does anyone have any experience of getting the battery replaced? Ideally I don't want to go to Apple as its probably cheaper to buy a new iPad than go to them, anyone used a little independent place or done it yourself? Worth doing or a waste...
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