ipad 2

  1. B

    Gray/White lines across screen

    Hello all, I have an old iPad 2 which I have not used for quite a while, and when I started it up the other day I now have these gray/white lines across the middle of the screen. I have tried resetting the device, but because of the location of the lines directly in the center of the screen...
  2. QuattroRS6

    iPad 2 Charging Woes

    Ok, so it's an iPad 2 that's a few generations old now, but it's taking an absolute age to charge! Around 7-8 hours to fully charge from a mains connected lightening cable. Can't be right...? Any ideas.
  3. D

    ipad 2 wont boot up

    hi guys can anyone help me the apple logo just goes on and off but ipad wont load up
  4. killer10971

    Question superhub 03 and ipad 2 problem

    my ipad 2 says it connects to the superhub 3 but when I look at the wireless symbol its flicking between connected and disconnected and wont open any web pages if I take it to the other side of the house and connect it to a tplink access point connected to the same superhub3 it works...
  5. Z

    Vocal recording on Ipad 2

    My daughter is a bit of a singer and is looking into recording some good professional cover versions to post on youtube, is this feasible on an old ipad 2 or should she save up for a decent pc? Any suggestions at what other hardware she may require?
  6. alan280170

    IPAD 2 Camera, can you permanently disable it

    Is there a way to permanently disable the camera on the IPAD 2? My old 2 is doing nothing and some of the places I go for work, I cannot take any kind of electronics with cameras, so instead of getting an old iPad 1 for reading my books, I thought if I could somehow disable the camera on my 2...
  7. BFG50

    Trying to connect iPad 2 to Soundbar via Optical in - help!

    Hi all, Having spent the last hour trying to find an answer both here and on Google I'm beginning to think I'm asking the impossible. I have a Panasonic sound bar and the only input I have remaining is the optical in slot. Both hdmi slots are used. For some reason the Bluetooth connection for...
  8. Clairaloulou

    Question Using wireless external storage with Apple devices

    Hi everyone! Really hoping someone can help, as I am finding myself out of my depth for the first time! I thought I was good with tech stuff but am not ashamed to say I am baffled. Please note I am in the uk. I want to get an external storage device (a wireless one as I have an iPad with...
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