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  1. A

    For Sale Silver iPad Air 2 64GB Wifi Model A1566

    For sale is a used iPad Air 2 64gb in silver. Model ref is A1566 In full working order running iPadOS 15.2.1. Fully reset to default Screen immaculate Main Specs are: Home / Touch ID sensor Lightening Connector 3.5 mm Headphone Jack 9.7 inch Retina Display 2048 * 1536 pixel resoltion at 264...
  2. p00hbear

    For Sale Apple IPad Air 2 128GB Silver WIFI

    Apple iPad Air 2nd Gen (A1566) 9.7" 128GB - Silver, WiFi (model MGTY2B/A) A used but well looked after IPad Air 2 selling in behalf of the missus whos upgraded to an 11 Pro. No front or screen scratches, some scuff marks on the back from the protective keyboard case used (not included in sale)...
  3. O

    For Sale Ipad Air 2 64G wifi Black

    For sale- Pics to follow tonight. Screen and rear in excellent condition. One scuff on corner of bezel. Any questions please ask. Thanks Owen
  4. M

    For Sale IPad Air 2 64GB 4G Cellular

    Selling my fathers IPad Air 2 64GB 4G in Space Grey in good condition. Comes in box and with charger cable. As there is no heath app for the iPad, the Battery life is OK. You may get around an hour or 2 of video streaming through Youtube
  5. GeneticMutation

    Question iPad Air 2 64gb for £250, worth it?

    I’m looking for a used iPad for my daughter. YouTube kids / games etc. My mate has offered me his Air 2 for £250. Is this a decent price?
  6. MarkyPancake

    iPad Air 2 - iPadOS - Software Update Failed

    Up until iPadOS 14, my Air 2 hasn't had any issues with OS updates, but every version of 14 has failed to install. It downloads the update and I can see it in the storage section whilst this step is happening (one of the suggested fixes is to delete it from here), but when it gets to the point...
  7. H

    Advise please: IPad Air 2 with very odd battery problems

    Hi all I’m hoping to channel the collective wisdom of forum members in the hope you may be able to help with a very odd battery issue on my ageing iPad Air 2 which coincidentally I’m using to post this. Basically if I charge the iPad to full capacity and then run off the battery the iPad will...
  8. The Dark Horse

    Replacing iPad Air 2 battery, help please

    Hello, my iPad Air 2 is losing power really quickly, does anyone have any experience of getting the battery replaced? Ideally I don't want to go to Apple as its probably cheaper to buy a new iPad than go to them, anyone used a little independent place or done it yourself? Worth doing or a waste...
  9. E

    Ipad air 2 or ipad 5th gen?

    I'm looking to buy a refurbished ipad just for personal general use...only ever had any appke products before only android. I've read reviews about the screen being very flimsy on the 5th gen...can anyone clarify or give me device which would ge better to buy. i have a teengers who will...
  10. Spoonman2

    Question IPad Air 2 overheated, now no touchscreen :(

    In the beer garden, said "warning temperature too high", so I powered the iPad down and left it for an hour. Now turning it on the touchscreen doesn't work, so I can't open the thing. Think it needs repairing, as it's two years old. Any other ideas people? I've reset it 4 times with no luck :(
  11. Stiggy

    iPad Air 2 stock

    I'm trying to buy an iPad Air 2 for a family member, and I was surprised to see that hardly anyone has stock at sensible prices. Apple themselves are quoting 2-3 weeks delivery. MacRumors have no indication of any new product launches. Does anyone have an idea what's going on?
  12. tim68

    Ipad Air 2 or Mini 4 ?

    hi apologies if this has been asked a million times already I am looking to take a first dip in to the world of Apple and the Ipad but I can't decide between the above models. I'm not a heavy tablet user, so just a little light gaming, web browsing, a little reading I realize the Air 2 has a...
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